Jun 23, 2009

DC train crash 6.22.09: effects of July 22's Solar Eclipse?

The stars over Washington DC were disasterous yesterday as a Metrorail train plowed into a standing train around 5:00 pm, June 22, 2009. At least seven people were killed and several are hospitalized as investigators attempt to figure out why the old train slammed into the new one.

At 5:00 pm edt in DC, Scorpio was rising and a pattern of energies called a Hard Rectangle had formed between Moon, Sun, ASC, Venus, Mars, and Pluto.

Occurring just after the New Moon 1Can30, the Moon had thus joined the difficult T-Square between Sun/Pluto and apex Uranus, the disruptor, which adds a new midpoint picture for evening rush hour in DC yesterday...

Moon/Pluto = Uranus: nervous crisis through excesses; sudden upset; fantacism.

However, another part of the picture is the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction (Nep 26AQ19, Jup 26:56, both Rx) angular at Ic, the Foundation of the chart, the End of the Matter, the HOW? Point.

Jupiter/Neptune opposing Midheaven = harm or damage through thoughtlessness.

So with Jupiter (excess) conjunct Neptune (possible drug use including alcohol) we may never know for sure if daydreaming or perhaps substance abuse was at the base of the disaster. It will be interesting to see what turns up in the investigation, and once again, I send out condolences to the families and friends of the victims and a prayer for speedy recoveries to those in hospital.

Yes, the city of DC, my favorite former abode, should have listened to the warnings in 2006 about phasing out the old trains for no matter how finances played into the slack decision-making process then, the city of 2009 now faces a $340 million deficit over the next two years.

Makes me wonder who took the money through the years and it bodes ill for victims' lawsuits against the city and/or the Metrorail Transit System.

And yesterday's horrific crash may even be a case of an early manifestation of the upcoming July 22 Solar Eclipse with its "systems fail" flavor. If so, this 29th degree Eclipse may be a doozy, m'peops, as weaker systems will be the first to crash.

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