Mar 25, 2009

Pres Obama's presser 3.24.09: full text link

Here's the full text of last evening's press conference, the second of Pres. Obama's presidency, which mostly concerned our economic issues.

Twitterers seemed to have gotten their feathers ruffled about 35 minutes in when CNN's Ed Henry asked why the president didn't express outrage over AIG bonus payments sooner than he did - why did he wait several days?

"Because I like to know what I'm talking about before I speak," says his nibs with a so-called 'icy stare.'

Sounds reasonable and mature to me, something Washington has become unaccustomed to in recent years. Yet I do think phony outrage was the order of the day relating to the AIG bonuses and that having 'who knew what when' become a huge and diverting story was Washington's main political problem with it.

No one likes to be blamed, especially when your re-election to a cushy pocket-lining job may depend upon it.

False outrage to fuel criticism of your opponent - how very tiresome (and predictable. If we-the-people get truth out of Washington, it's because it accidentally escapes at moments when someone's guard is down. Then everyone goes into 'damage control' mode....also tiresome.)

Astrologically, I see nothing unusual at 8:35 pm last evening to account for the question or the 'icy stare' although nebulous Neptune 26AQ moved from 5th house into 4th house appr one minute earlier. Neptune is one significator for mass media - and deception.

Most of the questions seemed to be set-ups to me - well-rehearsed, for the most part, so that the president could say what he wanted to say, and I'd have been just as happy, if not happier, if he'd simply spoken for the hour rather than for the 7 minutes of his opening statement.

When Pres. Obama ended the presser (8:57 pm edt), America's natal Pluto '28Cap' was at IC, the Foundation, or HOW? Point of the chart which aims directly at the transiting midpoint of Pluto-Chiron, the pair of plutocracy, now conjunct US natal Pluto - Pluto of power and vast riches fame.

And the Sabian Symbol for '28Cap'? "A Large Aviary"! Tweet tweet!!

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