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Oct 23, 2008

Mood of the World 10.23.08 + Greenspan speaks

What's the world's mood for the day? At least for the western world which uses mainly the tropical zodiac! Actually, it begins with a Leo Moon and ends with Virgo...

You'll find a few Sun-Moon blend notes concerning today's Sun Scorpio-Moon Leo combination with Moon reaching Virgo at 3:40 pm EDT so I've included notes on the Sun Sco-Moon Virgo blend as well.

Then there's former Fed head and financial 'expert' *Alan Greenspan speaking on Capitol Hill today and saying that heavy demand for risky loans is at the base of the financial crisis but again he takes no responsibility for his own culpability in several years' worth of shell games and banditry while encouraging fraud.

So apparently people who couldn't afford the over-priced homes being offered - and who didn't have a crystal ball to see job loss in their immediate futures - said, please let me take out a squirrelly mortgage so my kids can end up on a street corner, pleeeeease! My fondest dream is to embarrass and humiliate my family as much as possible - now where do I sign?


*Yes, I do so like to call him Alan Greenspin and once again he does not disappoint...he spins tales about money, see?

Born in NYC on March 6, 1926, Greenspan has Moon in the final degrees of big business Scorpio if he was born at or just after midnight. But chances are his Moon is in Sagittarius, sign of the Seeker and the Quest.

With Sun in Pisces, his Images for Integration for each Moon sign possibility are as follows:

Sun Pisc-Moon Sco: Steinbeck's novel, 'The Grapes of Wrath'...Longfellow's poem, 'The Secret of the Sea.'

Sun Pisc-Moon Sag: 'Einstein's Theory of Relativity.'

Hmm-m-m...interesting choice: wrath and secrets - or theories and relativity!


Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzy Harvey

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