Jul 13, 2009

Nuke expert Dr. David Kelly was Not a suicide

Nuclear weapons expert Dr. David Kelly did not kill himself just after his role was revealed concerning the UK's 'sexed up' intell designed to scam the British people into war with Iraq in spite of experts like Dr. Kelly saying there were no WMDs.

(There weren't. Even a few neocons will admit it now that it's too late.)

Thirteen UK doctors are now speaking out on behalf of an inquest...fine, if it's not simply a whitewash committee set up to lay suspicions, if not the victim, to rest.

Although I spent quite a few hours studying charts for Dr. Kelly and his July 17, 2003 'suicide' at the time, the only place on SO'W I mentioned Dr. Kelly's assassination was in October 2007 along with other mysterious deaths of a political persuasion.

Kelly had told someone that he would probably end up dead in the woods. (He did. He bled out from a slashed wrist, they say.)

Perhaps our former VP and his reputed 'death squad' can shed some light on the case of Dr. David Kelly who dealt with politicians and their backers, people who would do anything to promote their main cause and protect their elite positions.

And just like writer Danny Casolaro, assassinated during the last manifestation of the 11 South Solar Eclipse Series in 1991 - which repeats on July 21, 2009 at '29Cancer' - Dr. Kelly was writing a book, which would have to have been a very telling book, one suspects.

Wonder if Dr. Kelly's notes mysteriously disappeared just after his death as did Danny Casolaro's notes on what he called The Octopus, the world crime syndicate whose tentacles now throttle the entire globe?



clymela said...

While on the subject of political suicides let us remember all the unusual deaths connected to the bizarre plane ride when some Air Force workers took a loaded jet on a ride across the country to point out how loose the security had become or at least this is what was reported. I forget now but many of those airmen are now dead at a rate that is close to the deaths of those involved in the Kennedy assassination.
I, crazy old hippie grandma that I am, have never believed that Dr Kelly killed himself no more than I believed that the journalist shot himself twice,twice I tell you, in the head to commit suicide.
There is so much going on that I do believe that there is a fascist cabal somewhere doing all that "it" can to gain control. Well I almost believe that.

clymela said...

I was probably too vague: the journalist I was referring to was Gary Webb who created quite a stir here in California with his series entitled "Dark Alliance" about the CIA and cocaine and crack cocaine. He was once a praised journalist but his work upset some people and he was ruined and then he supposedly committed suicide by shooting himself twice in the head.
By the way both Webb's wife and Dr, Kelley's wife were reported to say that they "knew" their husbands had committed suicide. For what that is worth.
Casalaro's death was reported in a Vanity Fair article during the time that Tina Brown was the editor and the magazine was quite a bit more progressive-a real retreat from the time of the huge right turn of this society.

jude cowell said...

Ah yes, clymela, thanks for your comments - i remember Bush's Nukes Over America out-rage and read later on that many (all?) of the personnel and/or soldiers who'd loaded the plane (flown it?) were conveniently dead. Um hm.

And every time i think of JFK's (and MLK's and others') 'eternal flame' at their gravesites, i think it's the Illuminati bragging. But only because it is.

MissVolare said...

Hi--I am in Sacramento and used to work at the News & Review where Gary worked at the very end. He was extremely depressed, drinking way too much, taking medication and he DID commit suicide. It is unquestionable to me, his family and to those who know him. But I do see your point--and I read the book about the Octopus by Casolaro so understand the stakes involved. Just want to clear up this issue.

DD said...

MissVolare, who do you speak for and who are you?
Donna D