Jun 23, 2009

White House presser 6.23.09: a little Astrology

As reported on TV's Nightline, President Obama will hold a press conference in the Rose Garden Tuesday (6.23) at 12:30 pm edt with America's natal Neptune in Virgo rising, and the transiting Sun/Mercury midpoint at Midheaven, the Goal/Aspiration Point of the chart.

Sun/Mercury = Mc: standing by one's convictions and speaking up for oneself; an intellectual worker; a businessman.

This will also place Mr. Obama's natal Mars rising since it is conjunct US natal Neptune...

Mars/Neptune = ASC: instability; weakness; termination of associations or unions; sharing sorrows with others. (Iranian protesters? DC Metrorail crash victims and their families? jc)

The presser will be held during a Saturn Hour though Saturn 16Vir06 (Democratic Party) has risen and is in the behind-the-scenes 12th house.

ASC 23Vir54, so chart-ruler Mercury (pressers; announcements; speeches; reporters; communications; trade and commerce, etc) is in 9th house at 12Gem01, conjunct the Descendant in the US natal 'Sibly' chart (5:10 pm lmt, you know the date); Mercury makes only one applying aspect in the chart which clues us in to how the presser will proceed...a square to Saturn (4A05.)

This indicates some difficulty in communicating one's authority and control of matters, yet Mercury has natural abilities being positioned in one of its own signs, Gemini, the communicator's sign.

The dissociate T-Square is still within orb to Uranus 26Pisc36 which is setting (Desc 23Pisc54), so again we may consider the midpoint picture formed as the Sun/Pluto opposition points to apex Uranus, the reformer...

Sun/Pluto = Uranus: sudden changes; rebellion; reform; carrying out fanatic reforms without regard for oneself; sudden adjustment to new circumstance; arrest. (all midpt pics: Tyl; Ebertin.)

There are a few other midpoint pics of interest, one of which affects 2009's US Inaugural Sun (the president) and Mercury 00AQ+ - it's the plutocracy; the desire for power; desire to exploit the masses; pursuit of fanatical aims; qualities of leadership; wastefulness team of Jupiter and Pluto:

Jupiter/Pluto = Sun: using extraordinary physical or mental powers; the creation of magical effects; use of strong personality power; keeping things within one's own grasp; doing well with all resources.

Jup/Plu = Mercury: promotion of a cause; influence and persuasion; the gift of oration; a propaganda campaign (seemingly the role of any US presidency.)

Jup/Plu = transiting North Node (public contacts): working with others for success; joint aspirations; political activity; relationship to the masses; far-reaching associations.

Pluto/Mc = Uranus: sudden attainment of aims with irresistible power; publicity; sudden changes or shifts of position; prudence; endurance; organizing ability; nervousness; impatience (the American people have become impatient and nervous. jc)

And there is another T-Square in the chart for 6.23.09 at 12:30 pm edt...

Uranus/ASC = Mc: a restless character changing his/her objectives in life; making changes; cooperation in the technological and/or industrial sphere; major change potential in job status.

Well, I don't know what the US Chamber of Commerce (and what are characterized as other Obama opponents) would say about this chart or post, but I for one wish they'd butt out of the White House's efforts to improve the lot of the average American. Share a little of the wealth, greedy plutocrats! We don't crave your fancy cakes, but nutritious bread for our children would be only fair and humane.

Yet I say this assuming, of course, that reforms are being honestly pursued in good faith, for the players of Capitol Hill Theater seldom get around to legislating practical changes and laws that result in real improvements for we-the-people while America's plutocrats always fare ever so well.


As always, midpoint pictures may operate in an any, all, or none manner.

And speaking of America as plutocracy:

"Of all forms of tyranny the least attractive and the most vulgar is the tyranny of mere wealth, the tyranny of plutocracy." - John Pierpont Morgan

"I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our moneyed corporations, which dare already to challenge our government to a trial of strength and bid defiance to the laws of our country." - Thomas Jefferson

So plutocracy is vulgar and defiant - a badly intentioned combination. No wonder we've landed in such deep hot water. It's knowing which shadowy figures to hold accountable that's our puzzlement - just as the power elite bandits intended. jc

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