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Feb 14, 2016

Sen Bernie Sanders spotlights Reality in fiery Senate speech - video

There are many clips of Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, speeches or interviews, through which we hear the echo of his fiery Aries Moon. The video below is one such for those with 13 minutes 5 seconds to listen. Passionate emotions are undisguised as the traditional translation of Moon in Aries loudly announces its energies via the senator and expresses that "I AM the People" a great quality to possess for those working in Politics (useful elsewhere as well). Better for a server sort of person which is the adult personality or essence (Virgo Sun) of Bernie Sanders, a servant of the people and a spokesman for the Collective.

Soon the upcoming Solar Eclipse, a cosmic blink, aka, a Uranian 'wild card' of the Universe, will express themes of seeing a situation, event, and/or person for what it/he/she really is rather than what you thought; a good time for tackling the truth. (Paraphrasing Predictive Astrology, B. Grady.) Perhaps with these themes as a background, retrospectives on the life and decisions of the recently departed Justice Antonin Scalia will benefit from these more sober contemplative frequencies influencing the Collective around and during the eclipse season. For even moderation should be moderated. But a fiery Aries Moon feeling fed up with systemic corruption to the core?!

So, good news, you chronically victimized American public! Alan 'Epiphany' Greenspan belatedly realized his 'ideology is flawed'!! It's an ideology that neglects others in that Ayn-Rand-ish kind of way, harboring a deeply selfish greed that purports to lift The Individual to godlike status (it pretends) and in the process, harms and exploits the masses. Yes, Mr. Greenspin and those of his ilk were and are "out of touch with the lives of the American people" by choice--in other words, they are out of touch with the stark reality of the Common Man that they helped engineer yet they do not have to share in the consequences of their actions (yet)! Powerful gold-hoarder Pluto now about midway through Saturn-ruled Capricorn is determined on that score ('the dictator')...a main feature of their global agenda is self-protection (for themselves, not for us.) One must suppose that they always have escape pods ready.

Well, dear reader, these sentiments are hereby very clumsily expressed and so I ask you to please allow Senator Sanders to remark upon the anti-societal behavior of the greedy 'economic royalists' (as FDR called them, although technically he was one of them yet at the least he pretended to have a conscience) while February 2016's transit Jupiter and the undulating Head of the Dragon (Moon's North Node) dance around together, sometimes in tandem (as seen from Earth). Now Jupiter will be turning Direct @13Virgo and moving forward to tango (or tangle!) with the Moon's Nodal axis once again before majestically passing onward toward Venus-ruled Libra, sign of the Scales of Justice. Libra is the sign where expansive Jupiter will join forces a while with America's natal Saturn @14Libra48 (on July 4, 1776) and we may expect that a restriction or burden will be partially lifted. This may relate to President Obama's constitutionally mandated to nominate someone for the Supreme Court. However, truth and justice will be requirements if the resulting benefits are to last and we know how seriously challenged the majority of American politicians are on that score.

Senator Bernie Sanders on the Senate floor circa 2012 if memory serves.

May 11, 2013

David Stockman w Jon Stewart (video) and Pluto's Deformation

David Stockman, former congressman and budget director for Ronald Reagan, has done our nation a tremendous service with his book The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America.

Astrologers will recognize (and many have written the last few years on the topic) that transformative, destructuring Pluto, now in Capricorn (sign of government, law, business--and capitalism) is slowly deforming the US financial, governmental, legal, and business systems we've been taught to depend on.

"We have in Washington and Wall Street a rigged game," Stockman asserts during the question and answer session after his presentation at the Commonwealth Club of California (4.11.13) as he calls out the Federal Reserve ("Bernanke is worse than Greenspan") and disses all practitioners of Crony Capitalism, Republican and Democrat.

Though he isn't the only one to predict deflation when the next bubble bursts (and it will), Mr. Stockman offers a well-reasoned and deeply informed analysis of Financial Crisis 2008 (Goldman-Sachs should have been allowed to fail--it was the "Blackberry Panic" of 2008, not a return to the Great Depression) and of our current predicament with its 'Fiscal Cliff' and 'Debt Ceiling' theatrics and stupidities, and other partisan bickerings of no worth.

His book also offers common sense prescriptions for a cure (break up the big banks, restore Glass-Steagall, etc. He really likes Paul Volcker, a Jimmy Carter appointee to the Fed who was replaced by Alan Greenspan, thanks to Jupiter-in-Scorpio Reagan.)

Perhaps you caught Jon Stewart's interview with David Stockman on April 8, 2013? Here's a clip:

The Daily Show with Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
David Stockman
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"We're where we were at 13 years ago"? Ah, banker Jupiter peeks in! Plus, 13 years ago would be 2000 and we had the Great Conjunction of societal planets Jupiter and Saturn in May 2000 @ '23Taurus'..."A Jewelry Shop Filled with the Most Magnificent Gems"--an indicator that ushered in the New Millennium--and modus operandi of the big-spending Republicans in the White House and in Congress--all of which I fussed about repeatedly in the early years of this blog.

Actually, I've also done a bunch of fussing about the planetary imprint upon the presidency of Barack Obama: the three Jupiter-Neptune conjunctions all through 2009--all conjunct US natal Moon (We the People)--we were betrayed by bailouts as in David Stockman's assessment. As you know, speculating Jupiter-Neptune is the inflationary-wastrel-spendthrift-fraudulent-grand-scheming pair that in Economics is well-described by the term 'bubble economy'.

Here's Part 2, the extended segment:

The Daily Show with Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Exclusive - David Stockman Extended Interview Pt. 2
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"Dodd-Frank is some kind of puzzle palace"...I do admire his forthrightness!

Born November 10, 1946 in Fort Hood, Texas, Mr. Stockman has a Sun Scorpio-Moon Gemini personality (Water-Air)--unless he came into the world between 12:00 am and 12:08 am. This seems unlikely for the odds favor the 23 hours 52 minutes in the rest of the day, so I'm going with Moon in Gemini since he's a great communicator.

Sun Sco-Moon Gem provides him with psychological understanding of others, penetrating insights, a quick wit, intensity, curiosity, and ambition mixed with an easy-going style. (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Of course, a Taurus Moon would make sense for its earthiness, pragmatism, and link to money (and greed and stubbornness--Taurus the Bull of Wall Street) so of course you may disagree on a Gemini Moon, as you wish!

The Sun Sco-Moon Gem blend is shared natally by Fyodor Dostoyevsky so I'll close with a quote from the great Russian author:

"I plunge into the depths, and, while analyzing every atom, I search out the whole."

Dec 23, 2012

Greenspan admitted The Fed is above US law (video); plus, Full Moon coming

Former protege of Ayn Rand, Mr. Greenspan Speaks about The Fed

by Jude Cowell

Here's a 48-second snippet from 2007 of Jim Lehrer interviewing Alan Greenspan who headed America's Federal Reserve System for several years:

Text of the full interview may be read here. A link to Mr. Greenspan's book is included if you're so inclined. As you know, reporter Andrea Mitchell has been married to Mr. Greenspan since 1997 and I continue to find it curious that her news program appears on the demi-progressive MSNBC. Yet MSNBC and NBC are Rockefeller enterprises after all.

For videos on a variety of topics visit Forbidden Knowledge TV.

Fiscal Schmiscal, Let's Call the Whole Thing Off

Here's an intriguing opinion piece on Rockefeller-Obama Republicans which makes the case that President Obama panders to the Republican Party--not because he doesn't negotiate well (as Rockefeller media and others propagandize), or that he's "weak"--but because he's one of them.

Related reading: Who's Done More Damage: Bernie Madoff or Alan Greenspan?

Stage Craft: It's All Political Theater, Dahlink!

Fast-forward to the current 'fiscal cliff'-sequester negotiations of December 2012 and we continue to see Mr. Obama putting certain concessions 'on the table' than what progressive voters who re-elected him expected since he now so obviously has a mandate from The People to protect us. Social Security? Mr. Obama campaigned on not including it in the fiscal deal since it has no part in creating the deficit. But now 'on the table' is a potential change in SS cost-of-living raises which will affect millions of seniors through disguised cuts as the years go by, thus removing money from the US economy, money that would've been spent. And that doesn't mention the potential for suffering.

Yes, FDR's New Deal programs are under seige by plutocrats as they've been from the time they were set up. But their enemies in 2012/2013 may prove more successful at gutting them than ever before for the culprits are hiding behind the cleverest mask of guile yet taken up by America's plutocratic class of power elites...aka, "the Democrats."

Yes, I do hope I'm being a paranoid Capricorn (very possible!) with this theory and that none of the above is the case, and that the label 'Democrat' still means We the People have a fighting chance to have our concerns addressed and resolved on Capitol Hill with some measure of honesty and clarity toward a 'more level playing field'. Plus, the nasty thought of 'population control' based on a 'survival of the fittest' creed (of Ayn Rand and others) comes to mind because of the coldhearted behavior of Washington politicians, whatever their party label.

So whether you bought that badly-acted Boehner Herding Cats matinee on the evening of December 20, 2012 or not (and their subsequent skedaddle out of town for Christmas break), don't be surprised if things turn even weirder and crazier during the last week of December--under the light of the December 28th Full Moon which takes us whimpering across the expiring-tax-break threshold into 2013. (Full Moon and 'fiscal cliff' horoscopes shown.)

That Lunar Madness under a Full Moon increases the number of crimes has been documented after all, as some police departments have attested--or, is it only because more activity occurs on Moon-lit nights?

Wonder if The Moon Society has studied the phenomena?


Here's a preliminary post on the Inauguration 2013 Horoscope with a bare minimum of astro-notes and analysis until early January.

A Holiday Blog-Note: with family coming into town, this is my last SO'W post until after Christmas Day 2012 so I wish y'all a safe Merry and a Happy!Jude

Nov 20, 2009

Bernie Sanders vs Greenspan 2003 video + AUDIT the FED!

On Sept 16, 2003, Sen. Bernie Sanders 'dressed down' then-Fedhead Alan Greenspan in front of the House Financial Services Committee and it does my heart good to see and hear Sanders' rant again. It does my heart angry to hear Greenspan give his namby pamby answer which fails to address the basic accusations leveled at him that wealthy people in country clubs are the exception and are not the real people of America.

Out of Touch Out of Mind

The 'greatest gap between rich and poor' in 2003 has only widened under the rest of the Bush-Cheney regime and is continuing to chasm under President Obama who was handed the White House baton of bankrupcty and told to make do. (Or told that world government plans are on track.)

Now this video shows an event that occurred years before Greenspan's 'flawed' remark about his philosophy but is worth your 5 minutes' viewing if only to remind yourself of how Bernie Sanders was on to the deceptions and frauds long before 2008's financial 'collapse' which I assert here again was orchestrated by the Fed and its shadowy colleagues.

And if Alan Grayson has his way, yesterday's approved amendment to audit the Fed will gather support until the American people finally find out what the Fed actually does with all that funny money they have Treasury print in spite of the Constitution's giving coinage powers only to the US Congress.

The vote was 43 to 26 Thursday afternoon (11.19.09) with a surprising No vote from its former supporter Barney Frank (D-Mass) whose actions have become more and more suspicious as time - and the bankrupting of America - go on.

Building anew upon ruins means the NWO can bring the "Change" it prefers in spite of an entire world in disagreement. Makes me wonder if 'insurgents' in the Middle East are in truth fighting against the NWO by undermining American efforts (NWO in the form of Western control of their governments and natural resources) as should be the rest of us!

UPDATE August 14, 2015: #FeeltheBern

Sep 9, 2009

Don't dare cross the Fed

Crossing the Fed is harzardous to your career, as Pulitizer Prize winning economist Paul Krugman has found, and this piece by Ryan *Grim deftly lifts up the monopolistic rock under which the Fed operates.

Mr. Greenspan 'got it wrong,' the Fed 'got it wrong.' And they're still controlling the world of economics and finance with an eye toward expanding their power and control! Obviously the fix is in because it makes no sense.

And remember the 'Beijing Eclipse' of August 1, 2008 @ 10Leo? It was also the 'NYSE Eclipse' because it was in the 10 South Series which is the Pre-Natal Series during which the New York Stock Exchange was hatched.

Then the Lunar Eclipse of August 16 2008 @ 24AQ (where nebulous, deceptive Neptune tarries now and Jupiter, now Rx, will be in a while) followed and I was writing on Jude's Threhold about "market paranoia" - see sidebar of Pages there.

To refresh, the 10 South Solar Eclipse Series is one of: 'breaking out of a very negative situation where no hope can be seen to a space containing many options. A worry...will suddenly clear. The solution is shown by the Cosmos and needs to be taken up without too much delay.' (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

Suspend your (sham) prez campaign and rush back to Washington, John McCain, to rescue the world economy! Especially since 10S is also McCain's PE Series. And sad to say for America, this is and will forever remain, the PE of US Inauguration 2009.

Well, the astrologers of Wall Street were quite aware of the August 2008 Eclipses and their import, I suspect. Remember that old J. P. Morgan once famously said, "Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do." Celestial cycles above, financial cycles below.

So was the Financial Crisis of 2008 the result of years' worth of thoughtless mistakes and a sign of the Fed's incompetence? Or are things moving along just as planned all along as they corner the world's wealth?

If you've read much around this blog you know my belief on the matter: they may be extremely arrogant and robot-eyed but they are not incompetent. They may seem incompetent to the average Main Streeter, but incompetent they are not.

So we're stuck with a Federal REserve Bank that needs some serious auditing, but what do you think are the chances of that, given the institution's stranglehold on the financial world and most of the economists in it?


("Grim' and 'rock' and 'loss' = Saturn, which conjoined US natal Neptune at the end of August 2009 for the 'grim reality' transit, and our job and home losses continue.)

Oct 23, 2008

Mood of the World 10.23.08 + Greenspan speaks

What's the world's mood for the day? At least for the western world which uses mainly the tropical zodiac! Actually, it begins with a Leo Moon and ends with Virgo...

You'll find a few Sun-Moon blend notes concerning today's Sun Scorpio-Moon Leo combination with Moon reaching Virgo at 3:40 pm EDT so I've included notes on the Sun Sco-Moon Virgo blend as well.

Then there's former Fed head and financial 'expert' *Alan Greenspan speaking on Capitol Hill today and saying that heavy demand for risky loans is at the base of the financial crisis but again he takes no responsibility for his own culpability in several years' worth of shell games and banditry while encouraging fraud.

So apparently people who couldn't afford the over-priced homes being offered - and who didn't have a crystal ball to see job loss in their immediate futures - said, please let me take out a squirrelly mortgage so my kids can end up on a street corner, pleeeeease! My fondest dream is to embarrass and humiliate my family as much as possible - now where do I sign?


*Yes, I do so like to call him Alan Greenspin and once again he does not disappoint...he spins tales about money, see?

Born in NYC on March 6, 1926, Greenspan has Moon in the final degrees of big business Scorpio if he was born at or just after midnight. But chances are his Moon is in Sagittarius, sign of the Seeker and the Quest.

With Sun in Pisces, his Images for Integration for each Moon sign possibility are as follows:

Sun Pisc-Moon Sco: Steinbeck's novel, 'The Grapes of Wrath'...Longfellow's poem, 'The Secret of the Sea.'

Sun Pisc-Moon Sag: 'Einstein's Theory of Relativity.'

Hmm-m-m...interesting choice: wrath and secrets - or theories and relativity!


Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas & Suzy Harvey

Feb 2, 2008

Dissing the Fed now popular

If billionaire George Soros can diss Alan Greenspan's handling of the US economy, don't you want to diss the Fed, too? is here to help with 10 reasons to be critical of the Fed.

Or you can ask Ron Paul whom you'll find mentioned in reason #10.

Sep 15, 2007

Greenspan's new book a Bush-basher

Greenspan Faults Bush Over Spending and I fault him over everything but the kitchen sink. And it's been a little on the gurgly side. Maybe Earth's polar axis really is in process of morphing.

So is Greenspin a flip-flopper? Or simply and very humanely responding to criticism of his handling of interest rate resets during his Fed tenure? The writing of this book one presumes has been in the cauldron for some time. Is its release Sep 2007 the usual cleverly-timed publisher's ploy?

Someone will need to change the lyrics for the old standard, Buttons and Bows if the polar axis thing comes to pass...where East is West and West is East will want better rhyming than the tune's original lyrics can provide.

At last inspection, this region's water was still draining in the accustomed direction...

As Greenspan says in his book concerning the GOP:

"They swapped principles for power. They ended up with neither. They deserved to lose."

Wish I could believe we have one party remaining with which to face our tribulations!