May 6, 2009

Today's Sun Tau-Moon Lib at the White House 5.6.09

Update May 8, 2009: out of the May 6 White House meeting has come an Afghani-Pakistani agreement to share intelligence and set up a border patrol to fight the troublemakers.

Original post starts here:

Today Pres. Obama is hosting the presidents of Afghanistan and Pakistan in Washington and you'll find a few astrological remarks upon the situation at my new blog which you may wish to read, I don't know.

My post concerns a White House full of presidents at Two Hours You'll Never Get Back, but not to fret - my blab is quite brief. And yes, there is an astrological signature for the big meeting.

Sun and Moon are in an uncomfortable inconjunct (aka quincunx - 150 degrees) aspect (relationship) with one another today and the above-linked post will give you details on its indications.

May 6, 2009:

The Earth-Air Sun Taurus-Moon Libra blend describes a charming lover of harmony with a sociable, persuasive air. A practical (Tau) idealist (Lib), this is an incurable romantic who holds high the principles of justice and freedom.

A gentle wit aids with diplomacy yet there may be an over-reliance on popularity - one wants to be accepted and liked. Rational answers may be over-emphasized as being the solution to every kind of problem (but I wonder what other kind would do?)

Since security is a primary goal of this blend, the White House meeting is indicated and yet may include some serious Washington socializing with perhaps an array of *watercress sandwiches on the tea tray.

There are 3 'Images for Integration' for Sun Tau-Moon Lib...

'A loaf of fresh bread in an art exhibition...A computer produces a beautiful painting...Cream tea for two.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Chas and Suzi Harvey.)

This blend is shared natally by Golda Meir who said quite pertinently for today's goings-on at the White House:

"A leader who doesn't hesitate before he sends his nation into battle is not fit to be a leader."

Too bad Washington forgot this noble concept more than once much to our continued detriment.


*When I lived in DC years ago, my favorite treat in Hecht's dining room was watercress-mushroom sandwiches. And of course, this is when Constant Comment Tea became my favorite tea blend. Good times!

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