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Nov 20, 2008

Thomas Frank on unionizing and the Obama presidency

It's time to give voters the liberalism they want, says Thomas Frank.

We voted for it. Didn't we? Will it matter?

Since I've been trying to find more details about the issue of union organizing, its pros and cons, Franks' article fills the bill on that score, but it also contains his views on Barack Obama's victory, governing from the center, and what the governed want from government.

Now I know what you're thinking: McCain didn't try, he was only a fake candidate - the same role that Al Gore and John Kerry played.

Gore meekly accepted the SCOTUS decision after wimpily protesting the recount/chad situation in 2000.

Then John Kerry pulled a lofty "I'm above their attacks" air for Swift Boaters using the Michael Dukakis model and let Rove stomp all over his military record, one of the few things Kerry had going for him.

2008 comes along, and McCain picks Sara Palin as VP stunning mate and she played the role of Flash In The Pan Mama while getting herself some national name recognition for later use. Oh - and she'll soon have a book she wants you to buy.

Why, it's almost as if gnats like me are correct when we say the American people don't elect the president, he's selected from a private stash by a secret cabal from the shadows.

And it's almost as if America's two most elevated natal planets on each side of our national *Midheaven describes a secret government for all the world to of the signatures of Saturn-Neptune IS secret (Neptune) government (Saturn.)

Perhaps the great majority of us are the only ones who can't see it even as it hides in plain sight, m'peops.

But we now know from blowback that others in the **wider world feel its wrath and have had enough.

And we now know that all the power elitists do, they cover themselves by acting in our name: America.


* Using 'Sibly' version or the Dane Rudhyar chart for July 4, 1776.
** 'wider world' = the Midheaven, the most visible point in any chart, the noon point.

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