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Feb 16, 2018

A Few Astro-Notes on Sarah Huckabee Sanders

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was born on August 13, 1982 in Hope, Arkansas, hour unknown. Let's look at her 'noon' natal horoscope to glean a bit of cosmic information concerning Sarah Sanders, daughter of former AR governor, Mike Huckabee:

As you know, Mrs. Sanders, wife of Bryan Cranfield Sanders, became White House press secretary after the resignation of Sean Spicer. Sanders assumed office on July 26, 2017.

A horoscope set for August 13, 1982 Hope, AR 'noon' shows:

Sun @20Leo36, Moon @6Gem50 (Gemini, sign of communications, news, reporters, and duplicity--and near Mr. Trump's Prenatal Eclipse degree and US natal Uranus @8Gemini). Planet of communications and the press, Mercury, is around 8Virgo. Virgo is the sign of her father's natal Mercury as well and indicates one who is capable of attention to details, has specialized skills, is practical, and suffers from an inability to comprehend the whole. Criticism is also part of the Virgoan Mercury picture, both given and received. Well, she's in the perfect job for that working under the yoke of Donald Trump, ace critic.

Now the earliest possible position for her natal Moon is 29Tau47 (conjunct Midas!) so the chances are good that her natal Moon is in Gemini. However, below are the weaknesses of both Sun Leo-Moon Taurus and Sun Leo-Moon Gemini personality blends for the sake of comparison and because emotionally she seems to have more of a stubborn Taurean streak than that of a bright, witty, butterfly-like Gemini. Perhaps you know better. If so, please share!

Quoting Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles and Suzi Harvey, the weaknesses of a Sun Leo-Moon Taurus combo of energies ('the bulldozer') include, "Tendency to be intensely subjective and biased, proud and inflexible with inferiors; to be overtly selfish and withholding if offended and to speak out scathingly without thinking when a little diplomacy would win people over and magically move the obstacles that seem to stand in (your) way." This personality blend is shared by Bill Clinton and Carl Jung.

Sun Leo-Moon Gemini weaknesses include, "A tendency to rationalize; general restlessness and fickleness in emotional affairs; proneness to manifest all the undesirable qualities of the rebellious child when it pleases (you) to do so." This 'live wire' personality blend is shared by dictator Benito Mussolini and Amelia Earhart.

Also of interest is Sarah Sanders' Prenatal Solar Eclipse in the 2 New North Saros Series which manifested @28Cancer (conjunct her natal Venus) on July 20, 1982. Disturbingly, 2 New North repeats on August 11, 2018 @19Leo very near her natal Sun degree and has been termed by yours truly as The Tower Eclipse (DC horoscope shown) due to its themes of collapsing structures, plans, and lifestyles and the rebuilding that begins once the dust clears (Brady).

An eclipsed Sun in hot August by 'The Tower' Eclipse is quite enough to make me wonder if the White House tenure of press secretary Sarah Sanders will end before 2018 is over or in early 2019.

Now you may wish to check out Nine Things to know about Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House press secretary.

Above photo: Sarah Sanders; By The White House ( [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Feb 20, 2008

Funders of the candidates

OpenSecrets has the info on which industries are funding each candidate. Have a peek into their big fat piggybanks if you haven't put your camel's snoot under their tents as of yet.

Amusing that Ron Paul is being propped up by Google, Microsoft, and all branches of the US armed forces. Hmm.m.m...

A big Shout-Out of Thanks goes to Jilly for the link--she says that Barack Obama's donors are no surprise. Agreed, and it's also no surprise at how many funders remain the same. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, all the usual suspects are there, buying Washington to use against the common good.

Still, if campaigns were publicly funded by taxpayers can we trust these political varmints to do right? (That'd be a disbelieving puh! from me.)

~note: once again Blogger is refusing to open a comment window for me (go figure) so although I've received some interesting responses of late, I will have to try again later to remark. It has me in quite a snit, I assure you. ;p

Jan 19, 2008

Moon, out-of-bounds Mars, and Nevada

SpaceWeather News for Jan. 19, 2008:

MOON & MARS: When the sun sets tonight, go outside and look east. The Moon and Mars are having a beautiful close encounter all weekend long. The best night to look is Saturday when the distance between the pair shrinks to less than 2 degrees. Campfire-red Mars so close to the silvery Moon is a sight wonderful to behold.

Visit for sky maps and photos.

BLUE MOON ALERT: This is an alert for Central and South Americans. The ongoing eruption of the Galeras volcano in southwestern Columbia is spewing fine ash miles high into the atmosphere. Airborne volcanic ash can act as a color-filter, turning moonlight blue. Although it is often said that Blue Moons are mythical, they can appear during volcanic eruptions, so this is a good time to look for a bright "Blue Moon" over your part of the world.#

UPDATE 2:20 pm EST: Romney wins a "quiet" caucus in Nevada and McCain and Huckabee tussling in SC...Romney says Rs voted for "change." Yeah?

Original post:

By tonight's hook-up of Moon with an out-of-bounds Mars in Gemini, sign of communications, speechmaking, travel, and young people, we will be chewing over the presidential candidates' fortunes and outcomes.

Taking a peek at this morning's charts for Las Vegas--9:00 am PST for the Republican shendigs to get underway, and 11:00 am for the Democrats--we see two midpoint pictures with Sun (leadership) as focal point...

Jupiter/Neptune = Sun: potentially misguided states; following a dream; trying to capture the essence of things; speculation; irresponsibility; deceiving or being deceived. (A foundation for the current political smokescreens: Saturn and Neptune continue their Quindecile Dance (165 degr) = deception within societal leadership.)

The R's 9:00 am PST chart has 11Pis36 as ASC with Uranus 16Piso4 (conj Pallas: strategy) rising which makes Jupiter as ruler of Pisces (and Neptune as the higher octave) point to the Rs as the primary inheritors of this midpt picture, imho.

The 9 am chart also has a T-square pattern with Moon/MC = Uranus: emotional excitability; upsets bwo females; motherhood; anxiety; threat of vocational instability.

Asteroid, Niobe (the grieving mother) is conjunct North Node (the public) in both charts, with NN nearing conjunction with US natal Moon, the People. (Is Cindy Sheehan in the house? I confess I'm posting this without looking at today's news--off the astrologer's cuff, you might say.)

And for the Ds at 11:00 am PST: ASC 28Ari35, ruled by the oobs Mars, with asteroid, Aesculapia (health) rising; the Sun is being triggered by the "powerful connections/wish to influence the masses" combo of Pluto/NN...

Pluto/NN = Sun: ruthlessness; the urge to impose one's will on others.

Is America's natal unaspected Pluto (always conj MC in each Inaugural chart since FDR's time--the powers-behind-the-throne, aka secret societies) setting up a Democrat to be "president"--aka their mouthpiece? This is my suspicion, and time, as always, will tell.

And in both charts and hence for the day is:

Venus/Jupiter = Pluto: enjoying an unusually large measure of popularity; ability to gain favor with the masses; publiicty; the world view; unbounded enthusiam. (Sounds like a good day for politicians--if there is such a thing.)

Perhaps of greater interest in the 9 am and 11 am charts for today are the midpoint pictures which differ between them.

First the Rs:

Sun/ASC = Neptune: high sensitivity about others' opinions; being duped or disregarded; disappointment; anger or upset; damage or calumny through others.

Pluto/MC = Venus: strong powers of attraction; emotional charisma; appearing sexy.

For the Ds at 11:00 am:

Uranus/MC = Mercury: nervous excitability in expectation of change; speaking with excitement; new ideas; excited discussion among people.

The last planetary picture fairly whispers of Barack Obama, yet we can't count out Hillary for her years of hanging about and toeing the world view's "free trade" line.

Last evening on Tavis Smiley's program, I heard former White House speechwriter David Frum say that Mike Huckabee "needles" the economic wing of the GOP with his attitiude and bad ideas. Guess that leaves John McCain who seems to be more aligned with the party than in 2000, with Mitt and Fred on hand just in case.

John Edwards has been sidelined--he talks against the establishment far too much for their NWO liking--and The People, who should be in favor of his ideas for more and better jobs, etc, don't seem to be interested in voting for their own best interests.

Go figure, America. Duped again?

(All midpoint pics from Tyl and Ebertin. No planets were harmed in the writing of this post.)

Jan 12, 2008

Hillary's emotionally appealing tearducts

Hillary's gone all heart? Puh! Keith Olbermann will be straightening that craziness out soon enough.

Okay, here's what I neglected to add to my previous post on Ben Franklin...the Sabian Symbol for the Moon's degree, "26Taurus"...and I'm looking at Lynda Hill's 360 Degrees of Wisdom and at Hillary Clinton's retooled campaigning style designed to tug at the heart strings of gullible voters. If you meant to vote for her all along, please pardon this post--but really! Her thespian abilities simply aren't up to this charade.

And I readily admit to cherry-picking political-sounding factors from Lynda's excellent analysis--we haven't got all day, y'know:

"A Spaniard Serenading His Senorita" ...a show of emotions...confirmation of deep feelings is rewarded...

...lies, deceit, and propaganda; a ruse performed to achieve a goal by deception; shared feelings; looking through pretense (I wish people falling for her whatever-it-takes-to-win performances would); grand actions and reactions; being in tune with others (or tuning in?--jc); reverting back to old methods of relating; insincerity; superficial judgments of how things should look or be; knowing what to say and when; playing a role passionately; things said merely to sway someone's feelings; emotional manipulation; empty promises or declarations.

And this one's for me, I guess--hope I'm not alone:

pouring out the heart to deaf ears.


(See previous post for why I think this Moon relates to Senator Clinton's presidential campaign. I DO at least use her proper title which Rs and Rush Limbaugh snarkily never use. And can Rush say enough against Mike Huckabee? It borders on amusing!)

Jan 4, 2008

government's cousins and fools

The most dangerous man to any government is the man who is able to think things out...without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos. Almost inevitably he comes to the conclusion that the government he lives under is dishonest, insane, intolerable.

--H.L. Mencken 1880-1956 American journalist, satarist, social critic

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

--Bertrand Russell 1872-1970 British philosopher, historian

Above quotes compliments of Information Clearing House

More cousinship revelations of the mind bending kind:

WaPo is revealing Mike Huckabee as a 9th cousin of George Bush bwo Connecticut grandfathers. So did Bush win Iowa? (see post just below--seems the void-of-course Moon took Hillary to the 'nowhere' of 3rd place!)

And we heard months ago that Barack Obama and Dick Cheney are distantly related. Did Cheney, on some weird level, win Iowa?

Can this, on a mysterious and hidden astrological level, be why last evening's caucus chart had Bush and the Rs all over it? Shall I wig out now or wait for later?

Hold on, Aint Bea, there's more:

Huckabee is also reported to be a 10th cousin once removed of Mitt Romney. Now that's even weirder...a Baptist and a Mormon go into an diner in Iowa, they both order Kool-Aid straight America buyin'?

Dec 30, 2007

Spotlight on Mercury: Mike Huckabee

Today I continue the series on candidates' Mercuries (their thinking and communication abilities and styles) with Republican Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, who has stated in the campaign that he will "represent the people on Main Street, not Wall Street."

Setting aside my intuition that none of the candidates will truly be able to perform this amazing feat from the Oval Office--and they won't occupy it long if they do--I submit to you my notes on Huckabee's natal chart with emphasis on natal Mercury 17Vir31 (sunrise--birth time unknown--Aug 24, 1955; 5:46:19 am CST.)

Mercury rules two signs of the zodiac--Gemini and Virgo. A Geminian Mercury is interested in ideas for their own sakes, while Mercury in Virgo prefers that ideas have practical applications toward financial success and status.

Depending on aspects, house placements, and other factors, a Virgoan Mercury indicates an analytical mind with practical reasoning ability. Precision and accuracy are important to this Mercury placement which works best in orderly surroundings where efficient procedures are prominent (The Astrologer's Handbook, Sakoian.)

Education and development of skills, including proper grammar, bring financial and professional success to the Virgoan Mercury. Language abilities make them good orators, an ability which has aided Huckabee in his early preaching career and, of couse, in verbiose politics.

Mercury in Virgo is oriented toward dedicated work, so when Huckabee mentions his previous hard work as governor, I believe him. Detailed work is attractive to the Virgoan Mercury which may show a shyness and a retiring air which doesn't like to waste time in idle conversation. Getting on with the job is more common unless other factors interfere.

Since I have no birth time for him, Mercury's house placement is unknown to me (though it wouldn't surprise me if Huckabee has Sag rising considering his previous poundage, plus: Jupiter = the preacher; the optimist), but we can be certain that natal Mercury is in a separating sextile (60 degrees) with n Saturn in Scorpio.

The fact that it is a separating (waning) aspect indicates that the aspect's gifts are inherited, probably from the paternal side--unless his mother wore the pants in the family--and with Moon in Scorpio, perhaps she did. And it's possible he received these abilities from both sides of the family, for we are all the 'flowering of our generations,' aren't we?

Mercury sextile Saturn: disciplined mind; organizational skills esp in career matters; prudence and forethought in the decision-making process; lecturing and teaching talents; math ability; never leaves anything to chance--there is purpose behind every thought and action.

That last trait is perfect for politics in which nothing happens by accident--if it happens, we can be sure it was designed to happen (FDR.) (btw: I consider this to apply to mysterious 'suicides' and plane crashes as well.)

As final dispositor of his natal chart, Huckabee's Mercury in Virgo underpins all his natal planets' energies, is strong in its own sign, and indicates a stable mind able to organize his talents toward long-term goals and objectives.

However, you may want to read my concerns about Huckabee as US president for a fuller view of aw-shucks-I'm-harmless Mike Huckabee.

note: please pardon the typo in the title of this post if you're seeing it--it has been corrected on blog!

Sep 23, 2007

Mike Huckabee as president: some concerns

This post is actually being written Dec 30, 2007 as a link for Dec 30's post: Spotlight on Mercury: Mike Huckabee:

2008 candidate Mike Huckabee (Aug 24, 1955; Hope, Arkansas, birth time unknown, using sunrise 5:46:19 am CST) has a few chart factors which may be of concern given his mild manner. Is the dove really a hawk in disguise?

It has often been a wonder to me as a Christian that 'evangelicals' and other Christians seem to think that preachers belong in the White House...that church + state is a dandy idea which would solve all society's problems. Personally it sounds like the Roman state's melding with the papacy centuries ago, and does not support the traditional American ideal of their separation.

It was an excellent idea then, it's an excellent idea now.

One midpoint picture of particular concern in Mike Huckabee's natal chart (and what I discuss here will not be affected by lack of a correct birth time) is this:

Pluto/NN = Neptune: power of the half-truth; deception as a tool; win at any cost; attainment of success by use of lies and fraud.

Now it's true that we are born with chart conditions which we may never implement in our entire lives--sometimes the opportunity never arrives or we are unaware of them.

Yet it's true that somehow Huckabee has shown tremendous drive and determination toward success on the national--and now on the world--stage. His rise in politics is no accident but part of a long-term plan, as it could be for anyone with a ruling passion and a passion for ruling.

But there's more involving nebulous, often deceptive Neptune...

Mars/NN = Neptune: anti-social conduct; self-absorption within a group, either charismatic or off-putting; falsehood; disappointmets.

Venus/NN = Neptune: shyness; falsehood; disappointments; hopeless relationships.

Then there's the powerful midpoint of Sun (life purpose; essence) and Pluto...

Sun/Pluto = Mars: desire to perform record achievements; ruthlessness; overtaxing one's powers; strenuous self-application; carving new life perspectives; enormous drive.


Sun/Uranus = Jupiter: a successful reformer or inventor; good understanding; rewards for innovation; surprise and success; ego recognition.

Funny but I was taught that Christians should keep their egos in check, not show them off on TV!

Since he's a minister of faith, we may want to have a peek at Chiron in his chart--Chiron as the Christ archetype, the Key, the Wounded Healer, and the Blindspot's Crisis...ruler of mystical experiences who says to us: be here now.

With Chiron in Aquarius there is a crisis of being grounded and existing on the earthly plane. This is an electrical placement for Chiron and Huckabee's aspects indicate electrical healing abilities. Yet his discipline must come from other chart factors (Mercury in Virgo sextile Saturn in Scorpio) to be effectively used so that the "airhead" quality of an Aquarian Chiron may be successfully directed.

(If Huckabee should inhabit the Oval Office, we'll have chances to find out if his airhead tendencies are in evidence or not, because we've had gracious plenty helpings of the mind-over-matter type of pie-in-the-sky already, thanks, much to our nation's detriment. And with Moon in Scorpio square Pluto, he may be quite unconscious of his true motivations toward power-grabbing.)

Aspects to Chiron...

Sun quincunx (inconjunct = 150 degrees) Chiron: a double quincunx effect--like a loaded stick of dynamite; cannot rest until the higher self is manifested on earth; driven to spiritualize the planet. (Uh oh. This could sound like dreams of ushering in Armageddon.) This is a tough aspect which instills a rigidity about destiny and thus, a difficult personal life (Chiron, Barbara Hand Clow.)

Since his natal Sun is in Virgo, ruled by Mercury, and Mercury in Virgo is sextile Saturn, the traditional ruler of Chiron's sign, AQ, he has been able to contain and more easily direct this power toward his own benefit.

Mercury sesquisquare (135 degr) Chiron: this aspect works as a 'weak' square (if ther eis such a thing!) and so it relates to developmental tension. It indicates powerful connections with others which manifest in a constructive or a conflicting way. Since it is separating (waxing) there is a release of self through creative interchanges (The Astrology of Relationship, Michael R. Meyer.)

It's true that Mercury SQUARE Chiron gives a strong and exacting mind, but also indicates extreme opinions (Clow.)

Uranus opposite Chiron: this aspect is of ferocious intensity which either burns out its possessor or pushes him to great transmutative heights. Electrical healing ability is present, yet there is a stessed out feeling that everything's too much, at times. Drug-taking and air flights are dangerous when this aspect is being triggered, and there is a tendency toward viral infections and other immune system issues (Clow.)

Neptune square Chiron: this aspect is very stressful and is best utilized within the career (Christian minister); life will always be mystical with this aspect, and shows an inability to be "just ordinary" so why even try? Gifts to mankind are great with Neptune SQ Chiron and this energy must be used on that level or there is a tendency toward substance abuse and/or deceptive practices...this is the higher consciousness serving aspect.

Last but not least, Chiron is a catalytic planet similar in that way to Mercury, and Huckabee's Chiron is quincunx powerful Pluto: a karmic aspect which may be blocked until the death of the parent related to natal Pluto--then the peer group may be joined; there's a naggingly constant drive to find the deepest level of meaning in any situation, and to explore the Underworld of Pluto.

It is the last point which I believe may relate most directly to my first concern of Huckabee's meeting-the-powerful Pluto/NN = deceptive Neptune.

There are more interesting chart factors, but suffice it to say: I do not think we see all of this complex man so seemingly mild-mannered, and who has not--nor would anyone expect of him, given these Chiron aspects--given up his proselytizing as he struggles along the campaign road to the earthly halls of power in Washington DC.

A Christian in the White House? Now THAT would aggravate an already crisis-ridden, religiously conflicted world.

Within the 24 hours of Huckabee's day of birth, Sun stayed in Virgo, Moon remained in Scorpio and I think you'll find that his Images for Integration (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzi Harvey) are very descriptive...

An impassioned doctor contributes statistics and personal views at a forum for discussing anti-abortion laws...A zealous insect lover stands quietly in the bushes observing the mating habits of the praying mantis.