Jul 13, 2009

Secret Government: Saturn meets Neptune 1952 - 1953

On Nov 21, 1952, Saturn met Neptune, the planets whose combination indicate 'secret' (Neptune) 'government' (Saturn), at 22Lib47 which falls in the 10th house of Public Status and Career of America's natal chart (July 4, 1776; 5:10 pm lmt, Philadelphia, PA), during President Eisenhower's days.

This conj is two Saturn/Neptune cycles ago (their last conj in 1989 in the Reagan days @ '11 - 12 Cap'), and both conjs are part of their larger pattern; their opposition phase in 2007, the 'Full Moon' stage of the process which culminated in 2008's financial collapse (Neptune) of the banking system (Saturn) which surfaced (Saturn) from the collective unconscious (Neptune) has been a major part of the propaganda script each and every day while public funds were being heisted into bank accounts unknown.

The planets were inconjunct (or quincunx - 150 degr) in 2003/04 and we know what America was doing then under George Bush. This difficult aspect between them of 'adjustment' has a 'social obligation and responsibility' flavor but it's easy to take on too much under its rays as the US has done in Iraq. Saturn inconj Neptune has a 'martyr' flavor, too.

So the recession in the US actually began in 2007 during Saturn/Neptune's on-and-off opposition and 2008's financial crisis was, imo, the culmination of plans for tighter control of the US government begun on a new level during Eisenhower's presidency. That the words 'like' and 'Ike' rhyme does not mitigate or lessen his culpability since I think all US presidents are in on the joke. And the joke is on we-the-people.

Due to retrogradation, the second of their Great Conjunction/s was on May 1, 1953 at 22Lib39; their third hook-up was on July 22, 1953 at 21Lib12. These positions in Libra place Saturn/Neptune conj Fixed Star, Arcturus, keywords: a different approach.

You'll note that July 22 is next Wednesday with its Solar Eclipse at 29Cancer27 when 'systems fail and new methods are needed to deal with events brought by the Eclipse' (paraphrased from Brady's Predictive Astrology.) Therefore, July 22, 2009 is on or near a Solar Return for Saturn/Neptune #3's Sun (perhaps a significant chart, but who has the time? The 29th crisis degree of Cancer is emphasized at the least, this we know.)

Now you'll be aware that 1952 is the year Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected president in a Republican landslide, and the US bombed North Korea.

You'll also know that Eisenhower is the one who warned us about the 'military industrial complex' taking over the US government, as they have. Sometimes I think Ike was actually preparing the masses for the idea with his direly delivered warning rather than honestly trying to caution us to avoid such a secret government, but that's probably my suspicious astrologer's nature shining through, right?

But after all, what exactly did Ike expect us to do about it in order to avoid the coup? Perhaps he didn't. Maybe he was using the power of suggestion which seems to have worked quite well. "

Saturn/Neptune conjunctions also tend toward communism as Saturn's boundaries are disregarded and dissolved (Neptune) by the state (Saturn), and secretiveness has its special place within any communist system, no? And insinuating Neptune is notorious for deception like sneaky spies depend upon.

And of course there's one of my favorite -ism creators, the Pluto/Chiron pair, whose midpoint in 1952/53 hung about at 1Scorpio+...conjunct what came to be known as the NWO's natal Sun degree of Oct 24, 1993...timed by the Great Conjunction (#3 and final) of Uranus/Neptune, a pair that adds mysticism to the scene.

Then there's an interview from 2007 with journalist John Pilger as he discusses the invisible government, US militarism, and similar subjects as they relate to the New World Order and an Illuminati agenda for America's future as...well...as a secret government. Check it out. Whether you use 'secret' or 'invisible' government - the choice is the same, and I have no idea whether Mr. Pilger is at all familiar with the astrological principles of Saturn/Neptune.

So naturally you've noticed the wide-orbed midpoint picture in the US Sibly chart for America's birth with Neptune '23Vir' in n 9th house, Saturn '15Lib' in n 10th house and Midheaven in between...

Saturn/Neptune = Mc (the 'Goal Point' of any chart): a peculiar character; a peculiar loss of ambition; wavering between materialism and idealism; enormous emotional suffering; moodiness; giving up or capitulating to the demands of the environment totally.

As always with midpoint pictures, they operate in an any, all, or none fashion, especially when stimulated into action by transit or progression. Transiting Saturn will be entering the territory in a few weeks as he tamps down US natal Neptune - or makes dreams (Nep) real (Saturn); then it's on to our Saturn-to-Mc transit (end of Oct 2009 into 2010), and a Saturn Return that begins by the end of December 2010.

Yet the simplest, most disturbing explanation of the picture from the 1776 chart may be that Saturn/Neptune's style of secret government, with all its surveillance on citizens and imperialist military expansion, really is a large part of The Goal of the United States of America.

Now that really pi*ses me off.

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