Jul 28, 2009

Sotomayor resigns from ladies' version of Bohemian Grove - oh! and her nom was voted up today

Since the Senate Judiciary Committee just voted Yes today (13 to 6) on Sonia Sotomayor's Supreme Court nomination with the full vote probably sceduled for next week, I googled 'Sonia Sotomayor + Bohemian Grove' to see if her name popped up and whaddaya know?

The judge is said to have resigned recently from her membership in the ladies' version of this group which met in California last week for their annual shindig of satanic rituals so it wouldn't disgruntle anyone voting for her - with their constituents, I imagine.

Some of them may be members of the Grove themselves! Perhaps a fully revealed membership list is in order, si?

Scroll below to my July Archives for a previous post on the Bohemian Grove or click here - their meeting was held during last week's Solar Eclipse.

Of the GOP, only Republican Senator Lindsey Graham voted for Sotomayor's SCOTUS benching - such Capitol Hill Theater, dahlink, in our Masonic Capitol Building on The Hill!

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