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Aug 26, 2008

Sun and Moon of Michelle Obama

A quick glance at the natal chart of Michelle Obama shows her Sun in the last decan of Capricorn with Moon in the last degrees of Aquarius.

This places Moon conjunct US natal Moon, giving her star quality especially as a mom (Moon) with the American public. Her attributes have been generously discussed in all forms of media as well as her fashion sense praised, but in politics, her husband's opponents have been practically forced to delve for things to take exception to as well.

In consideration of Mrs. Obama's Sun Cap-Moon AQ, we may glean a smidge of detail concerning the lady's personality with Sun (purpose) and Moon (reigning needs) blended into a Cap-AQ mix - and without being overly intrusive into her natal chart's dynamics.

As you know, Cap and AQ can 'get along' by way of shared Saturnian influence with tradition vs progress issues, an intrinsic part of the nature, finding resolution with time and patience.

Sun Cap-Moon AQ gives a lucid and practical way of viewing life, a mixture of outgoing friendliness with self-contained reserve. Self-sufficiency, organizational talents, and a sceptical intelligence make this Sun Capricorn well suited for the law profession esp when there's a humanitarian flavor (AQ.)

For someone who is 'up front' Michelle Obama is a remarkably private person who wants to reform the world, yet be accepted by it.

Is she a conventional 'square' masquerading in wild clothing? Well, we see she is not, so the other applies here: a world-shaking reformer who loves the elegant world of fashion and likes to dress the high society part.

If you know Capricorn you know there is always a respect for tradition wherever the mer-goat turns up and logic, objectivity, and ambition are not far behind. Mysticism may an interest as well for the mer-goat is one of mankind's most ancient symbols from the collective unconscious. If so, it would tend to be practical mysticism, however!

This blend gives a contradictoriness to her nature in the realm of re-writing rules vs historical precedence, and with today's politics, she may have found a perfect niche in Washington which could do with her style and her intelligence.

Having an independent mind set this lady does not suffer fools gladly and she's sure to have found many such inside the game of politics. But her ability to combine ambition with modesty along Jackie Kennedy lines (plus a new wardrobe in a smashing colors) should help her with all but the most determined of her husband's opponents, sour lot as they be.

"The working mother" archetype was on display last evening as Michelle Obama offered the keynote address at the DNC 2008 concordance in Denver, and she rose to the task at hand as all good Cappies would.

(Having Mercury in Cap gives structure to her thinking which can impress if you can get a Mercury Cap to open up their thinking long enough to talk....

...And n Mercury is Oriental, meaning 'last to rise before the Sun' so she's a 'crossing the Ts/dotting the Is' kind of person with a need to get all details right and do things how they should be done...good for attorneys.) (Noel Tyl.)

In relationships, the Sun Cap-Moon AQ blend can make one something of a tantalizing mystery to others, one who is choosy about whom she spends real time. Her interest in a wide range of people is there, but AQ prefers some detachment and distance from the throng.

The White House has a few very private spaces if she should turn out to need them in January.

Still waters run deep is a good way to sum up this blend, if you must, for this woman with the typical Capricornian fear of rejection and need to be in control, is paradox personified. Cap Sun women often find themselves doing the majority of the child raising in a family since Cap's Saturn IS the father, and she seems to do this very well - capability is also a Cap trait.

Her co-parental unit works in politics, a time-consuming master, and under Capricorn's purview along with business and law. The senator's regular trips home on the weekend are their attempts at blending these contradictions as well as an honoring of family values for the sake of their daughters.

With this blend we see that Michelle's ambition never loses sight of the rights and well-being of others for AQ is the humanitarian sign. Yet she has a faculty for ignoring people and matters that do not especially interest her or further her ends (and in today's fractured world, this may be a +!)

Cap has a poetic streak and she may be creatively talented (I'm writing this without delving into what's known about her) such as in music, dance, or painting. Encapsulating the essence of things whether in poetry or life is one of her many talents, and elegant words come easily to Sun Cap-Mon AQ.

Images for Integration: "Having struggled unaided to the peak, a mountaineer hitches a ride on a passing helicopter...A prophetic poet is awarded high honors...An historian points the way to future." (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzy Harvey.)

These Images were on display in Denver's Mile high City last evening as her husband's career is in process of passing normal bounds of all expectation as was mentioned a few times in last evening's script. Who woulda thunk? Barry would rise so high as Mile High City?

Sun Cap-Moon AQ is natally shared by American poet Carl Sandburg and world class athlete Mohamed Ali, so I'll close with some quotes from them and which may describe Michelle Obama's life philosophy quite well...see what you think:

'I am an idealist. I don't know where I'm going but I'm on my way.'

-Carl Sandburg

'Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.'

-Muhammad Ali

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Beacongal said...

I agree that Michelle has a late Aquarius Moon. But what time are you using and where did you get it? I haven't seen a confirmed time for Michelle.