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Sep 8, 2015

White House video: Vice President Dick Cheney: Wrong Then, Wrong Now

This particular American does not need reminders of then-VP Cheney's lies and propaganda about his and Dubya's Iraq War or his vulcan-esque views of President Obama's Iran Deal but perhaps there are those who do. So it's All Aboard Dick Cheney's Crazy Train to Iran:

Jan 30, 2011

Bio-weapons expert John Wheeler died of "blunt force trauma"

Turns out all those diverting 'he was disoriented' - 'maybe ill' offerings from talking heads about the mysterious death of bio-weapons expert John P. Wheeler, a former presidential aide and Pentagon man, were not factors directly involved in his murder.

But blunt force trauma was. Makes sense really because no matter how much 'toxicology' one may indulge in or how 'disoriented' one may be, it's difficult to stuff oneself while dead into a dumpster without a lot of help from the living.

Dumpsters are used to conceal one's deadly handiwork when the body in question - and the reason for the murder - are intended never to be discovered.

Previous posts include:

Astrology of John P. Wheeler's Murder, and More on the John Wheeler murder, dead birds, and Phosgene.

As you know, Phosgene is the bio-chem that Wheeler is said to have traveled to Washington DC to express his concerns over because Phosgene, which the US found in Iraq, was loaded in Arkansas onto a military plane to be sent to the battlefields of Afghanistan. Some of the deadly agent may have escaped causing Arkansas's dead birds to fall from the sky.

(It must be just as difficult to fly when dead as it is to stuff oneself into a dumpster under the same lack-of-life condition.)

There is a 3rd post on this blog concerning the mysterious death of Mr. Wheeler but the video it contained (showing his disoriented behavior hours before his death) has been removed from YouTube.

Jul 13, 2009

Nuke expert Dr. David Kelly was Not a suicide

Nuclear weapons expert Dr. David Kelly did not kill himself just after his role was revealed concerning the UK's 'sexed up' intell designed to scam the British people into war with Iraq in spite of experts like Dr. Kelly saying there were no WMDs.

(There weren't. Even a few neocons will admit it now that it's too late.)

Thirteen UK doctors are now speaking out on behalf of an inquest...fine, if it's not simply a whitewash committee set up to lay suspicions, if not the victim, to rest.

Although I spent quite a few hours studying charts for Dr. Kelly and his July 17, 2003 'suicide' at the time, the only place on SO'W I mentioned Dr. Kelly's assassination was in October 2007 along with other mysterious deaths of a political persuasion.

Kelly had told someone that he would probably end up dead in the woods. (He did. He bled out from a slashed wrist, they say.)

Perhaps our former VP and his reputed 'death squad' can shed some light on the case of Dr. David Kelly who dealt with politicians and their backers, people who would do anything to promote their main cause and protect their elite positions.

And just like writer Danny Casolaro, assassinated during the last manifestation of the 11 South Solar Eclipse Series in 1991 - which repeats on July 21, 2009 at '29Cancer' - Dr. Kelly was writing a book, which would have to have been a very telling book, one suspects.

Wonder if Dr. Kelly's notes mysteriously disappeared just after his death as did Danny Casolaro's notes on what he called The Octopus, the world crime syndicate whose tentacles now throttle the entire globe?


Aug 13, 2008

American Insouciance, Nukes, and Israel

Will American Insouciance Destroy the World?

By Paul Craig Roberts

The neoconned Bush Regime and the Israeli-occupied American media are heading the innocent world toward nuclear war.


U.S. Puts Brakes on Israeli Plan for Attack on Iran Nuclear Facilities

By Aluf Benn, Haaretz Correspondent

The American administration has rejected an Israeli request for military equipment and support that would improve Israel's ability to attack Iran's nuclear facilities.


"The Neocons Are Dying to Nuke Iran"

An interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts By Kathy Sanborn

What was your wake-up call, Dr. Roberts, to the fact that the current administration was determined to take away the civil liberties of Americans?

Mar 6, 2008

Times Square blast March 6, 2008

At 3:40 am est, Times Square NYC, a hooded man or woman on a bicycle arrived at the military recruiter offices and bombed it.

Later in the day (Thursday, March 6) ten communiques were said to have been received in Washington to various offices saying, "Happy New Year! We Did It!"

A statement had been made by the police a few hours after the blast implying that the bombing may have been against "our troops"--yet anyone with a brain would suspect that it was more likely done against the Bush-Cheney war--or for some convoluted political reason/s which I won't speculate about here.

Assuming that the Happy New Year message had to mean something in particular--and knowing that the Islamic New Year had begun January 10, I Googled "Happy New Year March 6" and found a certain speech on WMD by a certain politician most people abhor more than he pretends to know.

Here you see today's Times Square chart with the chart from March 6, 2003 around it (exact time 8:02 pm est from transcript)--yet usually one would put the older chart in the center but I thought it showed the links more clearly this way. I've highlighted some pertinent connections between them--2008 is actually a Solar Return to the 2003 speech's chart.

Now the sandman is whispering so I will need to complete the details tomorrow on this matter with special attention paid to asteroid Lilith and to the Pre-natal Eclipse Series prior to Bush's speech which is also the PE of the Iraq war which fools rushed into barely two weeks later.

Please stay tuned...

UPDATE Friday: actually I've done a bit of updating on the news about this investigation at Jude's Threshold where you'll find that the time has morphed to 3:38 am...and fingers continue to point everywhere but at the Bush administration.

Feb 2, 2008

Pentagon ready for Bush's catastrophes

Breaking News and Commentary from Citizens For Legitimate Government Feb 2, 2008

All items are here: LegitGov Breaking News

Pentagon claims ready for upcoming Bush false flags:

Pentagon rejects report, says ready for WMD attack: The Pentagon on Friday insisted it is ready to respond to a [Bush] chemical, biological or nuclear attack inside the United States, rejecting an independent panel's criticism of its preparations. But the Pentagon conceded it is not yet satisfied with its plans to respond to some of the 15 catastrophic attack scenarios [!] that federal agencies have been ordered to prepare for, such as a nuclear attack or a series of chemical attacks throughout the country.#

Does this sound like it's ramping up to favor Cheney's happy fun day scrambling air responses on the morning of 9/11?

Don't taunt Happy Fun Ball (thanks, SNL.)

But do visit George Washington's Blog for 9/11 information.

Personal Note to my friends, Neith, Jilly, and Twilight: thanks, my dears for your kind comments--and if Blogger would allow me to open a comment window I'd have answered you all in timely fashion, so for now let me say that I much appreciate your many attentions and concerns! And--

The fault lies not in our stars, but in our blog hosts...