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Aug 25, 2008

Biden video: I'm a Zionist

In Case You Missed It Joe Biden: I am a Zionist

2 Minute Video

US Senator Joe Biden, candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination,speaks with Shalom TV CEO Mark S. Golub on Israel and Jewish-related issues in this exclusive interview... you see, Biden is not only a credit card company shill against the American people's best interests, he holds the Zionist card's chaotic societal tinkering and highminded idealism in his globalist hand. Gravitas for Obama indeed.

Yes, Pluto/Chiron is on the march with -ISMs by the score! By Inauguration Day 2009, transiting Pluto/Chiron = Inaugural Midheaven (the goal) at noon in Washington, along with US natal Pluto on display as it's been since Inaugurations were switched to Jan 20 in 1937 (on FDR's watch) so we've been seen (MC) as the world's policeman, oppression complimentary.

Prior to 1937, Inaugural MC fell at 8Pisces+ which showed the world the US natal Ceres (the mother - the Statue of Liberty's nurturance of the weary; security issues) as did America's NATAL Pluto/Chiron there a theme here?

Foreigners are no longer as welcome to our shores, are they? We're full-up, amigos.

You know actually I neglected to mention in earlier posts today about this week's Moon passing the Dem Party's natal Saturn/Uranus midpoint which indicates a meeting with those who are described by Saturn/Uranus - Israelis (and Palestinians, too) and relating particularly to the D-Party politics (natal chart.)

I figured this was significant in an Israeli-American sense, but had such a list of midpoints to give you, I started the Convention's 'Moon clock' with 22Gem56 at sunrise Monday - and the Dem Party's natal Saturn/Uranus midpoint is 20Gem30.

Is this Biden and his much-touted foreign policy experience reflected in the light of an out of bounds Moon?

Anyway, here's the midpoint picture created which may or not apply:

Saturn/Uranus = Moon: a sudden desire to liberate oneself from emotional stress; emotional courage emerges under duress; changes for freedom; possible separation from females.

Well, I'm a female about to separate from these issues for today, because this is the most time I will have to blurb on the Dem Convention at one sitting until later in the week.

This grumps me up because they're delivering to us such grand political theater, dahlink!

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