Jun 22, 2009

Astrology of Neda, Iran's 'Joan of Arc'

Update Tuesday 6.23.09: Raw Story has some biographical details on the life of Neda Agha-Soltan along with a photo of her lovely, kind face.

Original post begins here:

By now you've heard that a young Iranian woman, Neda, was shot in the heart and killed by a government militia sharpshooter during Saturday's protests in Tehran, a heinous act meant to control the masses by example, one supposes.

A camera phone nearby caught the results of the Iranian government's crackdown and Neda is being called Iran's Joan of Arc with the footage of her death shown round the world bwo Twitter and Facebook.

If you read the above-linked Der Spiegel report you see that the *piercing of Neda's heart occurred local time at 7:05 pm with '14Sag' rising - "The Pyramids and the Sphinx" (Lynda Hill's Cautions for '14Sag': aloofness through perceived superiority; anonymity of the masses); at Midheaven, the Goal Point of any chart is '30Vir' - "Having an Urgent Task to Complete, A Man Doesn't Look to Any Distractions' (actual degree is a 29th degree of crisis; this may refer on one level to the sharpshooter's concentration.)

Also at 29Vir+ is Cupido, which I often complain of for being connected to corporations, The Family, syndicates including crime syndicates, and, in this case, with Cupid, who shoots his arrows into hearts (see Eros mentioned below.)

The How? Point (Ic) then has '30Pisces' - "The Great Stone Face (Being the Projection of the Ideal)", which Dane Rudhyar's Keyword gives as ARCHETYPALIZATION ('Joan of Arc' and 'symbol of the opposition' as Neda has quickly become); Jones says the degree "is self-integrity in its irresistible impact on the course of events."

DESC, the WHERE TO? Point, has '14Gem' upon it, Sabian Symbol "Two People, Living Far Apart, in Telepathic Communication" which relates, I believe, to Twitter and Facebook communications out of Iran to the wider world.

Occurring during a Sun Hour, the Sun, shining brightly bwo the camera phone's flash, is at a crisis degree as well: 29Gem24...'30Gem' - "A Parade of Bathing Beauties Before Large Beach Crowds" which seems to be insignificant other than the reference to large crowds, and the fact that the Sun in a mundane chart signifies the leadership.

But checking with Lynda Hill's book, 360 Degrees of Wisdom, we find that the Cautions Lynda gives for '30Gem' are: using superficialities to win support; giving importance to the issues of appearance; lusting after the unattainable; feeling like merchandise; making superficial judgments, any of which may apply to this cowardly deed - on any or all sides.

In the 6th house of Health is Mercury, planet of young people and communicators like Neda; Mercury is conjunct Midas in the chart of Neda's assassination at '8Gem' - "An Industrial Strike" which Marc Edmund Jones gives as: PROTEST; and by way of explanation, he states that...

"There is here the dignity of a personality which may be exalted but never exploited."

And so, my condolences go out to Neda's family and friends along with a wish that her death be not exploited, yet not be in vain on behalf of the Iranian People who deserve better and fairer treatment from their authoritarian government.

*piercing relates, on one level, to asteroid Eros 15Pis28, opposing authoritative Saturn 15Vir55, and conjunct Fixed Star Achernar, keywords: crisis; end of the river. I have noticed that Eros' (life force) as a piercing of some kind - such as a bullet - is often active in charts of violence; asteroid Pallas, the daughter, is in 8th house of death 8Leo29, and Leo's bodily province is the heart and spine; Neda's father is said to be one of the men in the sad video.

Note on my use of Sabian Symbols for this post: our Western versions, known as the Sabian Symbols - are said to be intuited from ancient Babylonian symbols so I thought it was appropriate to use them here esp since old Persia is modern Iran. Hope this doesn't grump up or ruffle the feathers of any of my online astrological critics, but if it does, I guess that's the way it goes. jc


clymela said...

Well messed up my original posting so I begin again.
WOW!! you have really been of great service these past two or three days. thank you so much.
The degree of the Sun I thought was saying something about the conflict between tho old men and the young people: no parading of young beauty allowed by those old men who would rather kill beauty than see it "paraded".

jude cowell said...

Good point, Clymela - wonder who chose a lovely young lady as victim - who gave the order to fire?

An old and hate-filled man, one assumes, yes.

Esp glad of your comment because i couldn't think of a way to mention the old men/youthful beauty connection which you just did so well!

And please see my update in Neda post with Cupido at Mc - he of the heart-piercing arrow. jc