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Aug 2, 2011

Keith Olbermann: "The Four Great Hypocrisies of the Debt Deal" (video link)

It's times like these that I wish Current TV would allow embedding of their videos but if there's a way to embed them, I haven't discovered it yet.

Instead, here's a link to Keith Olbermann's Four Hypocrisies of the Debt Deal commentary. The page includes, I believe, a link to the transcript, if you prefer.

Plus, here's a standing question for you from an author whose novels exposed the horrid social conditions of his day, and who expressed himself much better on such topics than this gnat of a blogger ever could:

"Is it altogether a Utopian dream, that once in history a ruling class might be willing to make the great surrender, and permit social change to come about without hatred, turmoil, and waste of human life?" - Upton Sinclair

Yes. It is. Altogether. The power elite have proved it repeatedly and with verve.

But Mr. Sinclair's is not the version of a "Utopian dream" America is currently bedeviled by. We're yoked underneath the shadow side of a dream which, as everyone knows, is nothing but a nightmare that lurks behind those grinning political masks of Washington DC.

(Oh, and let's tell the president that the big banks who were 'bailed out' with taxpayer funds in 2008 are expected--by we-the-people, if not by him--to pay it all back with interest. We could definitely use the dough. No one ever seems to remind Mr. Obama that as US president, he is supposed to be our advocate, not theirs!)

Ah yes, I remember the glory days of 2008 when I kept harping here on SO'W about the transit of constricting Saturn to US natal Neptune in Virgo...Neptune, planet of dreams and aspirations, in Virgo, sign of Work, Health, and Discrimination. "Dreams made real"? Unfortunately not--unless you're one of the ruling elite class now robbing us blind once again while forcefully establishing your long-held 'dream' or 'vision' of a totalitarian New World Order.

Here's a brief quote from one of those posts concerning the historical record of this 'grim reality' transit:

Saturn's last tango with US natal Neptune was a three-fer transit:

Oct 23, 1979; March 29, 1980; and July 13, 1980. Events from this time period, or situations in which things were happening then may come back to haunt, or need further attention in some way.

"In some way"? Well, that time period implicates the 1980 Reagan presidential campaign (and October Surprise against all decency) as do many other negative factors we now experience in finances and foreign affairs, and I guess we can say that the current 'debt deal' and 'default' tableaux of our self-dramatizing, fear-mongering Washington politicians fits in with the Reaganomics Trickle Down/Voo Doo model of economics quite well being, as I continue to believe, of a piece.

View the Reagan Inauguration 1981 horoscope w details here.

Planetary Returns Illustrate History Repeating

One more thing for those who speak astrologese: if you scroll down the sidebar a bit to 'Politics Then and Now' you'll find a new addition of the Herbert Hoover Inauguration horoscope of March 4, 1929. In the chart you'll see that Jupiter is in Taurus--near where Mr. Moneybags is now--and rebellious Uranus is in early Aries (as now), signifying the radical Utopians forcing corporate-backed demands which will crash the US government while holding hostage US workers, veterans, the elderly, ill, disabled, poor, and disadvantaged children...the ones they think can't fight back.

Of course, many people are putting the "holding hostage" label upon current Debt Deal proceedings but that implies paying ransom for people you want back. Yet as we know, they don't want us back, they want us gone.

So here are the dates of both planets' returns to their Hoover 1929 degrees and you can see by the first one that the time period has already begun and points directly at the Debt Deal from Hades which Mr. Obama signed--privately--into law today.

Jupiter Return/s (7Tau38) of the Hoover Presidency:

1. July 19, 2011
2. October 11, 2011 Rx
3. March 3, 2012

Uranus Return/s (6Ari01) of the Hoover Presidency:

1. April 20, 2012 (just after Tax Day)
2. October 12, 2012 Rx (an 'October Surprise' on tap?)
3. February 9, 2013 (just after the 2013 inauguration of whomever the Bilderberg Group okays to play US president.)

If Astrology serves, it looks to me as if the rest of Mr. Obama's presidency will be unfavorably compared to the irksome, financially disastrous presidency of Herbert Hoover more often, not less, than it's been before. And what did Mr. Hoover do? He didn't do!

But he did contract and restrict (Saturn) spending when he should have invested (Jupiter) in America the Beautiful on behalf of the American people to whom our nation belongs.


You may also be interested in a few notes on the most recent transit of Saturnian austerity to US natal Neptune which occurred in August 2009, only eight months into Mr. Obama's presidency.


Thanks for the video heads-up, Kieron!

Jan 24, 2011

Chomsky: Peak Oil, Climate Change, Tea Partisans (video)

For rational, realistic perspectives on Global Warming (aka, Climate Change) and Peak Oil, try this 20 minute 4 second video first broadcast on January 3, 2011 by The Nation magazine. For me, it's a birthday present I'm just now receiving! A Solar Eclipse for a birthday gift was nice, too. So far.

Anyway, Noam Chomsky, Greg Palast, and others offer reasoned views on the important matters at hand - which are closer than they appear in the rear view mirror. You know - the problems the public sector continually diverts the private public's attention from and toward a brighter if frothy spotlight. Closer investigation can mean accountability for perpetrators being levied and of course they do not want that.

When slick legal eagles inserted into settlements the paying out while "not admitting guilt" clause into our legal process of crime and punishment, they let the crooks off the hooks while a big, fat, PR campaign was mounted and designed to ensure that criminals survive to make money another day. Racketeering. Gangsterism...nothing is too low to go if it nets fortunes.

Real World Busy Around My Mars Return (now)

Yet obviously, my traditional rule must still apply: wherever Washington politicians say to, Look! always look in an opposite direction to see what they're really concentrating their devious energies upon. And reveal it if you know it.

Free Bradley Manning

Astrology describes, "The desire to harm or damage others without their being aware of it" which is a base instinct running rampant across the globe, expressing loudly in all populations. It's a spirit, the devouring spirit, like a wolf lying in wait for the unwary. And the wolf's allegiance is his own. No compassion for humankind there...


Blogging transmission nearing end...if you haven't, please watch the video presentation above. When Saturn conjoined US natal Neptune recently, it gave we-the-people the authority to ask those in control the proper, to-the-point questions, and not just the diverting ones meant to lead public opinion astray to tastier matters. In Business and Politics, question "reframing" is a biggie these days as they attempt to keep certain topics out of their public appearances and thus out of public consciousness - from photo op and presser to official interview.

Propaganda notwithstanding, it behooves us all to consider Peak Oil and Climate Change issues now for Gaia is fading fast. Gardens For Our Children? Protect Mode required to maintain civilization though some changes will be unavoidable. Adaptability is invaluable.

Here's the Raw Story from whence I originally found the above video though you may have seen it elsewhere.

Politics Ugly

Professor Chomsky mentions some interesting things about the Republican Party and the Tea Partisans who won Congress in Nov 2010, a maverick bunch of out-of-towners who'll find DC morphing them into hideous shapes well before institutionalized capitalism + statism = fascism is polished into our Founders' Ideal (Uranus in Gemini) by little erstwhile them.

Yes, Astrology and Alchemy work simultaneously in both directions but my money is on the heavy-as*ed party leadership in DC, that which bows to the global elite's over-arching agenda.

Those vipers we nurture too well.

Inspires me to take another look at America's Scorpio rising chart which is good for high finance concerns, spying agencies, other underworld considerations, and the handed-down-through-the-generations Scorpio the Eagle (Altair) visions enjoyed and acted upon by the high fliers of Washington DC. Quite the actor, President Barack Obama's natal Neptune 8Sco+ conjoins the US Scorpio Ascendant.

In spite of the universal karmic principle of reaping what was sown and all common sense, should America let the eagle and the drone soar some more?

Oct 2, 2010

Venus Rx, Venus Transits, and Rep. Alan Grayson (video)

Because I was unaware of the Dylan Ratigan Show, this April 2010 interview with Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) escaped my notice until today so I'm posting it here for my quick re-viewing of this info-packed 10:58-minute presentation. You might find it worth a peek, too, for its topics, and for Mr. Ratigan's style of information delivery which suits me well: his points are clearly presented and he doesn't yell at me.

My ears and sensibilities appreciate that.

You know that Rep. Grayson co-sponsored the Audit the Fed legislation (to nowhere) with Rep. Ron Paul (R?-Libertarianville) and the interview recorded with him here invites a listen or re-listen as planet Venus prepares to turn retrograde on Oct 8th (until Nov 18's Direct Station) which heralds a time of global emphasis on diplomacy and foreign policy - already begun; this is also a period when political situations are "particularly unstable and leaders are insecure and fallible." (Retrograde Planets, Erin Sullivan.)

Topplings could occur in the next few months but I don't care to speculate on the rest.

Yes, Venus' cycle of 40 days of retrogradation (Rx) is a key point in the evolution of the planet and its global population. We may expect a few conditions during Venus' current Rx/Shadow/Direct process (she passes shadow degree in December 2010 just prior the December 21, 2010 Lunar Eclipse 29Gem21, a critical 29th degree which may have stock market implications) with issues from 8 years ago (2002) resurfacing or recurring for our revision, review, or renegotiation; the influence on world affairs of our relational/evaluational planet, Venus, has been observed through the centuries and faithfully recorded.

Concerning Venus, Erin Sullivan further states in her book (cited above), "The station retrograde begins a time of global review; the entire Earth experiences the retrograde phenomenon. We can see how it manifests in the collective by watching the news in regard to diplomatic and international relations. The reconsideration of what is diplomatic, and what is necessary to maintain a balanced world view and sense of integrity, is precisely what happens to an individual when Venus transits a sector of the natal chart."

And my populist, common good soul must add: bombing a country is not diplomacy. I'm lookin' at you, Pentagon. There are some actors on the world stage who don't care to entertain a 'balanced world view' as they have made abundantly clear. If 'world leaders' truly wanted world peace, they could have it for what population would disagree?

Yes, Lady Venus and her adherents can be vicious and vengeful when scorned, as we know from personal relationships; the planet's 8-year Rx cycle makes a five-pointed star pattern around the circle of the zodiac, which the shape of the Pentagon building mimics. The rose is the flower dearest to Venus, and the World Egg relates to Venus as well: the White House Rose Garden and the egg-shaped Oval Office come immediately to mind. And of course, planet Venus is implicated in the paradigm shift said to be peaking in 2012 (or in 2011 depending on what you read. A Global Consciousness Awakening certainly seems the least to be expected, though physical earth changes and an increase of natural disasters cannot be ruled out.)

Even the rare occurrence of a Venus Transit (Venus traveling across the face of the Sun and viewable from Earth) has indications according to Astrology: secretive hook-ups (associations) between unlikely allies begin; unusual arrangements are made. The last Venus Transit manifested during the G-20 Summit of June 2004 on Sea Island, Georgia, just down the trail from where I sit typing. So Venus and the Sun arose together that weekend...a Biggie. Their degree's Sabian Symbol?

Sun/Venus 17Gem53 = '18 Gemini' = "Two Chinese Men Speaking Chinese in a Western Crowd."

Marc Edmund Jones gives this word picture as having these potentials:

'positive expression: the effective mobilization of self and others for life's more specialized objectives;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: a thorough dissipation of self hood through alien relationships'.

Yes, establishing a one-world-government (after collapsing old global systems) would have to be considered a 'specialized objective'. Remember the photo of G-20's world leaders frolicking on a Sea Island beach in a happy row with the top buttons of their shirts open for the camera? Manly hair tumbled! Priceless cheesecake! But of a barfsome variety.

(As you know, 2004 was during Bush's big 'coalition' touting days; mid-August 2004 saw the strong parallel between the oppressive plutocrat duo, Pluto and Chiron, which bookended their Great Conjunction of Dec 30, 1999 @ '12Sag' = "A Flag Turned into an Eagle That Crows" which describes, among other things, "unsubstantiated claims". We've had plenty of those from our imperialist War Government, have we not?)

Yet since Venus during her 2004 Transit over the Sun is Rx and thus heading back toward the last degree she crossed or stimulated, there's '17Gem' = "The Head of a Youth Dissolved into That of a Mature Thinker" -

'pos: the effective orientation of self hood in an over-all vision' (yeah, that's what I fear, their vision of global government which stinks almost as badly as it su*ks - jc);

'neg/unconscious/shadow side: a defeat of accomplishment by a senseless clinging to the illusions of youth'.

Interesting that Mercury 5Gem30, planet of The Eternal Youth, is in 1st house and rising in the Venus Transit chart of June 8, 2004. Here's an image of the Venus Transit 2004 horoscope with, as usual, my scribblings; there is much to say but no more blogging time to do it in, so I post the chart for your exclusive consideration; please click to enlarge; your opinions and comments upon the Astrology and/or Politics of it are most welcome:

Our Only Hope: Illusions Be Gone!

Banishing monsters is only successful if they've been honestly and properly identified and faced. For this purpose, the US had the transit of realistic Saturn to US natal Neptune (hopes; dreams; ideals) in August-September 2009, but unfortunately for our nation's future, the propagandists have done such an excellent job of addling the brains and minds of the American people through the decades that clinging to illusions concerning the true motives of the US government now lurk so deeply in the shadows of our collective unconscious that most Americans, kept busy working on or worrying about the material plane of existence whilst feeding their senses ad nauseum, have lost the ability to ask questions and demandingly follow through until answers are supplied by the ruling class and their operatives, the criminal perpetrators who disenfranchise us and the rest of the world, 24/7.

So you know the old saw about how Americans won't mess with the banking and corporate classes overmuch because each one of us in our heart of hearts harbors the American Dream that one day, in some far distant future, we too may join the Top 3% of income earners in this country?

Well, it should have been finally laid to rest during the engineered Financial Collapse of 2008 and beyond. And all this makes me wonder if any civilized American (for I believe there are a few around, they're just not working on Capitol Hill unless they're 'plants' or foils to play against for the cameras) - would honestly be able to perpetrate whatever is necessary to join with the wealthy power elite's 'win at any cost' game with its 'survival of the fittest' mentality (thanks, Darwin) and thereby run over and squash their neighbors and loved ones in order to act like the top dogs they secretly 'admire' and dream of emulating with secret Swiss bank accounts of their own.

But that's silly! Because to become one of them, we'd first have to admire the culprits, criminals, and assassins who make up the global crime syndicate now throttling the world's resources! Right?


The next Venus Transit in 2012 falls @ 15Gem45; '16Gem' = "A Woman Agitator Makes an Impassioned Plea" you think 2012 will be the year of a lady president? You may wish to see the chart for yourself: June 5, 2012 9:03 pm edt Washington, DC; ASC 23Sag48; Mc 14Lib44 conjoining US natal Saturn 14:48; ASC = Neptune/Mc: defenses against insecurity; living in one's own foggy realm. (Tyl.)

After all these Venusian considerations, my question is: optimistically assuming that America will still be considered a sovereign nation by 2012 and that there is indeed a female presidential candidate, which mysterious entity will Lady Venus (female candidate or incumbent Oval Office denizen) hook up with in order to prove herself/himself worthy of the presidency of the United States?

Aug 5, 2010

3 years in, econo-crash continues (video)

Fed up with the fairy tale that our economy is in recovery - that this a a Summer of Recovery? Yes, I wish the tale were true, too, but Gerald Celente disagrees. August 2010 is the 3rd anniversary of the US financial collapse and 3 years in, we're still being fed pablum, bromides, slogans, and lies while many Americans eat gruel for their one meal a day. American children go to bed hungry while endless war continues to be funded.

There are forces in the world that decided on America's demise and as long as plutocrats rule we'll stay on a downward course with little if any correction. We'll continue to hear finagled stats and numbers that promote political aims but which give only lip service to easing the suffering across this land.

Billionaires are banding together to donate half their fortunes with much of the funds going to benefit other nations even though doing business in America is what made it possible for many of them to profit so abundantly. Everyone is supposed to say, Ahhh, how sweet of 'em, while their tax situations benefit handsomely from their calculated largess.

Gerald Celente says our schools and government look backward, not forward. Remember how much was made about Ben Bernanke's input because he's a Great Depression expert? At the time, I thought that could also work against us - he knows the financial crash drill, the ins and outs of how to collapse the US economy. He of the Fed also knows that he who prints the money rules the government.

Okay, I'll hush now. But please watch the 6-min-31-sec video even though it isn't fairy-tale-like. In it, Mr. Celente provides another dose of reality which the transit of Saturn to US natal Neptune (grim reality or making dreams real - guess which one for the American people) in August-September 2009 should have made clear before now like a huge splash of cold water (politicians' lies notwithstanding.)

Actually, perhaps it did and is probably one of the many reasons Americans have little confidence in the US government right now: with the so-called American Dream squashed and shown to be a Big Lie, we've seen the government's true oligarchic, plutocratic face that cares only for the rich, and its face is much uglier than we first imagined.

Hermesia looks backward and forward simultaneously which is the best way to figure out the present.

Plus, be sure to check out Lynn Hayes' excellent article from 2009 concerning Financial Collapse 2008 and the futurist predictions of Gerald Celente: Revolution or Renaissance?

Feb 12, 2010

The Olympic Games, 9/11, and the Illuminati Flame

Everyone knows without researching that 'eternal flames' burn on JFK's and Princess Diana's graves, and on others. Their obvious connection to the Olympic torch may not be as well known to many but they should be if we ever hope to see things as they really are.

So when transiting Saturn conjoined America's natal Neptune 22Vir25 (and President Obama's natal Mars simultaneously) in late August 2009, the 'grim face of reality' transit (Saturn = realism and a drench of cold water, Neptune = illusion, deceptions, and dreams) made this an imperative for the American people to deal with, and for some it seems to have aided in tossing off the rose-colored glasses that most folk tend to wear so happily.

Yet others still can't or won't 'see' what the Illuminati has been illuminating for centuries...their control and manipulation from behind the curtain of illusion as they take action when a sudden change of direction is thought to be necessary for furthering their agenda of domination.

A political assassination tends to have that effect and I doubt anyone can deny it.

Tonight with the Vancouver Olympic Games underway (and right off the bat - the death of a luger - perhaps a tragic accident), the Olympic Eternal Flame
(so often protested by the people including in Vancouver) burns brightly several miles north of here and I want to shine a light on these 'movers and shakers' who deserve to be more than outed, they deserve to be prosecuted. Difficult, yes, since all institutions are now infiltrated by them including justice systems of every nation.

In Dallas, after JFK's assassination in Masonic Dealey Plaza, the Scottish Rite of Freemasons erected an obelisk (another favorite, an Egyptian-esque symbol similar to that in Mecca, now that I think about it) and placed a brazen 'eternal flame' at the site which marked their mayhem and his sacrifice.

And I'm reading that an 'eternal flame' was lighted soon after the attacks of 9/11 at Ground Zero which, if true, shouts out the perpetrators or their backers, at least. Now I haven't been to NYC since pre-9/11, so if you've seen the flame or some rep (such as a statue) of it there, please advise. Think of Rockefeller Center with its golden statue of Prometheus with a torch, the torch of illumination, knowledge, and the Sun.

As you know, mythical Uranian Prometheus stole fire (Mars) from the gods for mankind's use and was punitively chained to a rock (Saturn, ruler of Capricorn) with a great eagle (Scorpionic symbol) arriving each day to eat his liver (Sag = the liver) which regenerated (Pluto) itself each day.

Perhaps obvious 'fire' references to the US' atomic bombing (Pluto) of Japan might be inserted here. And I tend to think of Illuminati in Mundane Astrology work when I consider the Sabian Symbol (Babylonian symbols intuited by a psychic named Elsie Wheeler in 1925 after 10 years' worth of study of Charubel's work from 1898; his interpretations were primarily for Ascendants' degrees) for '13 Capricorn' = "A Fire Worshiper" as relating to the subject of Illuminati and their arrogant interference in the natural course of events and the 'eternal flame' which ordinary folk unknowingly 'worship' at these gravesites - and in the Statue of Liberty's hand, among other places.

And of course, if we use the degree of a symbol without rounding up, we get an Illumination Point (the opposite degree which holds unconscious information) that illuminates America's natal Sun degree of '13 Cancer'. (When rounded up the US Sun = '14Cancer' of course.)

There's less than one degree difference there. Columba and her dive-bombing doves would be proud of modern-day fire worshipers who balk at absolutely nothing to achieve their ends! (See site link below for more details on Columba.)

Well, if you can take more of the subject I ask you to check out a site with a plethora of info on this and related subjects such as Atlantis, other secret societies, and conspiracies.

Guess I should close with the rest of the '13Cap' info from Marc Edmund Jones, no slouch in the Babylonian department himself...

Keyword: is ideality brought to the point of miracle...

positive expression: extraordinary skill in enlisting every resource of the world for the exaltation of self and the consummation of its ambitions;

negative/unconscious/shadow side: consistent overestimation of personal capacity.

Note the emphasis on the 'exaltation of the self' and 'its ambitions'...and on 'every resource of the world' which they apparently are hoarding in a dark cave somewhere after the financial collapse of 2008/09/10+ - which makes this sort of info of intimate concern to everyone on the planet, now and in future.

Here's a related post with links to follow and interesting videos to watch about the global agenda uncovered.

And perhaps I can add one more apt symbol for '11 Pisces' where transiting Jupiter is headed in early March 20-10...

"Men Seeking Illumination"...Keyword: DEDICATION...the immortality of man as dramatized in some form of apostalic succession, or a living tradition of spiritual achievement. The divine spirit is fundamentally a matrix of itself...", he goes on, and one may wish to consider the 'apostalic' succession of Illuminati bloodlines that undergird the exaltations of their will to dominate us now. The DaVinci Code was based on the ridiculous idea (propaganda) that Christ had children with Mary Magdalene - an absurdity that would completely undermine His ministry and sacrifice if you allowed the fantasies of these 'illuminated' Luciferians to take hold of your imagination.

To continue with '11 Pisces'...

pos: high accomplishment in an effective alignment with ultimate reality;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: obvious hypocrisy.

And a massive web of lies and deceit...a matrix of tentacles, I would add.

Dec 31, 2009

As 2010 nears: a global agenda uncovered - videos

On notice from Stars Over Washington: gloves are off for 2010

Dec 31, 2009 is upon us and here I sit @ keyboard composing as the sentence stretches along. With what delights might SO'W end the year, and with what scrumptious fare may SO'W readers enter 2010 through the portal of this blog, one of so many now poised on this, the second decade, of the New Millennium?

That both the mainstream and other media are owned and operated by the Bilderbergers and their masters, the reputed Council of 7?

That my own home state of Georgia, Thirteenth Colony, is host to the Georgia Guidestones, aka the American Stonehenge? Mystery man R. C. Christian 'showed up' one day in Elberton, Ga to contract a local granite company to build to his minute specifications a stone memorial with messages for the future of mankind?

Just down Highway 77 from Elberton, Ga (Hwy 77 is a main route to the Guidestones from where I sit typing) there's a wide place in the road, a community called, Vesta, which brings us a vision of eternal flame and its tenders - which suggests to my suspicious mind...

which is said to have as member one Barack Obama.

Click this post's title to view the monster's May 1, 1776 natal chart founded under the direction of satanist Adam Weishaupt who (it is my belief) is partially represented in the US natal chart by our nation's Mercury Rx at '25 Cancer': "A Man Wrapped in an Invisible Mantle of Power." These things relate to the symbolisms of the Great Seal of the United States such as the all-surveilling Eye of Horus on the back of your last dollar bill.

And of course, everyone knows who thinks of such things that Freemasonry formed or was promoted/infiltrated originally as stone mason guilds in ancient days with Sacred Geometry of the East the study of a select few early members near the top of their hierarchy, a stealthy pyramid of power where underlings know little but may be called upon one day to fulfill a special mission. The granite company manager and the local banker of Elberton who assisted Mr. Christian in the construction of the Guidestones are good examples of such a 'calling'.

Yes, there are things engraved on Elberton's standing stones by Mr. Christian's instructions which might curl your 2010 hair for they are literally 'carved in stone' as the videos below reveal and the Guidestones are mentioned more than once in this Tru TV presentation hosted by Jesse Ventura. (Don't decide not to watch one or any of them because of him! David Icke, Alex Jones, a certain knowledgeable doctor, and others are interviewed and it's worthwhile time spent with 2010 at the very door; takes about 42 mins to finish the 6 videos.)

And if you think these subjects are merely jolly entertainments I beg you to ask yourself a question: can government be trusted to control supplies of food, water, medicines, and other essentials when the messages on the Georgia Guidestones, written by a mystery group in 8 languages, establish 'under 500,000,000' as the optimum population for the planet - going forward - so that the power elite with their particular bloodlines can keep the planet's population under thumb at a "manageable level" and protect the Earth's "unrenewable resources" which they'd like for themselves and their progeny?

Don't Funk with Your 2010, It's Just Getting Started, you say?

Well then, if you prefer more lighthearted fare such as a little Art, go here, here, here, or even there if you wish diversions from the subject matter at hand. Otherwise, please read on...

Wonder how implementation of the Codex Alimentarius has gone for tonight, Dec 31, 2009, at midnight? A draconian bell will toll then, if so.

A horoscope when set for Washington DC at 11:59:59 pm est, Dec 31, 2009, shows an Hour of an out-of-bounds Venus 8Cap07 conjunct Ic, with Venus as chart-ruler, ASC 7Lib01, and Saturn rising @ 4Lib31 (Venus and Saturn in mutual reception - in aid of one another), and asteroid of Health, Hygeia 24Leo04 Rx, still opposing deceptive infecting agent Neptune, planet of The Masses, and Wounded Healer, Chiron in Aquarius, and all are ganged up on the little US natal Moon of 1776. Venus' position is conjunct Fixed Star, Facies: ruthlessness or the victim; rising is star Vindemiatrix, the widow-maker. Too descriptive for comfort?

Note: I have tagged this post with '2008 Bilderberg meeting Chantilly VA' because then-candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are known to have attended the annual meeting during the 2008 presidential campaign (Obama spirited away from his campaign plane leaving reporters supposedly wondering what was going on and leaving Robert Gibbs to make excuses for the secrecy - thus, Gibbs is in on it) when Obama was selected to serve as Commander-in-Chief for this go-round of propaganda and manipulation. Let's face 2010 by calling a criminal global syndicate of puppet masters what it is: evil.)

6 Disturbing Videos for New Year's Eve:

This program in video form concerns conspiracies, Bilderbergers, the CFR, the Council of 7, the UN's role, the media, the NWO, the WHO, pandemics and forced vaccines infused with
squalene which attacks our immune *systems, foods poisoned with chemicals like aspartame, and much more. (July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse: 'systems fail' may include bodily systems along with FDA, railways, roadways, communications, Medicare+, hospitals, banking, security at White House gatherings, etc.)

Here's an article on the dangers of aspartame which include weight gain, diabetes, rashes, depression, insomnia, hearing loss, headaches, Parkinson's, and heart palpitations. So put down that packet of NutraSweet or other fake sugar and back away fast. Aspartame was discovered 'accidentally' in 1974 and the disruptive chemical probably lurks somewhere within your diet is interfering with your immune system if you've haplessly partaken.

Saturn/Neptune considerations - the Sat/Nep combo is related to Health as well through chronic illnesess, weakening of bones, calcifications, etc:

As you know, within the US collective now is the ongoing real vs unreal dynamic which has been catalyzed by transiting Saturn to America's natal Neptune along with the constant aspectual dance which the two planets perform amongst themselves. These Saturn (control)/Neptune (the masses; media) vibes of 'secret government' have pushed 'lies vs truth' and 'realism vs fantasy' into an even more momentous concern now that the NWO agenda is poised for ultimate implementation. Incremental changes, that's their centuries' long way of insinuation.

Is the NWO agenda the 'change' we can believe in? I say, No.

For we mustn't depair except as the majority continue quivering with heads-in-sand attitudes and a deeply stubborn refusal to make use of the fact that the people's great numbers always cause the manipulating culprits to step back each time we roar at the top of our voices!

Therefore, I ask you to pass these videos around as much as you may on behalf of all humankind...against the arrogant, heartless, self-interested monsters who bedevil and oppress the whole world. And if you, lone reader, are a minion of the power elite or a cog in their wheel, I plead with you now to step out and speak up - after you conceal your family in as safe a location as you can find...these people ain't playin':

Part 1 of 6:

Part 2 of 6:

Part 3 of 6:

Part 4 of 6:

Part 5 of 6:

Part 6 of 6:

America, my only nag in the race: let's forget imposed, false divisions such as "Republicans vs Democrats," "red vs blue," "lib vs con" and demand that our learless feaders name out loud their true affiliations, however secret and unnameable - starting with their Bilderberg connections and allegiances.

Now that's the sort of information that could lend a good start to 2010, the second decade of the New Millennium, and would hopefully aid the taking back of America on behalf of we-the-people for the sake of the entire world.

Ours and our children's very futures depend wholly upon it.

Update Feb 13, 2015: how curious that these videos "no longer exist".

Apr 18, 2009

Naomi Klein's new Obama lexicon: are you hopesick?

Here's Barack Obama in 2008 campaign mode.

But the 'campaign high' couldn't last and Pres. Obama has yet to pass the fabled '100 days' of his term in office which is only part of the marvel that he's already disappointed many people on multiple issues.

Of course there are several astrological factors involved in the situation for Astrology, like the life on Earth it describes, is complex and multi-layered. And I am about to mention a couple of them unless you stop reading here.

The Inauguration 2009 chart shows a very stressed out Moon (the people; the public) at a critical/crisis point of 29 degrees. (29 degr of any sign is a critical degree as the body there impatiently strains toward the next sign, and one is 'at the end of his/her rope' relating to the sign placement, which in this case is Scorpio.)

The next sign after the Inaugural Moon's 2009 position in Scorpio, sign of big business and creditors, is the happy-go-lucky Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius! Jolly, expansive Jupiter likes to dream big - and that we were anxious to do.

Yes, we-the-people were in trouble and feelin' the pain of others' past political mistakes, financial frauds, and other corruptions by Jan 20, 2009...and a new face was talking the heady language of help-on-the-way. (See photo above.)

And we could say that the people's impatience, tamped down though Mr. Obama tried to make it, is part of the problem now as supporters morph into early flip-floppers and become some of the president's bitterest critics because magic has not been created with a quick wave of a conjurer's wand. Yes, when you lose your job and your family's livelihood, it's extremely easy to succumb to bitterness.

Meanwhile the planet of magic, Neptune, 22Vir25 in America's natal chart (9th house in the oft-used Sibly chart), continues to undergo the cold water of realism with grim-faced Saturn coming to call, a Saturn-to-natal-Neptune transit not exact until late August (2009.)

Right away, most astrologers know that more hopesickness, as Ms. Klein aptly terms it, is waiting to pounce upon wary and unwary Obama supporters and opponents alike.

And with US Neptune conjunct Mr. Obama's natal Mars (to the degree: 22Vir+), we know that the Saturn-to-natal-Mars transit for him is providing a lot of hard work (Mars-Saturn) on his list of actions to take (Mars) which are inhibited by realistic considerations (Saturn.) We also know that we-the-people's ideals, dreams, and hopes (Neptune, in Virgo, sign of work, jobs, and health) have been out of proportion to what one man can reasonably (Saturn) accomplish (Mars.)

Yes, wherever Neptune is positioned in a chart there may be inspiration but also self-delusions, illusions, and deception. That's why Saturn's visit there can seem a cold bucket of grim reality's water. And no matter who had moved into the Oval Office in Jan 2009, America would be experiencing this transit and this quality of reaction.

Yet it seems harder with Pres. Obama because our hopes are set so very high for populist solutions, both practical and inspired.

'Don't get your hopes up too high' is good advice, and 'the bigger they are, they harder they fall' is a good descriptor of what's going on post-inauguration with Obama hopesickness but click above and let Naomi Klein explain her new lexicon for BHO disappointment, if you will, as some people have entered the 'buyers' remorse' phase while others are arriving there soon.

Personally I'm waiting for jobs (Virgo) to be created (Saturn = form and manifestation on the earthly plane) to ease the people's pain before I give up entirely on the mortal shoulders of this one man. Job creation would be a most welcome and positive expression of Saturn-to-Neptune-in-Virgo since Saturn can stabilize what he touches as well.

Yet the fact that Saturn-Neptune together can make for secret government, deceptive government, communism, socialism, and other such unpalatable things for America's usual menu, is even more important than pig-in-poke disappointment, for a New World Economic Order may require America to kowtow to a global boss which most probably won't be the US at the top of the power heap.

Or if it is, we won't recognize the old girl as we be pine for our Lady Liberty.

So how involved and culpable President Barack Obama is in the enabling of a one-world-government agenda - which requires the breaking down of our nation - remains to be seen in full but my sense is that that will be an even greater disappointment to the American people (assuming BHO completes his term in office. Or even if he doesn't.)

His role in such plans, if indeed they succeed, will be bitter fodder for years to come as our Neptunian campaign-promise-gullibility is once again exposed to the light of Saturnian realism. His natal Mars conjunct US natal Neptune shows that our expectations (Neptune) of what Mr. Obama can do (Mars) has clouded (Neptune) our perceptions of his actions (Mars.)

But as Naomi Klein mentions in her article, realism is a good thing.

For no one can solve problems until they're acknowledged and identified - and we need lesson-bringer Saturn's magic wand of clear assessment to help us with this tremendous task.

Mar 11, 2009

Joseph Stiglitz says econo-reform too slow

For years I have thought that the work of Nobel-Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz was as sensible as some and better than most.

Today I find that Mr. Stiglitz 'chairs the commission of experts charged by the UN to investigate possible reforms to the international monetary and financial system' and that the financial crisis is 'an opportunity to to turn his proposals into reality.' (Saturn - reality - to US natal Neptune - ideals = giving form to ideas or ideals.)

At the Davos Forum in early February, Germany's Angela Merkel proposed a world economic council which, along with the UN, would and could 'push through necessary measures...' which sounds much like the one-world-government agenda that the United Nations is believed by some to be in process of implementing.

The current econo-crisis certainly is proving useful for fast-tracking New Economic Order plans with its much-touted sense of urgency, isn't it? Almost as if it were part of a script...


And here's a post from December 2008 concerning '5 Key Mistakes' written by Mr. Stiglitz and the current Saturn-to-US-natal-Neptune, if you're game.

Mar 7, 2009

Christina Romer, mother figure + Neptune of the Veils

Yeah, I like this interview with 'mother figure' Christina Romer on the economy as she tosses buckets of cold water from Old Man (or Woman in charge) Saturn, the Teacher and Lesson-Bringer, who continues to tangle with America's natal Neptune, planet of dreams, ideals, illusions, the masses, and mass media, in Virgo, sign of the dedicated worker...the same worker who is now getting a pink slip for often obscure reasons.

But Neptune of the Veils is comfortable with 'obscure''s Saturn's grim reality that's numbing the sensibilities and tamping down confidence, however illusory confidence may have been in the past.

And thus closeth (Saturn) another newspaper (Neptune) - unless they're very savvy and do what they do best, then link to the rest.

A benchmark? That Mark Twain would approve, I suspect.

Feb 12, 2009

NWO musings and the Obama Administration

Today I've been re-reading Leuren Moret's article Planet Earth as Weapon and Target in light of events since the ending of the Bush-Cheney years and the ongoing question: is the presidency of Barack Obama truly an improvement, or more of same?

If you've never read Ms. Moret's article and are interested in the historical roots of the New World Order movement, have a seat before you begin.

It's quite long and covers many subjects including but not limited to:

Reagan's 'Star Wars' boondoggle, the vast fortunes of old US and British families made by way of opium smuggling, the origin of the secret society we call 'Skull and Bones' (which has had many US secretaries of war, presidents, and other US politicians and business leaders as members and which institutionalizes 'elite deviancy'), Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati Society and its roots in early America, George Washington's awareness of the Illuminati in America along with Jacobinism, Hegelian philosophy imported from Germany by William Russell (founder of Yale's Skull and Bones 1832 along with Alphonso Taft), the bogusness of the "War on Terror" and much more.

Weather Modification including Hurricane Katrina (near the end of the article) and the quote from the WSJ article after Katrina, where Rep. Richard Baker stated, "We finally cleaned up public housing in New Orleans...", exotic weapons in space, GWEN towers, etc.

As Zbigniew Brzezinski wrote in 'Between Two Ages' (1971):

"Accurately timed, artificially excited electronic strokes could lead to a pattern of oscillation that produce relatively high power levels over certain regions of the could develop a system that would seriously impair the brain performance of a very large population in selected regions over an extended period."

One has to wonder about this week's apparent 'satellite collision' in space! Keep it in mind if you read the section on the militarizing of space and surveillance satellites, what they are capable of, and the dangers posed.

Some info on AVIARY is given - it's a group of DoD officers and scientists with a mandate to discredit serious research into UFOs (no, I'm not a UFO-er personally but there's much squirreliness going on including reports of mysterious fireballs); then there's Eschelon, which is the NSA's satellite surveillance system.

You may be interested in the details concerning the Sarin gas attack on the Tokyo subway system of 1995, too. Seems the guilty group was part of the Aum Shinrikyo Sect of scientists from Japan who were apparently fighting against the NWO!

This sect purchased a 500,000 acre sheep farm in Australia on April 23, 1993 on which to perform experiments. When they sold the farm and left suddenly in Oct 1994, traces of Sarin were found.

Ms. Moret's research indicates that, "The interests behind the Bush administration, such as the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR - Joe Biden, etc), the Trilateral Commission (Brzezinski and David Rockefeller, and their buds), and the Bilderberg Group (Bush Sr, etc) have prepared for and are now moving to implement open world dictatorship within five years. They are not fighting terrorists. They are fighting citizens."

Have we not seen this dynamic in the current economic 'crisis' and the ongoing class warfare which some folk deny exists? (How can they not feel it? How can they be unaware that America has no "two-party" political system? Billions of US taxpayer monies went to rich bankers in 2008 - with no strings attached and no oversight!! Hello?)

We have massive job lay-offs, secret oath-protected meetings on Capitol Hill, corporate welfare on the rise, then-candidate Obama surreptitiously meeting with the Bilderbergers June 2008 in Chantilly VA, systems and infrastructure dissolving (perhaps by electromagnetic transmissions to speed them on toward collapse!), and with more heinousness to come.

Yes, the power elite have theirs, my friend. We do not. No secret state-of-the-art bunkers for you and me!

So I am sorry to report to you that Leuren Moret's article was published in Winter 2005 which makes 2010 the target year, and the Obama administration (sad to say) either the implementer - or merely the bridge - to a Biden-CFR presidency on behalf of the New World Order.

(If anything untoward happens to Barack Obama, will you remember reading this post? Probably not, for our American society would spiral into yet another morass of media speculations and false assumptions as cover for the truth.)

Now if you've read any of my grousings before, you know I tend to post a good bit on Eclipses using Brady's Predictive Astrology for keywords to the meanings of each Series.

So I have already noted here and on Jude's Threshold (my 'tapestry blog of Art, Astrology, Poems, and Politics' - see Pages list in sidebar) details concerning the next Solar Eclipse of July 22, 2009 in the 11 South Series. And at the risk of boring the 5 readers of this blog, here are the details of the 11S quoting from the excellent Bernadette Brady:

the need to make sudden reforms; old ideas and methods fail and new systems are required to deal with the events brought by the eclipse; as a consequence the person will need to think of new ways of handling the issues; any blocks could be violently or tragically removed.

This certainly puts things in line for 2010 since the second half of 2009 is implicated and connects current events with the last manifestation of this Eclipse Series: July 11, 1991, when Bush Sr as president was calling publicly for a 'New World Economic Order.' He's in process of achieving it now.

And here's the pope (John Paul II) from the Vatican's "World Day of Peace" on Jan 1, 2004, calling for a 'new international order' which brings in the role of the United Nations, an entity which some people believe will be used to implement world control - the morphing of the world from the 'old order' put into place a la FDR after WWII into implementation of their fondest dream, now almost realized under our inattentive noses.

So will the upcoming transit of realistic Saturn to America's idealistic Neptune 22Vir25 be part of the picture? Well, this is the 'cold water of grim reality' transit and is exact on or about August 28, 2009. It's actually been in orb of late, off and on, and may relate to job loss with Virgo being the sign of the worker and thus to the manufactured 'econo-crisis.'

Plus, the Saturn-to-Neptune transit may, I fret, be part of the above-mentioned Eclipse scenario. But it gets worse, m'peops.

Because the next Solar Eclipse (12N) of Jan 15, 2010 (at 25Cap which conjuncts US natal Pluto and all Inaugural MCs of Jan 20 noon est, DC) has this rather suspicious flavor in view of the last eclipse and what's going on in society 2009-2010:

opportunities to accept greater responsibilities can come suddenly; new commitments will most likely come as a result of another individual being unable to carry on; events which herald these opportunities may be difficult, but the outcomes in terms of harmony or self-esteem are good. (Brady's Predictive Astrology.)

One assumes the 'harmony' may result from population and/or mind control (see Leuren's article!) and that the 'self-esteem' is for the one who takes over the reins of power as the New World Order marches on.

Well, I apologize for posting on such weighty matters - the 200th birthday of Lincoln and last evening's Ford Theater celebration brought it on as I thought of Lincoln's nickname during his presidency...Abraham the Tyrant. And I promised in the post below to add notes on the Fist of God planetary pattern in his 1865 Inauguration chart, but it can wait being long past.

Plus, perhaps it suffices to say that the difficult pattern relates to Lincoln's assassination by someone who was, perhaps in different terms of that time, fighting against the NWO!

So the post you have here is sufficient for the day, I think, with its mention of so many of the dire issues affecting mankind and the selfish social tinkerers of chaos who bedevil the world.

And in spite of this post - believe it or not - I wish all men and women peace, love, understanding, and, above all, hope for a better tomorrow.

I love, therefore I grouse!


For further reading on the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, the IMF, the World Bank, and collapsing of the US dollar and such The August Review is highly recommended.

Dec 26, 2008

US as democracy a delusion

With transiting Saturn approaching America's natal Neptune in Virgo, planet of delusion, deception - including self-deception - confusion, veils, the masses, oceans, the collective unconscious (Uranus and Pluto - all three outer planets - are linked to the great unconscious of mankind as symbolized in the constellations by Cetus the Whale) we must wonder what the old man will bring to our ideals - a tampering squelch or wishes coming true?

Neptune's province includes the basic urge to merge, as well as ideals and dreams, so considering Saturn's function of splashing cold water upon what won't be manifesting (no matter how one wishes upon a star), the US may have a very basic and fated realization coming by way of Saturn's realistic rays to nebulous natal Neptune 22Vir25 in natal 9th house of Philosophy, Higher Education, and Religion.

Down to Earth with a Bump?

Today is 12.26.08, and my radio is broadcasting, PRI's 'Changing World' with a program called, Desperate Dreams...descriptive of my blab here on Saturn (desperation; loss) and Neptune (dreams.)

There is a place where I attempt to blend these Saturn (form)+ Neptune (mists) energies into an image at Dreamyfish Art if you're interested in botanical fish portraits placed in fantastical undersea scenes - ensnared within their favorite dream surroundings, as the script goes.

Yet this crisis in consciousness has been a long time least 28 years with Saturn's orbit. Something of a mosey, 28 years, which could actually vary from 26.5 and 30 years, depending on retrogradation, etc. Old men often hobble along as slow as turtles, but some have a hitch in their get-along when they choose to.

And then there's Saturn's timekeeping function - Time, the one thing Astrology brings to any picture because, like it or not, we are all subject to the Great Equalizer, Time, another of Saturn's realms peeking from behind his Chronos face which we view in the symbol for January, the face of Janus.

Saturn's last tango with US natal Neptune was a three-fer transit: Oct 23, 1979; March 29, 1980; and July 13, 1980. Events from this time period, or situations where things were happening then may come back to haunt, or need further attention in some way.

And if the pertinent Solar Eclipses of the time (1979 - 1980) extend their influences to the present year 2009, we have:

18 North '29Leo' = high stress level; taxing of strength possibly including accident or injury; physical concerns and obsessive thinking or worrying.

18 South '27AQ' conj US n Moon = endings, partings, separations through travel or endings of relationships, but new situations have positive outcomes. (Brady's 'Predictive Astrology.')

Now if Saturn's lessons have been heeded in the past (Saturn's realm, the past, along with tradition; Saturn is the old man, the senex) if lessons have been heeded and responsibilities have been honored and taken seriously, Saturn may bring long-term rewards to long-term efforts.

That would be one above-average positive result of Saturn to US natal Neptune. The other is Saturnian form being brought to - offered to - Neptunian dreams!

My negative interpretation would be something related to secret (Neptune) government (Saturn) being put into a more concrete form through the 'dreams' of the social tinkerers who are determined to implement their plans for a one-world-government.

Their schedule is moving right along, and Barack Obama's presidency is, sad to say, no exception.

Now this, from Information Clearing House:

"The two greatest obstacles to democracy in the United States are, first, the widespread delusion among the poor that we have a democracy, and second, the chronic terror among the rich, lest we get it." - Edward Dowling



This post prepared using America's symbolic 'Sibly' natal chart, July 4, 1776 5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia, PA. The actual date or hour of Saturn to Neptune may be affected a little by which natal chart is used, but the transit's influence remains the same.