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Mar 24, 2009

Stiglitz disses Geithner Plan - Obama on TV 3.24.09

Geithner Plan Will Rob US Taxpayers

By Reuters

The US government plan to rid banks of toxic assets will rob American taxpayers by exposing them to too much risk and is unlikely to work as long as the economy remains weak, Nobel Prize-winning economist Joseph Stiglitz said on Tuesday.


And the Geithner Plan is only one of the latest things to rob American taxpayers. Financial collapse is the name and the aim of their game, folks. So as you can tell, things are going quite swimmingly in their exalted bubble world.

But you know I'll be setting up SolarFire's real-time animated chart feature in a few minutes to catch each planet as it crosses an angle, enters a new house, or makes a new aspect while Pres. Obama speaks tonight, 8:00 pm edt.

Then I take notes and keep a time stamp on the TV screen as it records so I can go back and double-check what planetary action was happening as a particular subject or comment came up.

Yes, it's quite a bit of trouble but it's invaluable for figuring out what the As Above Is So Belowing in real time. Or vice versa.

Did I hear correctly on MarketPlace just now? That Geithner and the US Fed are endorsing the idea of an international currency today in line with China's wishes? If so, I guess the amero or something akin to it isn't just a fairy tale after all.

Check out The August Review for info on the amero and other anti-sovereign subjects.

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