Aug 3, 2009

Audio of JFK speech: "We are opposed to secret societies"

This is an audio of a speech by John F. Kennedy in which he states, among other things, that, "We are opposed to secret societies." So you may wish to check it out considering that Dealey Plaza, where the president was assassinated in Dallas is well-known as a Masonic Plaza.

Prominent figures killed by secret societies tend to have an 'eternal flame' at their gravesites, in case you're wondering who there are. Princess Diana, Martin Luther King, Jr, and the rest would appreciate attention to discovering their murderers' identities, imo.

And yet I know that everyone is afraid of them. Just look at the sorry, often quixotic, behavior of the US Congress.

Disclosure: I never blog here or elsewhere with the intent of maligning rank and file members of any organization; I believe the 'need to know' model is used within them all, where only a select few people at the top of the pyramid-of-power actually know everything that's being done and why - in order to keep the reins of power firmly in certain hands, and to avoid any chances of their own unmasking. Plus, underlings doing decent charity work makes a good screen for evil to hide behind, don't you think? jc

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