May 5, 2009

eta Aquarid meteors from Hally's Comet May 6, 2009

A day late but nary a meteor short. Get ready for Wednesday morning...

Space Weather News for May 4, 2009

METEOR SHOWER: Earth is entering a stream of dusty debris from Halley's Comet, the source of the annual eta Aquarid meteor shower. Forecasters expect the shower to peak on Wednesday, May 6, with as many as 85 meteors per hour over the southern hemisphere. Rates in the northern hemisphere will be less, 20 to 30 per hour.

The best time to look is during the dark hour before local sunrise on Wednesday morning. Visit for sky maps and details. #

And here's what I posted last year this time (a day late then as well) on the eta Aquarid meteors from Hally's Comet which had something of a">Moon-Mercury/Politics flavor to it due to the 2008 campaign.

As you know, the Moon 'sailed by Mercury' all right and on to another governmental position which may soon morph again into a Supreme Court justice seat on The Bench.

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