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Oct 29, 2023

Saturn Turns Direct 2023: Trump Trial NYC

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the commmon good

By now you've heard about Judge Engoron setting a schedule for testimonies in the Trump Org fraud trial in NYC: November 1st Don Jr, November 2nd Eric Trump, November 3rd Ivanka Trump Kushner, and, after Saturn turns Direct, Poppa Trump is scheduled to testify on Monday November 6th.

Of karmic significance is legal eagle planet Saturn's Station Rx, turning Direct on Saturday November 4, 2023 @00Pis30 at 3:02:52 am edt, as you see in the two horoscopes shown, below. One chart is set for NYC, the other for Washington DC.

In the NYC chart, a change of house occurs via the Sun-Jupiter opposition with the Sun from 3rd to 2nd house of Earning Ability and Values, and Jupiter Rx from 9th to 8th house of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, and Insurance. And in both charts, is it curious that the Sun @11Scorpio conjuncts the natal Venus of Vladimir Putin?

Saturn Direct Nov 4, 2023: NYC (lower left) and Washington DC (upper right):

Now as you see, a bunch of my study notes are penned on the image such as Saturn unaspected (focused, concentrated, undeterred) and Saturn conjunct America's 12 South Prenatal Eclipse ('PE') @00Pis33 (Feb 19, 1776 with Saturn @20Libra). Saturn conjunct a Solar Eclipse reveals those with the responsibility and discipline to carry out the imperatives of the eclipse and here it's 12 South themes of "successful outcomes to long-term worries" (B. Brady).

In these karmic circumstances, those would be the legal officers of the court and attorneys; negative indications of Saturn's Sabian Symbol, "A Public Market," are listed, upper left, and include potentials for "closing of accounts," and/or "bankruptcy" (D. Rudhyar). Jail would be but is not an option since this is a civil trial.

In both locations, Mercury-ruled Virgo rises, so Mercury rules, and applies twice: an opposition to Uranus (willful defense), and a trine with Neptune (telling stories). As for the out-of-bounds ('OOBs') Moon (alienated, and at a critical 29th degree), an opposition from powerful Pluto denotes those seeking to control the environment or to manipulate the people involved, often in underhanded ways (A. Oken).

For more details about the testimonies see 'Complicity': Ivanka Trump's testimony could ruin it all for her dad and brothers. This is primarily due to the fact that Ivanka may be asked about three Deustche Bank loans and about the bid she submitted to the federal government regarding DC's Old Post Office building, a bid based on Poppa Trump's fraudulent "net worth."

Then there's this recent news: Deutsche Bank Slashes Trump's Net Worth -'We're Tired of Listening to Him Lie'. Well, ain't we all!

Previously appearing on SO'W: the Founding Horoscope of Deutsche Bank (March 10, 1870) with Saturn in late Sagittarius sextile Venus in late Aquarius suggesting that at the bank's founding, there existed a sense of duty which brought eventual business success. But once Donald, the self-styled "King of Debt" showed up, all bets were off.

Collage: Saturn in Pisces, Jude Cowell Art

Mar 4, 2019

Political Pundits Catch up with Astrology on the GOP!

Neptune in Pisces and the Disappearing GOP

by Jude Cowell

After hearing Trump's recent 'unhinged' and rambling rant at CPAC 2019, GOP strategist Rick Tyler says "it's over," for the Republican Party, "Rest in peace." Mr. Tyler predicts that once Donald Trump passes on there will be no party left which is unfortunate yet interesting since Astrology has been saying that very thing for years now as evidenced by the party's recent Neptune Return/s (2017-2018), with the last of five conjunctions perfecting on December 29, 2018! (See link, below.)

For as all astrologers know, the urge-to-merge energies of astrological Neptune, although sometimes inspiring, uplifting, and compassionate, can erode, dissolve, undermine, confuse, ruin, poison, infect, conspire, obfuscate, hide, mask, disguise, propagandize, spy, falsify, fantasize, cheat, defraud, idealize, demagogue, disappoint, disillusion, disappear, lie, mislead, doubt, disrespect, lose, steal, pilfer, rob, waste, and/or weaken whatever it touches or affects.

And since the Republican Party was founded in 1854 with Neptune @14Pis01, the party's nature on the inspirational level may not have been as grounded as it now turns out was needed in order for the political party to last more than 164 years (the approximate length of Neptune's orbital period), or perhaps a certain amount of dishonesty, fraud, masking, or wrong ideas were involved all along. Whatever the original cause, transit Neptune floating through its own sign of Pisces has provided determined forces a perfect opportunity to undermine, erode, weaken, and morph the party into the Trump-infused entity we now find squirming in his grasp, its end lamented by many.

Yet did things have to be this way for the Republican Party? No! For in Pisces there is always a choice of direction seen via the image of the Two Fishes, one swimming up toward the heights, the other down to the depths, and under the sketchy, lie-filled leadership of Donald Trump, it seems clear that the murkiest of depths are precisely where the GOP has sunk.

A vastly related post containing the horoscope of the GOP's December 29, 2018 Neptune Return: The Long Shadow of Neptune in Pisces.

Above image: my drawing Isle of Ruins, a fanciful illustration of where lost political parties go to waste away.

Apr 10, 2018

Horoscope: FBI Raids Trump's Lawyer Michael Cohen

April 10, 2018: as you've undoubtedly heard by now, the NY FBI raided the Manhatttan office, home, and hotel room of Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen yesterday "just after 5:00 am" according to the New York Daily News. Confiscated are said to be emails (including communications between Cohen and Trump who 'doesn't email'), business records, documents, an iPad, a briefcase, and who-knows-what-else.

Here's last evening's Rachel Maddow report concerning the raid (21 mins). Also check out Fox News.

Below is a messily penned version of a horoscope set for Manhattan, NY April 9, 2018 at 5:07 am edt with deceptive Neptune in shady Pisces rising along with fixed star Achernar (crisis at the end of the river; risk of rapid endings). Note that Donald Trump's natal Sun-NN-Uranus is at IC (the Basis of the Matter) which publicly projects his Moon-SN conjunction at Midheaven (relationships and contacts), and of course MC is the WHY? or Goal Point of any chart. Transit Jupiter Rx in corporate Scorpio, sign of secrets, leads a BOWL shape of planets suggesting a 'scooping up' sort of situation while potentials of the Jupiter-Pluto midpoint at MC are penned on the right side of the chart. Note that transit Jupiter has been playing around Mr. Cohen's natal Neptune (19Scorpio) of late and investigating pretenses and deceptions--and will conjoin it precisely after moving Direct on July 10, 2018. The recent conjunction of harsh Mars and Saturn occurred near or perhaps conjunct Mr. Cohen's natal Moon in Capricorn though without a birth time for him his natal Moon could be in late Sagittarius (born August 25, 1966 Long Island, NY; noon Moon @2Cap17, latest Moon position could be 8Cap31--opposite Tramp natal Mercury @8Can51). The April 9 FBI raid's Chiron @29Pis33 conjoins Cohen's natal Saturn @28Pisces--and note that Scheat @29Pisces, a star with potentials for malevolence, extreme misfortune, murder, suicide, and/or imprisonment (A. Louis), conjoins Chiron-to-natal-Saturn near the Aries Point of Fame, Fortune, and Recognition.

Plus, the Venus-Pluto midpoint also rises with fraudster Neptune hinting that concealed financial assets, deception, immorality, and seduction are involved (ex: $130,000 Cohen paid to Stormy Daniels for her silence--and the NDA now asserted to be null and void because Trump--as 'David Dennison'-- failed to sign it...on purpose is my suspicion, perhaps for the sake of 'plausible deniability'). You'll undoubtedly find more worthy chart factors if you have a chance to take a look!

So please enlarge the image for easier reading if you wish to check out my notes concerning this ongoing situation:

This horoscope is messy because it's what I do. But also because this is a very messy situation full of complex conditions, hidden events and furtive motives which are due to be uncovered, perhaps around the time of the upcoming Solar and Lunar Eclipses (which include a repetition of Trump's own Prenatal Solar Eclipse on July 13, 2018 @21Cancer) so that and other disruptive cosmic conditions for Mr. Trump during the rest of 2018 and very much through 2019 do not look very promising at all for the embattled kingpin-in-chief in the realms of politics, finances, and relationships.

Related Posts include: The Natal Mercury of Donald Trump and 2018 Saturn to Trump natal Mercury-Neptune Square which describes law-abiding Saturn in process of stressing out Trump's Mercury-Neptune square of deception, fantasy, falsehoods, disguises, sneaky schemes, indiscretions, and misconceptions. Plus, entering Trump's name in the SO'W sidebar Search box will yield a plethora of related and other posts.

Sep 15, 2016

It's Time For The Media To Push Back On Lies! - video

Here's an interesting segment from yesterday's Thom Hartmann Show but I must ask: if we could take lying away from the media and the politicians they 'cover', how could any of them communicate? Why, the false reality they feed us these many years would dissolve and show its true face behind the elaborate mask they've created to keep the public uninformed and diverted from the facts:

Image: Neptune, astrologically the planet of the media, the masses, propaganda, fraud, and deceit!

May 18, 2016

The Ways in Which We're All Living the "Truman Show" - video

Thom Hartmann has a few questions concerning The Truman Show sort of lives we've been taught to lead which reminds me of the many 'false reality' mentions in posts here on Stars Over Washington, plus, several of the broadcasts posted here and presented by Max Igan who has attempted to awaken We the Snoozers to reality.

Add the truth-tackling September 1, 2016 Solar Eclipse with its realism themes of 'coming down to earth' and 'seeing an old situation for what it really is rather than what you thought it was' (in time to affect Election Day 2016 and Inauguration 2017) and it's plain to see that our nappy time is over. Unfortunately, the September eclipse also contains vibes of financial concerns along with the Shemitah prophecy of judgment upon America, the government of which led its people astray via lies, fraud, and ensnarement within a false reality:

Tap or click for an excerpt from a recommended Max Igan broadcast: Lies You Have Been Told! Wake Up! (with the awakener-dreamer pair, Uranus-Neptune, added).

Jan 26, 2016

Why Congress Allows Big Pharma to Rip Us Off - video

Well, I always thought Congress was 'in the pocket' of Big Pharma via bribery, payoffs, and politicians holding pharmaceutical shares in their stock portfolios. After all, abandoning the American people to be the suckers of Big Pharma is typical of a US Congress acting in breach of the public contract. Here's an informative report from Ring of Fire Radio on the topic:

Dec 11, 2015

Congress’ Conflict of Interest: Owning Stock In Pharma Companies That They Regulate - clip (w Eclipses)

Yet another outrage perpetrated by congress members in breach of the public trust!

More Than Big Pharma Has Eclipsed America

Now it isn't the US Government or the US Congress this dissenting American has lost trust in, it's the infiltrators, brigands, fraudsters, and corporate bums who've been allowed into the ranks of the US Government (thanks to an ongoing fascist coup) that I take major issue with!

You know a group of fascists attempted to interest General Smedley Butler in taking part in an overthrow of the Franklin Roosevelt administration when it was only a few weeks old (July 1933) as fascism was rising in Germany. General Butler had the integrity and the common sense to turn the traitors away but who will rescue America now that similar villains (both biological and ideological inheritors) are further along in their global government plan than in the 1930s?

So when we look to astrological indicators for societal events one of the basic methods is to consider the 18.6-year cycle of Solar Eclipses and their Lunar counterparts. Which Solar and Lunar Eclipses provided background influences within the Collective in 1933 is one question we could ask with all the 'fascist', 'Hitler', and 'Nazi' references floating up from the Collective Unconscious (where most of us had repressed them) for they are again being used by certain groups of people for their own purposes such as political persuasion. And when did the two Solar Eclipses of 1933 re-occur, and when will they affect us again with similar issues as in 1933?

On February 24, 1933 a Solar Eclipse manifested @5Pisces where transit Neptune has recently activated. This can denote frothy idealism affecting the eclipse themes but also a veiling of the true nature of its themes. Either way, with Neptune we must expect forms of self-deception, fraud, lies, illusion, mysticism, and confusion to be involved. Themes include: great passion which may have been hidden for some time (satanic nazism? ugh), lust (for power?), and procreative drives. This eclipse is part of the 7 North Saros Series and has occurred in the years 1915, (1933), 1951, 1969, 1987, 2005 (April 8 @19Aries), and next in 2023, one year after America's very first Pluto Return/s.

On August 21 the second Solar Eclipse of 1933 manifested @28Leo (near royal star Regulus) in the 7 South Saros Series. Curiously enough, this degree resonates with the natal Ascendant and rising Mars (both of which rise with Regulus, 'the king maker' star with a caution against taking revenge) in the astrology chart of Donald Trump whose rhetoric has recently inspired ugly swastika graffiti with Mr. Trump depicted with a Hitler mustache. Themes of 7 South are closely aligned with the type of events we are now reminded of in the rhetoric of candidate Trump and others of a restrictive, even draconian persuasion for the original 7 South eclipse contained forceful, ruthless Mars-Pluto content--a square influence, in fact, which is a problematic Scorpio signature.

For those who use the Scorpio rising natal horoscope for America, 7 South originated on June 22, 1248 OS with Pluto @8Sco09 Rx (conjunct the Scorpio Ascendant) and Mars @8Leo34, the natal position of the Republican Party's planet of rhetoric, planning, and voting, Mercury. Possible 7S themes include: anger, huge obstacles (Donald?) that suddenly clear, and/or a pending potential crisis suddenly manifesting (a brokered convention for the GOP?!?)

7 South repeated in the same years as 7 North, listed above.

As for 1933 Lunar Eclipses there were two: March 12 @21Virgo which conjoins the current Solar Eclipse degree of 20Vir10 (18 North; September 13, 2015: high stress level, overtaxing of strength) which brings its unconscious lunar energies into 2015-2016 along with starry Denebola (to go against society and where transit Jupiter has recently inflated.) The second Lunar Eclipse of 1933 occurred on September 4 @11Pisces so again murky Pisces with its dreamy, spendthrift, inflationary yet compassionate Jupiter-Neptune vibes is suggested.

So even though the 7 North and 7 South Solar Eclipses of 1933 do not repeat in 2015 or 2016, we have hints and events with definite Republican involvement via the Bush-Cheney regime which lorded over America and dissolved many of our constitutional freedoms in 2005 as they thought themselves to high-handedly rearrange the Middle East to suit their own draconian purposes and further their plundering interests.

Related: Fascism Rising Eclipse Horoscope and the natal chart of Donald Trump--view with your own eyes his Mars rising with royal Regulus in kingly Leo...huge!!

corporatism + statism = fascism

Apr 19, 2015

FBI Admits Serious Mistakes w Pluto conjoining its natal Uranus

They Lied, Innocent People Died

The History Channel gives a few basic details on the founding and early history of the FBI if you're curious. And you might be since a current headline has appeared that the Justice Department admits that the FBI gave flawed evidence during criminal trials for the last 20 years concerning hair samples tested by their DNA unit.

Of course, we've seen FBI confessions in the news before as with their clumsy use of wiretaps in 2005 (oops! wrong number!) and in 2007 with Patriot Act screw-ups (aka, abuse of power). Search and ye shall find more such confessional headlines though we must wonder if any improvements have been made.

1908 Meets 2015: Some Erroneous FBI Testimony Resulted in Executions

Now the agency, whose official genesis is timed for July 26, 1908, has again admitted mistakes that led to wrongful convictions as a review of approximately 268 cases between 1985 and 2000 have shown. And astrologers who like to consider history and politics through the lens of Astrology may note that a major transit is now in process: spying Pluto has conjoined off and on the FBI's natal Uranus (14Cap09), ruled by controlling, governmental, law-abiding Saturn.

So with the explosive Uranus-Pluto duo being societal and generational in nature and relating to federal employment and programs, this meeting of planetary titans--2015 Pluto to 1908 Uranus--marks a period when issues of individual freedom emerge (ex: wrongful convictions revealed), the power of government transforms (or reforms? US soon entered WWI after the agency's creation), technological advances apply (civilian populations bombed from airplanes; poison gases), and the government is made to yield to the people it (supposedly) serves--'mistakes' were made. Perhaps we should note that the Internet now makes FBI 'mistakes' more visible to the public. And of course, reformer planet Uranus is America's 'totem planet' of revolution, war, protest, and upheaval. In Capricorn, 1908 Uranus denoted concentrated energy, and fanatical aims pursued with great zeal (Ebertin) yet as most people know, great zeal often gets details all wrong in its haste and determined aggression (success-at-all-costs; the illusion of infallibility eroded).

Curiously, the planets of The Enlightenment (Age of Reason; New World Order), Uranus and Neptune, opposed one another in 1908 across the Security axis of Cancer-Capricorn and this denotes that the FBI was formed during a time of political unrest and strong nationalism when major military power was being developed. Public apathy and indifference allowed such power to take hold as America entered World War I in 1917 for the opposition indicates personal freedoms being eroded and our nation being hurled into the war---after Woodrow Wilson had campaigned on peace (while secretly pledging our nation to enter WWI as required by international bankers). Perhaps you are reminded of President Obama, recipient of a Nobel Peace Prize, campaigning in 2008 against the expansion of war and his pre-election journey to NYC to meet with big bank campaign donors.

Arousing public awareness of dangerous threats is part of the FBI's Uranus-Neptune opposition picture though the agency's integrity and our level of trust in the FBI is being purposefully eroded, inch by inch, as is trust in other American institutions and systems--in part a reflection of transforming Pluto approaching US natal Pluto, our first-ever Pluto Return. As Above, So Below.

FBI July 26, 1908 T-Square--Uranus-Neptune = Saturn potentials include: instability; losses; bereavement (Ebertin); need for recognition; changes of direction; staying put causes depression and loss of self-confidence (Tyl); restraint on use of visionary ideals (Munkasey). The Moon-Neptune pair (see paragraph, below) is visionary as well but can be irrational its perceptions. And the Uranus-Neptune pair in Politics denotes such things as subversion, exploitation of oil and other chemical resources, revolutionary 'new thinking' (or fomenting revolution?), idealistic structural changes in political and social systems, and/or sudden increases in the availability of illicit drugs (Munkasey) and activities such as drug trafficking. Note that with the Uranus-Neptune-Saturn trio in the dynamic T-Square pattern, no exact time of founding is necessary--and karma is at work as the agency reaps what it has sown. Carried around like an old suitcase is its rabid nationalism beginnings so trite and vicious in this new world in a rather tattered and tarnished New Millennium.

Most all levels of leadership ain't what they used to be. (7.12.17)

So even though the exact time of the FBI's founding (creation) is unknown (noon is used), astrologically we find that the natal horoscope of the Federal Bureau of Investigation contains other revealing signatures in the signs of Moon-ruled, self-protective, tribal Cancer (Moon, Mercury, Venus, Neptune, and North Node) and Sun-ruled, proud, egoistical Leo (Sun, Mars, Jupiter). Some time during the 24 hours of July 26, 1908, the fluctuating Moon conjoined visionary idealist and speculator Neptune which is indicative of a public service orientation but with potentials for disinformation, deception, fraud, and surveillance (Neptune) used against The People (Moon). The use of 'false flag operations' (ops) and their related propaganda come to mind as well as the use of half-truths as tools or weapons and a handy omission of key details habit in order to skew investigations and divert legal arguments and cases.

Plus, we don't need an exact time of founding to see that the FBI was formed under the auspices of the 19 North Saros Series of June 28, 1908 @7Cancer (Initial 19N July 5, 1331 @20Can32). This Solar Eclipse Series contains themes of tackling the truth (!)(7.12.17: with Trump?), realism, and coming down to earth as old situations are seen for what they really are (Brady). Last manifesting in 1998, 19N will again occur on September 1, 2016 @9Virgo when we may expect revelations galore, possibly concerning hidden responsibilities for the attacks of 9/11/01. Note (7.12.17) that this manifestation of 19 North @9Virgo is the Prenatal Solar Eclipse of both Campaign 2016 and Inauguration 2017. Sadly for this nation, the skeptic Mr. Trump, the conniver-in-chief, will always maintain a loose and contentious relationship with the truth. And the Truth. He thinks everybody lies.

Washington DC: It's Only Words

And so as usual, when it comes to American Politics, Washington DC, and the US Justice System, appropriate words are mouthed by many but good results may be few for actions taken by FBI Directors, Congress, SCOTUS, lower courts, state legislatures, and the White House are what really matter including the results of 'unintended consequences' which may have been secretly intended all along. Words can charm and persuade, yes, but actions taken or omitted by government officials cause the American people more harm than mild confessions of the obvious.

#FBI #USGovernment #WashingtonDC #Politics #PoliticalAstrology

Jan 13, 2015

Papantonio: Defense Contractors Try To Gut Whistleblowers - video

Fraud loving Neptune now floating through its own murky, sometimes criminal sign of Pisces, just keeps outdoing itself as it expresses in the real world. And usually on Capitol Hill. Iraq war contractors, government fraud, the pharmaceutical industry--Neptune is working overtime during the Jupiter-Neptune-imprinted Obama administration--imprinted since their 3 conjunctions of 2009.

Of course, the criminality of Jupiter-Neptune, the grand scheming pair of wastrels, spendthrifts, speculators, and visionaries, is being conveniently enabled and undergirded by America's natal Mars-Neptune square with its misguided and deceptive motivations, misdirected actions, and 'fog of war' quagmires.

And let's not again discuss how America's natal Neptune @22Virgo precisely veils President Obama's natal Mars, planet of motivations and actions!

Oct 4, 2010

Neptune/Chiron to US natal Moon = foreclosure fraud!

Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) explains the current plague of foreclosure fraud now being perpetrated upon millions of Americans as banks without clear legal status are greedily taking away family homes across the nation by fudging papers and borrowers' signatures in order to begin the foreclosure process.

Nebulous Neptune's dissolution and loss along with Chiron's wounding quality are much in evidence here as our sense of rootlessness and homelessness continues. The despair this causes from being disenfranchised by the Pluto/Chiron banking class toward we-the-people must cease!

Visit Stop Foreclosure Fraud for more information.


Thanks to Alex D'Atria for alerting me to this video; you may wish to check out her and Mark Andrew Holmes's latest column concerning the late Lee Atwater.

Oct 23, 2008

Mood of the World 10.23.08 + Greenspan speaks

What's the world's mood for the day? At least for the western world which uses mainly the tropical zodiac! Actually, it begins with a Leo Moon and ends with Virgo...

You'll find a few Sun-Moon blend notes concerning today's Sun Scorpio-Moon Leo combination with Moon reaching Virgo at 3:40 pm EDT so I've included notes on the Sun Sco-Moon Virgo blend as well.

Then there's former Fed head and financial 'expert' *Alan Greenspan speaking on Capitol Hill today and saying that heavy demand for risky loans is at the base of the financial crisis but again he takes no responsibility for his own culpability in several years' worth of shell games and banditry while encouraging fraud.

So apparently people who couldn't afford the over-priced homes being offered - and who didn't have a crystal ball to see job loss in their immediate futures - said, please let me take out a squirrelly mortgage so my kids can end up on a street corner, pleeeeease! My fondest dream is to embarrass and humiliate my family as much as possible - now where do I sign?


*Yes, I do so like to call him Alan Greenspin and once again he does not disappoint...he spins tales about money, see?

Born in NYC on March 6, 1926, Greenspan has Moon in the final degrees of big business Scorpio if he was born at or just after midnight. But chances are his Moon is in Sagittarius, sign of the Seeker and the Quest.

With Sun in Pisces, his Images for Integration for each Moon sign possibility are as follows:

Sun Pisc-Moon Sco: Steinbeck's novel, 'The Grapes of Wrath'...Longfellow's poem, 'The Secret of the Sea.'

Sun Pisc-Moon Sag: 'Einstein's Theory of Relativity.'

Hmm-m-m...interesting choice: wrath and secrets - or theories and relativity!


Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzy Harvey

Oct 18, 2008

Wall Street loves a good scam

Professor Thayer Watkins of San Jose University Department of Economics recounts the tale of Equity Funding whose fake insurance policy scams were uncovered by auditors in 1973 causing the company to collapse. And since Wall Street's high assessment of Equity Funding had allowed buyouts of other profitable firms, the dominoes fell.

Yes, Equity Funding became a major success on Wall Street which shows you the company the scalliwags were keeping on both sides. Equity Funding created fake insurance policies early on - no one seems to know exactly when - to inflate their profits for Wall Street's admiration, then they sold them through the reinsurance market.

Stop me if any of this sounds familiar, because it should.

Prof Watkins uses Dirk's and Gross' book, The Great Wall Street Scandal as his source. A quick foray to Amazon shows that this book seems to be available from sellers but is out of print.

The Equity Funding section by Prof Watkins is part of his "Episodes of Financial Fraud and Speculation" which includes an article on the 1924 scandal of counterfeiting in Portugal by Alves Reis, a Keynesian scheme which turned out to have been better for the Portugese economy than the policies of former economics professor, Salazar, who became dictator of the country in 1932.

Another fraudulent epic included is the saga of the Penn State Bank of Oklahoma City and Bill 'Monkeybrains' Patterson which involved the oil and gas industries of OK and TX. Now I know that we're not supposed to mess with Texas (and as a rule, I don't), but apparently certain folks in Texas were cleared to mess with us a long time ago.

In summary, Prof Watkins provides some interesting reading here if you're in the mood for how fraud is perpetrated by the 'experts' which makes a perfect companion to the Fed's slight-of-hand today, esp if you click on some of the other links in the History category on the Home Page - ex: I highly recommend his article on the causes of the Great Depression and the Fed's blame due to their actions which precipitated the decline in money supply, along with banks hoarding the money, the general populace holding on to cash (sound familiar?), and the liquidationist policy of Treasury secretary Andrew Mellon.

Mellon and his pals thought that the liquidation of 'weak' banks was necessary for the recovery of the banking system.

Now I know we've all heard that before!


You may also be interested in reading a previous post of 10.8.08, your money is no good here which contains a link to James Cumes' article on the systemic financial collapse we are witnessing.

Apr 12, 2008

your money is no good here

Any events or series of events issue from myriad causes combined--a tenet which has stood me in good stead as I've studied and learned to appreciate bringing loose ends together into various astrological tapestries of cause and effect.

Which is why no one man, entity, or organization may be blamed for the world's current financial meltdown which has been on the backburner since the attacks of 9/11--and I have written here and elsewhere that 9/11's ripples are behind much of the current market woes.

"Go shopping" indeed--and let the "experts" take care of things. Now we see how they've taken "care."

And so I present James Cumes' article to you if you're up for it. These financial woes are what fraud and greed can accomplish in the world if there are enough participants with their eyes on the main chance--while the real wheeler-dealers are making bets on how things will turn out for their pawns.

They've got theirs--what do YOU have?

The Black Death of Financial Collapse

By James Cumes

The financial and economic crisis now upon us is by far the most menacing of the past century--even more so than the Great Depression of the 1930s. It is not just a "subprime" crisis; it is systemic--affecting the entire financial system.

Read article from Information Clearing House.

Jan 24, 2008

moral conscience of a nation

This "Brutal World"

By Paul Craig Roberts

How did Western Civilization get a monopoly on "moral conscience" when it has no morality?

Read article from Information Clearing House here. #

Remember after the attacks of 9/11 when a list of the West's sins was circulated from bin Laden? The brutal truth hurts and our shadow selves too long ignored cause the worst 'blowback' of all.

This blogger critiques because she loves, America. The actions of our installed-by-Court government put me in a position of having to agree with bin Laden when so many of us knew all along that our morals weren't up to snuff as Washington pretended (they need the ruse to hide their crookery.)

It's 2008 and once again perfidy and fraud are being played out in the halls of power--in Washington, on Wall Street, in our local capitols. The People are, in most cases, better than their elite 'masters' and I stand by that conviction which has been voiced on this blog in prior posts.

Never trust a man who says, trust me, my Mama always said, and boy, does that apply to Politics, that system of organized hatreds.

And although I have an abiding interest in America history, my faith and hope resides within and for the American People.

Thomas Jefferson once said that between having a government and a press, he'd prefer the press. Wouldn't an honest one be helpful about now?

Apr 1, 2007

Katrina fraud balloons

Down the drain, down the rabbithole, however you want to characterize it, fraud is common after natural disasters.

But somehow fraud after Katrina seems worse and more obscene than any before as the apparent hog trough's depth is being revealed. The GAO has referred over 22,000 cases to the Katrina task force...and all under George Bush's "watch."

Katrina Fraud Stretches Far Beyond Gulf--is it coming your way?

Dec 3, 2006

Iraq bottomless moneypit continues

This from

Five Tons of C4 Explosives Stolen in Iraq 02 Dec 2006 A mysterious theft of explosives occurred in neighboring Iraq. A pro-PKK [Kurdistan Workers Party] website on Thursday claimed that five tons of C-4 explosives were stolen from the warehouses of Iraqi Defense Ministry. It was not certain by whom or when the plastic explosives in the warehouse were stolen.

'A culture of waste, incompetence and fraud.' Corruption costs Iraq $4bn a year --

One third of rebuilding contracts under criminal investigation. 02 Dec 2006 A US government report has concluded that [Cheney Halliburton's] oil smuggling abetted by corrupt Iraqi officials is netting insurgents $100m a year, helping to make them financially self-sustaining... Iraq also represented a grey zone beyond the reach of the US civil courts. KBR was found to have overcharged the US military about $60m for fuel deliveries, but that did not stop it winning more government contracts.

Pentagon to Seek $100B+ War Chest 01 Dec 2006 The Bush administration is hammering out its largest-ever appeal for more Iraq war [Halliburton] funds - a record $100 billion, at least, and that figure reflects cuts from wish lists originally circulating around the Pentagon.#

Recalls to mind the Iraq War chart with nebulous, confused, and sometimes deceptive Pisces rising...

tags: Bush

Jan 20, 2006

1933 Calling: Hello?

This post is inspired by today's NYSE drop--the largest in 3 years, and the headline of Dec 27, 2005: "Stocks Stumble", and by the rickety Japanese markets of late: On May 23, 1933, Congressman Louis T. McFadden brought formal charges against the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve Bank System, the Controller of the Currency, and the Secretary of the US Treasury, for numerous criminal acts, including, among others: Conspiracy, Fraud, Unlawful Conversion, and Treason. Noting that the Federal Reserve Banks are "private monopolies", he asserted that they were rich and predatory moneylenders who prey upon US citizens for the benefit of themselves and their foreign customers, foreign and domestic speculators and swindlers. He called them, "financial pirates", and worse. Just prior to this filing of charges, FDR signed--at MIDNIGHT of his Inauguration Day, March 5, 1933--a proclamation to divorce US currency from the gold standard, thereby mooting an old debate in America, and seemingly helping the country. On April 5, 1933, FDR ordered the confiscation of gold coins, gold certificates, and gold bullion, Executive Order 6102. (You say there's gold in Fort Knox, do ya?) Officially, the US was taken off the gold standard, April 19, 1933. And on June 7, 1934, Congress passed the Corporate Bankruptcy Act allowing corporate reorganisation with the support of 2/3 of their creditors. Yuh. BTW--McFadden died in somewhat murky circumstances, and after other attempts had been made on his life. Last I heard, McFadden's case against the Fed is still pending. jc Jan 20 2006 8:40 pm est