Jul 27, 2009

Health care reform getting wimpier by minute 7.27.09

If you were planning to visit or send flowers, you'd better get a move on, Honey, because what's being left out of President Obama's health care reform bill is leaving the dregs too skeletal for signing, too wimpy to boast about, and too cheap to buy a soda on a Saturday night.

As I've typed here previously, the proof of R's and D's good faith on this (and any other) matter is what the American people end up with in the Real World that exists outside the artificial reality that Capitol Hillers help promote to keep the natives quiet - if you accept its fairytale sparklies.

Yes, Jupiter/Neptune's misty bubble still floating...floating...no signs of popping if Washington and Wall Street spinners can prevent it...cotton candy spun just for you, properly impressed circus audience.

On TV in the background now is Fed head Ben Bernanke on C-SPAN answering questions (taped) on the financial collapse in his newly assumed PR role of Warm and Fuzzy Banker Man who Understands Our Pain. He doesn't feel it - he just understands it on an intellectual level.

"We tried to save Lehman Brothers," he says. It was a 'big hole' the Fed couldn't fill, in case you were wondering what happened.

May I suggest that the most glaring 'big hole' is in the head of the American people for allowing crooks to rule our roost.


Gregg's Health Insurance News said...

It is a wimpy attempt at reform...no reform of how the drug companies conduct business and profiteer whatsoever.

jude cowell said...

How to reform yet leave the status quo the status quo? Lack of fancy feather ruffling as expected in this quarter!

Thanks for commenting, Jude

DD said...

As to health care reform, what I see is:
mandated participation,
records & DNA computerized ($1 billion),
less testing, specialized referrals,
Insurance company control of what care we get by setting higher deductions and not covering more procedures and questioning our doctors and us on the care we getting - like "do you this medication doesn't blend with this one" and "fill in your personal file, get $s for losing weight, stopping smoking, drinking, eating ham sandwiches, so the insurance company becomes the doctor, second-guessing both doctor and patient.
Hospitals and doctors will have to raise prices and
Medications will be further infiltrated by the government controal for their purposes.

Insurance companies have enormous control over the stock market buying and selling in huge blocks. They are a power structure that had a big hand in the recent debacle (besides wall street and banks.)

Insurance companies are woven into huge international corporations, and will not be told what to do by Wash. Anything the govt. comes up with in regard to these companies will have a bonus, too, like mandated coverage.

No, our care will be reduced, restricted, cost more and not save Medicare, but be hailed as the replacement to Medicare, you watch.

We will have the Medicare benefit of moving around from job to job with it. But it won't cost &238 a month anymore (plus a plan B) and the deductions will be $2,000 plus, which we will not be able to reach as corporate structures have figured out how not to cover services that would apply to a deduction.

I am dealing with this right now, and the writing on the wall is get healthy and read the fine print.
Things we have been used to being covered will change.

Plan B copies are going to hold up payments rather than help them and creditors are going to get nastier than they already are.

Very clever:
Get more money for insurance companies allowed to change guidelines and set new rules
Reduce services
Replace Medicare (what about all that money we have been putting into Medicare low these many years?)
Get a DNA pool.

Where are the national reporters?
We're too fat, Michael Jackson didn't really work out, and which race do you prefer. Sad.