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Nov 20, 2008

Congress' closed door meeting 3.13.08

Mysterious and rare closed door session of the US Congress; March 13, 2008; Capitol Building, Washington, DC; chart set for 7:30 pm est, time that a sweep for wires and electronic devices of the members began for the evening meeting.

This is the closed door session which you've heard about when C-Span went dark so that a presentation could be given to Congress ostensibly concerning the surveillance bill, but which has also been leaked to have concerned the US economic meltdown set to occur "by September 2008," prepared, secret safe locations for members of Congress and their families when members' heads are demanded by an uprising of the betrayed populace, martial law in the streets, and other such New World Order issues.

As you see marked in red there is a Mystic Rectangle (practical mysticism ) formed with the planets Mars 3Can19, Saturn 3Vir42 Rx (karmic with the same degrees - esp since Saturn is a karmic planet), Pluto 1Cap03 (conj asteroid, Morya), Mercury 28AQ44 (conj US n Moon, the populace), and Venus 1Pis19.

North Node 27AQ28 is also conj US n Moon which negatively has an estrangement from the community flavor (Ebertin.)

A Case of Presto Change-o?

The Mystic Rectangle pattern overhead hints that some incantations and/or rituals may have been involved in this meeting. My guess is that The Brethren were in attendance, with Illumination all around. There was perhaps a prayer uttered, but what entity were they praying to?

Now you notice that Pluto and Venus, who as a pair may represent bankruptcy, are in karmic degrees as well (both 1 degree - of Cap/Pis) and are sextile one another.

Any sextile becomes a YOD pattern (Finger of God...karmic, fated; special task; crisis) when another planet inconjuncts the sextiled planets, so if we imagine the apex point of a YOD with the Venus/Pluto sextile as its base, we get 1Leo+ - and instantly I think of Barack Obama's natal Mercury. Was this secret meeting also to inform whom the secret hand had chosen to be America's next president? Was President-elect Obama in attendance?

Pluto is conj 9/11's Mars, the meeting's Mars is conj 9/11's North Node (NN = meetings, encounters, associations); 9/11's Moon 28Gem05 is also at a bankruptcy degree; 28 and 29 Taurus are considered so as well, and you'll see this marked outside the 8th house of Shared Resources, Debt, Credit, Insurance, the Occult, etc...because it is the meeting's Cupido degree.

Cupido has many associations, among them: The Family (personal but also crime syndicates, secret societies) and corporations.

Meanwhile, warring activist Mars 3Can19 is conjunct US natal Venu$.

Mars to Venus is a time when alliances, partnerships, joint ventures, and legal matters are on the menu; willingness to cooperate and participate is enhanced, and interactions are enthusiastic.

Occurring during a Saturn Hour (control; authority) we see that America's natal Saturn 14Lib48, and Neptune 22Vir25 are snugged around the Ascendant with its implications of secret (Neptune) government (Saturn) on the rise - and/or up for discussion since this was a meeting.

And Saturn-Neptune = ASC has a feeling of being confined; and a sense of being out of the group. That's what happened that evening to Ohio Democrat Dennis Kucinich (and others, I assume) who refused to take part because he said that you give up your conscience if you participate in these rare secret sessions, as he had done early in his career.

I'd say the majority who did succumb to this gaggle checked more than their Blackberries at the door - they checked any conscience they had left. Without the transparency of open sessions in Congress, democracy is left out in the cold. And this is what our "representatives" did while being threatened with their own safety issues because of our predicted reactions to the economic meltdown.

So far, we've been too meek to do anything, but I agree with those who say, don't give them what they want: armed rebellion. They're ready for that, plus, detention centers ('REX84') are prepared for 'insurgents' and are now sprinkled across America. So we must be crazy like foxes instead!

Moon 18Gem12 (the people) in 9th house is out-of-bounds (as is instigator Mars performing unusual feats) so I suspect the OOBS Moon refers to the secrecy of the meeting which left out the American people from knowledge of what "their Congress" was up to.

'18Gem' is the rare Venus Transit degree of June, 2004 which occurred during the G8 Summit on Sea Island, GA. This is the "Two Chinese Men Speaking Chinese in a Western Crowd" degree, and in Astrology, a Venus Transit is a time when unusual associations are formed between those we would not expect.

There are two interesting midpoint pictures in this chart...

Sun/ASC = Pluto: the power play through personal persuasion (object of the meeting?); fated events (they want us to think that all this NWO stuff is fated.)

Moon/Pluto = Sun 23Pis49: special far-reaching plans; tight team effort in relationship; easily excitable people.

A Pisces Sun may indicate veiled leadership.

Outside the above chart in green you see America's natal planets from her 'Sibly' chart (5:10 pm LMT, July 4, 1776, Philadelphia, PA.)

Asteroid Minerva (keywords: the desire to be accomplished ) is at the conjunction degree of Pluto and Chiron, the plutocracy pair that hooked up on Dec 30, 1999. Corporatism, fascism, totalitarianism, racism...all the isms love Pluto-Chiron and vice versa.

The secret meeting's Minerva may point to The Owl of Minerva, the journal of the Hegel Society. And you see marked the USA's natal ASC from the Sibly chart 12Sag13. Yes, we hear the eagle loudly crowing now.

In a forward-looking mode, the midpoint of Saturn-Neptune @28Sco18 conjoins the US Inaugural Moon of Jan 20, 2009.

This links the meeting's issues with the upcoming Presidential Inauguration and with we-the-people...will March 2008 surreptiously meet January 2009 in the Oval Office?

Perhaps secret manuscripts and scrolls are hidden but waiting to be read by the initiate come January! My research indicates that US presidents are 'sworn in' on the sly (usually before) being publicly sworn in for all to see.

The meeting's 8th cusp is an important point in the chart especially if you believe that this rare session had something to do with September 2008's financial charade of a 'Bailout Bill' so I've marked 1892's 2 North Solar Eclipse, the Eclipse Series of the Robber Barons, whose key phrase is: ending of a union (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

The Sun-Moon midpoint on the evening of March 13, 2008 (6Tau00) is conj this Eclipse degree and the chart's 8th cusp. This area of the zodiac also coincides with Dick Cheney's natal Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, the societal planets.

So considering how things are going in the US (and the world) it's easy to see which union is being dissolved by these Robber Baron descendants, their backers, minions, and enablers. They're saving themselves at America's and our big surprise, si?

Plus, although I neglected to make note of it on the chart, guru and moneybags Jupiter is at the NWO degree of '18Cap' from 1993 (Uranus conj Neptune)...key phrase for the Sabian Symbol: POLITICAL POWER.

You can see transiting Nemesis (the unbeatable foe; karmic retribution) 27Cap46 conj US natal Pluto 27:33 in 4th house, the Foundation of the chart and the secret meeting. Pluto must have taken off his invisible helmet so he could rally the congressional troops onto the NWO train - or they would be left behind with the unwashed masses.

The upshot of all the innuendos, rumors, articles, books, blog posts, and intuitions about this secret meeting which the members in attendance were prohibited from divulging details about (House Rule 17 = 'sworn to secrecy') is that the new economic order is being put in place as I type and the North American Union will be the conduit for their consolidation of power and control.

('NAU' is America blended into Canada and Mexico, in case you haven't been keeping up! Snoop around Patrick Wood's The August Review for details.)

One World One Heart?

To this, Putin propagandistically says, nyet! At the 43rd Munich Conference on Security Policy on Feb 10, 2007, Putin remarked in a speech:

What is a uni-polar world? No matter how we beautify this term, it means one single center of power, one single center of force, and one single master.

Funny Vladi! Guess you've applied for the master's post. But I was unaware that 'the term' had been beautified in the least...from where I sit, it hasn't nor can it be.

Well, there is much more chart info to discuss here but I must do so later on...stay tuned, if you will, as the quindecile between Saturn and Uranus (now opposite, then in a compulsive-obsessive aspect of 165 degrees) continues its 'disruption of governing systems' to the detriment of America's sovereignty and the bankrupting of the populace's peace of mind and purse.


Out The Comet's Ass said...

Hi Jude, this is a very interesting post! Monica at Astrology Mundo mentioned it on her blog. I've been following Opening Bell Charts for the Stock Market and had noted this Mystic Rectangle back on March 11 because the Stock Market blasted through the roof that day, going up 500 points which was unusual at that point. I also remembered the post because someone left a message asking if the same thing would happen on June 18. Here's the link to my post and I was wondering if you see anything abnormal in that date. I can't link to the post here but it's called "Mystic Rectangle Tuesday." Then I also looked at the June 18 Opening Bell Chart. If you have any time would you please consider looking at that date to see any relationship? I know that there was vaguely another Mystic Rectangle and I think Saturn was returning to its pre-Rx spot or something (not sure about that).

Ben Bernanke is a specialist in Stock Market crashes so the fact that they hired him shows that they were probably expecting something big to come down.

Thanks for the post!

B. at

Jude Cowell said...

Thanks, B - will do! ;p

Anonymous said...

I am thinking that perhaps my posts are not getting through. This piece is so good and rhymes with my own intuition that everything these days coming from Washington is just too pat there is a rhythm to all the developments that is simply unnatural and has made me suspect everyone, everything-not that I didn't already.

Jude Cowell said...

Oh Anonymous, we must keep on truckin' and all that!

It's uphill of course, and one result of the manufactured economic crisis is that workers are kept busy worrying about their next house payment and/or next meal and thus must pay less attention to the man behind the you-know-what...which is also part of their one-world-government agenda, as you know.

Lose-lose for us, win-win for least for now.

Thanks for your commenting,


DD said...

I believe Bernanke is in serious trouble. Watch for legal action against him, by the very people telling him what to do, all according to plan. dd

Jude Cowell said...

Yes! you are probably correct, Donna, if justice means anything anymore.

On this blog I had mentioned a report on his and Bush adm $henanigans due to be released After Bush leaves office. The legal action may come from there but the horses may have fled the barn by then.

Or perhaps you have another investigation in mind?


Jude Cowell said... looking at charts for Mar 11, 2008 and June 18, 2008...also US Venus Return, June 20, 2008...

March 11's chart for NYC has 4Gem24 rising with Pan 3:08 (trickster Pan parallel Moon 13Tau29 in 12th house; Moon conj US Inaugural ASCs 14Tau+) with Mars 2Can26 (2nd house) approaching conj with US natal Venus 3Can06.

Of interest imho is that the Sun/Uranus conj along with Pluto 1Cap01 have their midpoints - powerful Sun/Pluto and revolutionary Uranus/Pluto angular- at MC...

Sun/Plu = MC: power games with important consequences; vocational upsets & change to adopt new perspectives; striving for power & control.

Uranus/Pluto = MC: grand awareness of what's going on; opportunity to rise to leadership.

(Ohh yeah, Mr's Paulson and Bernanke...and your political enablers.)

These pictures describe what was in process with the Fed, Wall St, central and world banks, Congress, and the White House. (I blame them all - and their puppetmasters.)

Saturn 3Vir53 Rx was at that degree first on Oct 4, 2007, then on 3.11.08, and Saturn's Return to 3Vir53 on June 23, 2008.

June 23 is, of course, just after the US Venus Return 3Can06 ('Sibly' chart - symbolic but seems to work in most instances) which occurred on June 20, 2008 with Saturn 3Vir40 and Venus Return MC 2Vir14.

The Venus Return chart contains a 'crisis; special task' YOD between Moon 23Cap52 (conj transiting Pluto/NN and Pluto/Chiron) sextile Uranus 22Vir38 (Uranus opposing US natal Neptune) and they point to an apex Mars 23Leo38 in Return 9th house.

As you know, Moon-Uranus-Mars is highly excitable, even fanatic...

Moon-Ura = Mars: self-aggrandizement; lack of self-control; excessive ambition; craving for sensation; acting rashly or violently; injury.

Both Plu/NN and Plu/Chiron are powerful plutocrats...NN adds a 'meetings; encounters' flavor with 'powerful associations.' Corporate social tinkerings in my book.

Pluto/NN = Moon: reaching for the big picture; ambition is magnified, or there is too much fear for any action.

Sun 29Gem54 is near US Venus 3Can06 in 8th house opposing Pluto 29Sag50 Rx in 2nd h...'29' crisis degrees bringing fated or karmic conditions.

(When I say 'fated' or 'karmic' I refer to the natural law of reaping what was sown, not 'past lives.')


With the June 18 2008 chart I "backed it up" to 6:12 am edt (NYC) to put the Moon in the Mystic REctangle at 24Sag12 sextile Neptune 24AQ07 Rx...this gives 3Can08 rising - conj US natal Venus which may then take a closer role in the Mystic Rect...

...because Venus was at 00Can04 - important because it's a World Point...and the PE degree prior to 9/11/01 when tr NN was conj US Venus.

(Yes, I do see the current economic crisis as being related to, or issuing from, the attacks of 9/11. Pluto is now - and on Mar 11was conj - 9/11's Mars 1Cap27.)

So the Mystic Rect = Moon, Neptune, Saturn, and Venus, whether we use US n Venus OR June 18's 6:12 am's ASC 3Can08 takes a part in the pattern as well.

The Mystic Rect of Mar 11, 2008 is slightly off-kilter due to Venus being out-of-sign at 28AQ20 - conj tr NN 27AQ rather than 1 to 3 Pis..but 3 Pis is one degree from US Sec Prog'd Sun.

Of course, 27/28AQ is conj US natal Moon (Sibly); and rich man Jupiter was at 17Cap22 in 8th h...conj 9th cusp 18Cap26...'18Cap' - the NWO degree from 1993...POLITICAL POWER.

Well, it's all quite a pile-up, isn't it? Much has happened in 2008 and the planets reflect, as you know.

So I do think the US Venus Return of 6.20.08 is an important chart relating to the economic crisis, with Saturn at MC 2Vir14, the YOD mentioned above, and Mars/NN = Mars/Neptune = ASC 21Sco21 - - which is the degree of the Sun in the Full Moon chart of Nov 13, 2008...what I don't have time to see are myriad transits to these and other charts, and all the degrees we're discussing here as they relate to NYSE's natal chart, the Fed's, the White House's, FDIC, SEC, etc.

But Mars/Neptune = ASC does tend toward instability. (Mars/Neptune can = inspired OR deceptive actions - ya think?) :-(

And I know that the 2nd/8th cusps in the Venus Return chart = 21:30 Gem/Sag...the degrees of Dec 12, 2008's Full Moon.

Let's watch what occurs around this 'last of 2008' Full Moon in Gemini with its Grand Cross between Sat/Ura and the culminating Full Moon...and Pluto 1Cap33 conj Mercury 00Cap25 in 10th house (11:37:07 am est in DC)...perhaps a big announcement from orating Mercury, planet of Commerce and Trade??

Will hush now having no idea if your question is answered here - hope so!

jc ;p

Jude Cowell said...

Correction: in my last comment, the paragraph beginning:

"The Venus Return chart contains a 'crisis; special task' YOD"...Uranus is in Pisces, of course, not Virgo.

As you know, 22Vir25 is America's natal Neptune which has Obama's natal Mars conjunct ('rock star'; illusions about his actions; inspired actions, energy undermined, etc)

And so we may say:

BHO's Mars/US Neptune = tr Uranus: a crisis; illness or accident; a weakness emerging suddenly.

As usual with midpoint pictures it's all-some-none and they may remain 'none' unless triggered by transits (which actually is what Uranus is doing), progressions or directions.