Jun 23, 2009

Mousavi a terrorist PM back in the day

Spy Talk is talking about Mousavi who is now being celebrated for instigating protests against Ahmadinejad's suspicious victory in Iran's June 12 election, but back in the day - the 80s - Mousavi was Iran's Prime Minister and had a hand in the terrorism that attacked the US embassy and killed US Marines in Beirut.

Seems President Reagan's Secretary of Defense, Caspar Weinberger, derailed plans to disrupt the terroist cells that were causing US deaths. Wonder why the GOP's anointed 'saint' Reagan would want to do that?

Perhaps President Obama's current reluctance to say much about the protests in Iran is based on a lot more intell and tangled circumstances than we know. And it's peculiar that it's GOPers who are shouting the loudest for a Dem president to step his foot in it. They were lurking behind the door as Reagan made deals with the regime.

So as the president said at the White House presser today, the Iranian people aren't concerned with what's being said on Capitol Hill. Indeed.

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