Apr 22, 2009

GOP's Faces: Cheney, Rove, and Gingrich - and a suicide

The DNC is now running ads to brand Cheney, Rove, and Gingrich as the faces of the Republican Party.

Quite a stellar trio of visages, at least two of which qualify as mugshots on an FBI wall, imo.

You may be interested in checking out a previous post which contains a link to a very interesting article by Mark Crispin-Miller, titled Bloody Karl which lists the piles of lifeless bodies that surround Mr. Turdblossom, a list which includes Senator Paul Wellstone, Enron's Cliff Baxter (Rove was one of Enron's biggest shareholders, remember), Mike Connell, 'DC Madam' Deborah Jeane Palfrey (whose death came just before she was to reveal her client list), and more.

Perhaps there's even a link to the 'suicide' revealed this very morning, David B. Kellerman, CFO of Freddie Mac, who was found hung to death in his home's basement. I haven't had a lot of time to study the Astrology chart of the sad event as of yet, but Palfrey's 'suicide by hanging' and Kellerman's both occurred during a Balsamic phase of the Moon ('dark of the Moon' just prior to a New Moon, a time when shady things go on - or there may be emotional depression, it's true.)

Also, Moon and Uranus were conjunct in mysterious Pisces in both charts - more on that later. And you know that Venus and Mars were conjunct this morning at 29 Pisces, a critical or crisis degree...lots of pressure there.

Ms. Palfrey's 'suicide' was definitely convenient for many Washington politicians, and we'll have to see how Mr. Kellerman's situation plays out especially with federal investigations ongoing into Freddie Mac's books, etc. Kellerman was employed in various accounting positions at Freddie Mac for years - one source says 'since 1992' and one gives '1993.'

So! Cheney's, Rove's and Gingrich's snoots are the Faces of the GOP? Sounds precisely correct to me.

Well, if they're going to be around a while longer, you may wish to find out what Leo Strauss and Dick Cheney share astrologically (hint: it concerns neoconservatism), and here's a SO'W post from 2007 which asks what makes Dick tick? Yes, Cheney is a square kind of guy as you'll see.

Gingrich's chart I'm working on now and will post a blurb on him asap - but please don't say he's "from Georgia."

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