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Nov 21, 2023

Can Debunking JFK Conspiracy Myths Shed Light On 60 Year Old Assassination? - Thom Hartmann

In case you missed it, check out this recent segment from Thom Hartmann and author-historian Lamar Waldron:


Astrology Weighs In

by Jude Cowell, partisan for the common good

JFK Assassination Horoscope Nov 22, 1963 12:30 pm CST Dallas, TX:

And here is a Synastry Grid displaying JFK natal planets (horizontal) with Assassination Planets (vertical); a few potentials of the transits-to-natal contacts are penned on the grid but represent only a sampling of possibilities that existed on The Day America Died:

John Fitzgerald Kennedy born May 29, 1917 3:00 pm EST (RR:A) Brookline, Massachusetts: Sun 7Gem51; Moon 17Vir13; ASC 20Libra; Chiron 29Pis25; 8th house Vertex of Fate 17Tau57 conj Mars 18Tau25; MC 23Can46 conj Saturn 27Can09 with Neptune 2Leo40; 9th house Pluto 3Can16 near South Node 11Can14 and you'll note that JFK's death occurred during his Nodal Half Return, a transit which times breaks in relationships that are no longer useful or positive, and when 'difficult' meetings may occur.

Mar 26, 2014

"Former FBI Agent Reveals Who Really Killed John Kennedy" video

What a former FBI agent says in this 5-minute video about the JFK assassination makes more sense than the white-wash conclusions of the Warren Commission though he does not address the possibility that someone or a group of elites ordered the killing of an American president:

1960s: Pluto, the Assassin, Meets Uranus, the Anarchist

If you wish, you may view a totally unmarked version of the JFK assassination horoscope here. Among other chart factors, you'll notice the explosive, 'collapse of the old order' duo lining up for their mid-1960s Great Conjunction/s in mid-Virgo, Uranus and Pluto. The old order v new order pair now transit in a Cardinal Square aspect (next exact square April 21, 2014) and are supporting mayhem across the globe.

The horoscope also shows the Sun (leader) at a critical 29th degree of secretive, betraying Scorpio, and near fixed star Bungala (Alpha Centauri), aka, Toliman, a star that is only visible in southern latitudes but since I deal here with symbology, I'll add that Bungala has a Jupiter-Venus nature and indicates themes of relationships with females that are somehow spoiled (adultery can do it); or, a happy relationship that is suddenly stricken by exceptional circumstances...such as your husband being assassinated.

Nov 20, 2013

Horoscope: LBJ Sworn In on November 22, 1963

Horoscope: Lyndon B. Johnson Sworn In On Board Air Force One

by Jude Cowell

With this Friday, November 22, 2013, being the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, much of media is devoted to bringing the public all manner of programs concerning the Day America Died and the conspiracy theories which continue to swirl about. For one, Friday evening beginning at 7:00 pm EST, MSNBC airs topical programs which crescendo at 9:00 pm est with Rev. Al Sharpton hosting 50 Years of Guns.

Here's a round up of TV coverage concerning the 50th anniversary of the assassination.

Yes, wallowing in the eternal mystery of JFK's murder seems to be required for the 50th anniversary and it's certainly understandable considering The Coup's subsequent effects upon our nation including Johnson's escalation of the Vietnam War and the lucrative expansion of the US military. But how about a view of the horoscope of Lyndon Johnson's presidential swearing-in on board Air Force One prior to its take-off from Dallas on November 22, 1963? The record shows the ceremony occurred at 2:38 pm.

Naturally, the planets remain in their zodiacal positions from 12:30 pm, the time of the shooting with the Aquarian Moon moving one degree closer to depressive Saturn, and the cusps changing signs--Ascending in the swearing-in chart you see below is 5Aries45 (ASC was in Aquarius with Saturn and the Aquarian Moon barely risen at 12:30 pm.) This makes Mars the LBJ presidency and oath-taking chart-ruler with the sign and house position of Mars @20Sag35 (Sagittarius being the natural sign of the 9th house of Foreign Lands and Philosophies) all important. And perhaps a chart-ruler applying to no other planets is similar to the out-of-bounds (OOBs) condition: no one can interfere with what's intended to be done, and/or things will not turn out as expected.

You also notice that LBJ is in process of a Jupiter-to-natal-Saturn transit, a time when one may rid oneself of a restriction (as noted in my scribbles, upper right of the chart.) Well, he is credited by some researchers as the executor of the JFK assassination, or at least, may have had a part in the charade. LBJ, did, after all, benefit greatly from Kennedy's death. Or he assumed he would as 'leader of the free world'!

Hour: Sun; Mercury, Venus, and Mars are OOBs; LBJ's natal Saturn is his first natal planet to rise along with transit Jupiter @9Ari48 Rx, and LBJ's natal Uranus-NN midpoint of radical politics is caught up, too...Ura-NN = n Saturn: encountering difficulties with others; accepting control by group vote; Ura-NN = tr Jupiter: the big opportunity comes to those who demand it (Tyl.) The Sun (leader) remains at a critical crisis 29th degree but rounding up we have: '30Sco' = "A Halloween Jester." Sun is also involved with the cruel Saturn-Pluto midpoint which denotes much toil and sparing no pains in one's work. (Tyl.) This must apply to JFK and then to LBJ.

Two YOD patterns with crisis and 'special task' implications, are seen (please click image to enlarge) with NN @11Can55 the apex of one YOD, and the Uranus-Pluto conjunction at apex of the other (though this YOD was tighter at 12:30 pm.) Uranus-Pluto on one level denotes 'overturning the status quo' and this somebody or some group obviously did in the showiest way imaginable. As far as the Grassy Knoll theory of at least two shooters, it's always seemed interesting to me that the Sabian Symbol for '10Virgo' (the position of anarchistic Uranus) is: "Two Heads Looking Out and Beyond the Shadows." And of course, vengeful Pluto is the assassin and the saboteur--or, the wealthy patron of such criminal actions.

You'll also note that oath-taking Mercury @9Sag53 conjoins Antares whose keywords show an obsession with success and leanings toward war.

Let's close with the Water-Air Sun Sco-Moon AQ blend's 'Images for Integration' to describe that sad day in Dallas: "A hovering hawk surveys the world, at one with nature" which reminds me of the book depository window in Masonic Dealey Plaza, and "An exotic moth emerges from its chrysalis, in perfect form, a specimen of the sublimity of nature's intelligence." (Charles & Suzi Harvey.)

Can you see the newly emerging President Johnson in the horoscope and in the Image!

For your further consideration, here are three previous posts, one concerning the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, one that contains a video presentation on the mysterious death of JFK Jr, and the third post on the Sun Sco-Moon AQ blend of the JFK assassination. May all three Kennedys rest in peace.

Apr 16, 2013

JFK: "--a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy--" (audio-video w Astrology)

Well, here it is, an excerpt of a speech President Kennedy gave to the American Newspaper Publishers' Association on April 27, 1961 at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel NYC in which he lays his dove-gray gloves on the table and sets himself against a certain entity which "--relies on covert means--" to affect their goals. "--no secret is revealed," asserts JFK though one assumes his remarks didn't suit someone or another since he was completely taken out of the political picture by November 22, 1963:

And what of April 27, 1961? Anything interesting going on overhead with the planets which might fall into the 'As Above, So Below" category as relating to our topic?

First, if you wish, check out a full text of Mr. Kennedy's speech here for it's quite illuminating. Although I've not located the exact hour he began to speak, he does refer to "tonight" so for this reason, and because at 8:00 pm EST NYC a powerful midpoint forms overhead at Midheaven, the Goal Point of any horoscope, I'm using '8:00 pm EST' NYC for the speculative timing of a horoscope of his April 27, 1961 speech. Here are the early Virgo midpoint picture's potential manifestations:

Pluto-NN = MC: one's future depends on contacts and associations; life objectives influenced by associations which cause career setbacks (Ebertin); associations with others are the sine quo non of success (Tyl); life-altering contacts with others.

As you know, the Pluto-NN pairing has connotations which include: the common destiny of a large mass of people; life-significant relationships; mass meetings; identification with a larger group; breakdowns in security (as in Dallas, TX on November 22, 1963?) This pair working in tandem has been called the "tiger by the tail" duo and I allege that President Kennedy may have grabbed the wrong end of the animal all through his presidency with the tragedy of assassination as the result.

As for the Sun (leader; the president) and Moon (populace; publicity) that evening, Sun is in Venus-ruled Taurus, a money sign with a seamy underbelly of greed, intolerance, and bigotry, with the Moon in Airy Libra, a double-Venus signature.

The Sun Tau-Moon Libra combo identifies the evening's 'cosmic personality' as that of a persuasive and diplomatic realist, a social theorist, and philosopher. It is shared natally by precisely the kind of folk we often think of when we think of "ruthless conspiracy" groups--Adam Weishaupt's Bavarian Illuminati, formed May 1, 1776 in Ingolstadt, Germany, and having very similar outer planet placements as America (July 4, 1776.) This Sun-Moon blend overemphasizes rational solutions to every sort of problem, a trait which supports the Uranus-Neptune 'Illuminati' signature of The Enlightenment of Science, Logic, and secular Humanism.

Aptly, the Taurus-Libra blend is also shared natally by India's Golda Meir who informed us that, "A leader who doesn't hesitate before he sends his nation into battle is not fit to be a leader."

Tragically for the American people and for the nations and treasures we set our caps upon, our leaders long ago forgot how to make that fair assessment from within the cesspool of intrigue and favor-dispensing in which our presidents operated from deep inside our Venusian Oval Office.


Recommended: Sun Sign-Moon Sign by Charles & Suzi Harvey.

Mar 4, 2013

1988 British JFK Documentary (video) w a link to the Nov 22, 1963 chart

With November 22, 2013 being the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, you may wish to watch an alternate presentation concerning what happened in Dallas, Texas The Day the Dream Died:


Or, as I termed it when posting the JFK assassination horoscope in 2007, The Day America Died. though most Americans realize by now that the tragedy on Nov 22, 1963 was only one coup of the US government on a list of many. It's a process, you know. That way a take-over can be sneaked in upon us...

My thanks to Forbidden Knowledge TV for sending along a link to this video.

Dec 27, 2010

A Presidency in Review (video) : our Mars/Neptune link

A Presidency in Review: Who is Barack Obama?

Looking around for a general review of President Obama's Oval Office term with which to end 2010, I came upon John Pilger giving his assessment of President Barack Obama in July 2010. This may present the clearest picture yet of the man in the White House and the astrological synchronicity between our nation's *Neptune 22Vir25 (illusion, delusion, self-deception, fraud) connection to Mr. Obama's Mars 22Vir35, planet of motivation, action, and energy.

Neptune is also linked to the (collusive) media, the masses, large entities such as corporations, and Socialism.

Yes, the slogan-based 'Change-Hope' wool (Neptune) proved easy to pull (Mars) over the public's eyes and the mutual Obama-US Mars/Neptune link accounts for much of what some then considered Obama's dreamy rockstar appeal (remember the heady days of Campaign 2008? Obama Girl probably does.) Having his Neptune in sexy Scorpio added to the glamorous effect as well - still does - and helped sell the product: the candidate himself.

For a perfect description of our Mars/Neptune collusion with the Democrat who 'came from out of nowhere' onto the world political stage in 2004, check out what Mr. Pilger has to say about the Obama presidency especially toward the end of this video presentation. Mention is made (as it has been several times on this blog) of Hillary Clinton's and Mr. Obama's secret attendance at the Chantilly, Virginia Bilderberg meeting in June 2008 when it was young Barry who was annointed next 'leader' of the 'free world'!


*The astro-link between US natal Neptune and Mr. Obama's natal Mars qualifies as a Mars-to-natal-Neptune transit for the US on his birthdate, August 4, 1961. The transit marks a time when getting to the bottom of who did what, why, where, or when is impossible or elusive (JFK Inauguration Jan 20, 1961), and the motivations of others are diffcult to ascertain. Physical efforts are secretive, go undetected, or are misunderstood. Alternately, actions may be inspired yet caution is advised when one is around water, gas, chemicals, or drugs (including alcohol.)

Or when driving through Masonic Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas on a November day.

Nov 22, 2010

JFK outed the global conspiracy (audio)

Yes, there still exist multiple theories as to why President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. Examples include: a crazy assassin with a desire for fame, Fidel Castro, the Mafia, the CIA in retaliation for the mishandled Bay of Pigs fiasco, or my preference: his presidential noises about his plans for reforming the world banking system.

This audio of JFK's words emphasizes the existence of a covert conspiracy, a global crime syndicate, that surely must be top of the list of culprits and yet it doesn't point to any of the above theories in particular...except, imho, for the one about the world banking system which is in process of taking over Ireland, the Kennedy family's ancestral home, as I type.


Blog note: SO'W will be on Thanksgiving break until Sunday, November 28. jc

Apr 1, 2010

Determining when we-the-people lost America

Astrologically I have tried for some time to date the primary sea-change in America, when our democracy - or 'republic', if you prefer - turned into a Frankenstein-esque creature unrecognizable to most Americans.

But it isn't that easy because a time-dependent discipline such as Astrology magnifies and illumines best when a precise date is known. Knowing an hour and minute of an event focuses its study even better and it is in this spirit that I have previously titled a post on the assassination of JFK as "The Day America Died" - this was a televised, time-stamped murder!

But even that heinous, disillusioning event was only one marker on the usurping path to total oligarchic one-world-government control and there have been other events with obvious coup d'etat signatures.

Well, Len Hart presents here interesting political insights into our loss of America along with informative quotes and video from E. L. Doctorow who dates important 'sea-changes' to the 1970s, particularly 1974 and the SUN-PAC decision of 1975, which is said to be similar in its impact to the recent SCOTUS decision that 'corporations are people' too - a brazen sell-out of American democracy if there ever was one.

In addition, you may wish to listen to a YouTube audio of President John F. Kennedy concerning his opposition to "secret societies," a sentiment which may have contributed to his cruel assassination in 1963 - as perpetrated and televised from Masonic Dealey Plaza, Dallas. And just like the attacks of 9/11/01, TV networks and stations played the tape over and over and over...

(A Dealey Plaza Note: I personally find the making of a nude music video in that particular place to be a crass exploitation, if not an honoring, of an illegal act which grabbed the helm and changed the course of America. And where America goes, so goes the world. Even for desperate-for-attention singers, talented as they may be.)

Nov 21, 2009

JFK assassination: Sun, Mercury, Moon Returns 2009

The brutal assassination of President John F. Kennedy on Nov 22, 1963 @ 12:32 pm CST in Dallas, Texas is now in process of having 3 Returns to 1963's degrees.

Charts set for Dallas, in order of occurrence, they are:

Nov 21, Saturday @ 4:05 pm CST is the assassination chart's Solar Return in Return 7th house, the degree's repeat of where the Sun (leader) was positioned at the moment of the dirty deed when the Sun was @ 29Sco44 in 9th house with no major aspects; Solar Return (SR)'s Moon 27Cap30 in 10th house conjoined US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx.

Nov 22, Sunday @ 1:37 am CST is the assassination chart's Mercury Return (9Sag45 conj Royal Star Antares, keywords: success if obsession is avoided, or obsessed with success); Merc Return Moon 2AQ11 in 5th house; 5th cusp = JFK's natal Ic 23Cap46 (Ic = 'Death; Endings'...his Ic is conj SR 2009's Mc, so we may expect media and public attention on this, the 46th anniversary of his death.)

Nov 22 @ 8:05 pm CST is the assassination's Lunar Return, with the Moon representing the public or the people @ 11AQ16 in Return 8th house with Jupiter 19AQ50, Chiron 21:30, and Neptune 23:47. This is a Neptune-to-natal-Uranus (n 23AQ43 Rx) transit for JFK describing a time of unrealistic expectations, confusions, deceptions, and disorientation in the atmosphere that stimulate societal changes; ideals conflict with economic and technological conditions which impact methods in unpredictable ways; NN 22Cap19 is near JFK's natal Ic in Moon Return 7th house.

One point about JFK's natal Uranus 23AQ43 Rx is that it was his first natal planet to rise in the assassination chart indicating shock, disruptive events, the unexpected, rebellion, upsets, alienation, and/or separation. (We got them all with this one act.) In fact, with his n Uranus so near US n Moon shows a 'shock to the people'; JFK's n Uranus is in his n 4th house and makes four aspects to n planets: squares to n Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter, and a trine with Venus in Gemini; his Mercury and Mars are in Taurus, 8th house.

Moon Return's Mc 26Pis36 has just been crossed by transiting Uranus 22Pis44 Rx; Saturn 2Lib22 is at the Foundation of the chart in 4th house; Moon Return Sun 00Sag55 is in Return 5th house with Venus 18Sco54.

The Saturnian South Node (SN) of the Moon is a point of separation, and of past events and behaviors. In the Nov 2009 Moon Return chart, JFK's natal SN is conj ASC 11Can40; his n SN = 11Can15, an interesting degree considering how America's relationship with China has changed over the last 46 years. I say this because of the Sabian Symbol for '12Can' which conjuncts US n Sun by one degree...

'12Can' = "A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message" which has a Keynote from Dane Rudhyar: 'The revelation of latent worth in an experience once it is seen in its deeper meaning.'

Don't we wish! I believe larger forces and powers were battling over and above the US presidency in 1963 - as they continue to do.

So between the Solar Return's Sun Sco/Moon Cap, through Sunday's Sun Sag/Moon AQ in both the Mercury and the Lunar Returns, we actually have three sets of Sun/Moon energies within the three Return charts and with Sun Sco/Moon AQ in between, all of which influence the anniversary weekend in relation to the 1963 assassination when dark forces diverted America's direction once again. (This 'eternal flame' crap has become overly tiresome, oh illuminated ones who meddle.)

Let's look at the 'Images for Integration' for the three combos:

Sun Sco/Moon Cap: "A general leads his troops to victory...A film director plans each shot to maximize its emotional impact." (My italics.)

Sun Sco/Moon AQ: "A hovering hawk surveys the world, at one with nature...An exotic moth emerges from its chrysalis, in perfect form, a specimen of the sublimity of nature's intelligence." (This blend is the one from 1963 and I have stated here or elsewhere that the 'hovering hawk' reminds me of an in-the-zone sharp shooter, a sniper. Or two.)

Sun Sag/Moon AQ: On a tour of primitive lands, a university professor goes through a tribal initiation and becomes a blood brother of the chief."

(Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

Sun: solar, leader, the adult, purpose, hero's journey; Mercury: thinking processes, intellect, communications, commerce, trade, news and reporting, changes, travel; Moon: the public, the people, emotions and feeling them, the unconscious, the family, nurturing and food, the inner child, fluctuations and changes.

When a past event has three Returns on, or almost on, the anniversary date of the event itself, the three cycles emphasize the event's importance and stimulates attention being paid to it, particularly with the addition of the Lunar Return.

So if we find ourselves discussing JFK's assassination more than on most anniversaries past and expressing our thoughts and feelings about it, we may be unconsciously tapping in to the Sun, Mercury, and Moon energies on that day in Dallas, Nov 22, 1963 at 12:32 om CST - in the Masonic Square of Dealy Plaza.

published Nov 22, 2009 @ 3:06 am est

Oct 30, 2009

Truman quote on the CIA's cloaks, daggers + JFK

Like a puppy with a bone I always return to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. What am I reading tonight? Here's a tidbit from 1963, still of a haunting spirit which is, I suppose, quite appropriate for Saturday night's Halloween:

"For some time I have been disturbed by the way the CIA has been diverted from its original assignment. It has become an operational and at times a policy-making arm of the government....I never had any thought that when I set up the CIA that it would be injected into peacetime cloak and dagger operations."

Written by former President Harry Truman, in a letter to the Washington Post, one month after the JFK assassination, December 21, 1963

He said, "policy-making arm"!

Well, not enough had been written about the Nov 22, 1963 assassination of the too-popular-for-the-GOP Democratic president so I added my 1-cent's worth which you may check out if you wish. Turns out that US presidents who threaten to rein in and/or expose the hydra-headed world banking system don't get a chance to complete their lives.

Aug 3, 2009

Audio of JFK speech: "We are opposed to secret societies"

This is an audio of a speech by John F. Kennedy in which he states, among other things, that, "We are opposed to secret societies." So you may wish to check it out considering that Dealey Plaza, where the president was assassinated in Dallas is well-known as a Masonic Plaza.

Prominent figures killed by secret societies tend to have an 'eternal flame' at their gravesites, in case you're wondering who there are. Princess Diana, Martin Luther King, Jr, and the rest would appreciate attention to discovering their murderers' identities, imo.

And yet I know that everyone is afraid of them. Just look at the sorry, often quixotic, behavior of the US Congress.

Disclosure: I never blog here or elsewhere with the intent of maligning rank and file members of any organization; I believe the 'need to know' model is used within them all, where only a select few people at the top of the pyramid-of-power actually know everything that's being done and why - in order to keep the reins of power firmly in certain hands, and to avoid any chances of their own unmasking. Plus, underlings doing decent charity work makes a good screen for evil to hide behind, don't you think? jc

Jul 26, 2009

JFK assassination: Sun Scorpio--Moon Aquarius

Recently I've reviewed the charts of President Kennedy's death by assassination in Dealey Plaza, Dallas, Texas, a Masonic Plaza built with the mathematical principles of Sacred Geometry in mind.

(Nov 22, 1963; president shot: 12:30 or 12:32 pm CST, depending on the source you consult; died or was pronounced dead - I confess I can't find which one - at 1:00 pm CST, as reported by Walter Cronkite; I suspect 1:00 pm was the doctor's pronouncement made when the staff gave up on their efforts, and no one could have thought from Mr. Kennedy's wounds that there was much hope for life, after all.)

'Masonic Plaza' means that all the angles of the place were pre-known by certain folks - had to be. Freemasonry keeps accurate records and the geometry is built in.

Well, at the moment I'm looking at two charts - one for The Shot 12:32 pm CST, the other for 1:00 pm.

12:32 pm: Sun 29Sco44, Moon 11AQ16; ASC 20AQ01; Mc 4Sag13; Mars 20Sag31 conj Venus 21:27 in 10th house; Jupiter 9Ari49 Rx in 2nd house, jumps to 1st house before 1:00 pm; Neptune 15Sco55 in 9th house.

I mention Mars, Jupiter, and Neptune primarily because they are the Marseillaise planets, a trio which indicates violence when working together. No, they are not in a pattern here, but that's why I noted their positions for you, in case you wondered.

Nodal axis: NN 11Can56 in 5th house; SN conjunct asteroid, Hopi: prejudice; ambush. This mystery play had been acted out before (SN.)

Mercury, planet of planning and of our senses, crosses Mc just prior to 1:00 pm - 9Sag45/47 and you know this degree conjuncts a Royal Star of Persia, Antares (Alpha Scorpius), keywords: ruthlessness, obsession, and drama. This may show a sharp-shooter leaving the scene quickly. Oswald? Perhaps. If his vision and skills were sharp enough.

(An example of Antares linked to natal Mercury is murder mystery writer Agatha Christie. How many times through the decades since 1963 has the world heard, Who Killed JFK?, as if it's the ultimate murder mystery.)

Revolutionary, incendiary Uranus and saboteur Pluto are loosely tangoing together in Virgo, 7th house, and getting ready to meet in a Great Conjunction three times: Oct 9, 1965 17Vir10; Apr 4, 1966 16Vir28; and June 30, 1966. The Uranus/Pluto pair also signifies 'Rock'n'Roll' and it was 'under the influence' of this conj that I witnessed The Beatles concert in Atlanta - but I digress.

My point is that it was an intensely electric and original time as well as being politically highly charged and transformative.

By 1:00 pm CST, Sun 29Sco45 (exactly conjunct - partile - the 2009 Inaugural Moon 29:45, as a matter of fact. Hmm.)

Moon had reached 11AQ30 in that half hour from Hades, realm of Pluto - sabotage brought to the American people and the world by ______ (fill in the blank. My guess: the select few leaders of a group who imagine themselves illuminated and who wallow at the top of a pyramid-of-power letting underlings know only what they must know in order to do their jobs...a 'need to know' basis. On 11.22.63, a sharp-shooter had a particular job or mission, as directed from above.)

Depressive Saturn is in 12th house at 17AQ19 ('17AQ' is the 'end of progress' degree); the Moon (the public; the people; publicity) caught up with Saturn later as more and more of the public discovered what had been done to the president and thus to them; Moon/Saturn is the epitome of emotional depression and heaviness. (Plus, the US natal Moon is in AQ although in later degrees - hence a Lunar Return soon brought home our grief.)

Imho, the course of history was forcefully re-directed by those with the power to make it happen. And the 'eternal flame' of Horus burns at yet another grave site as a constant testimony to their culpability in the crime...but they're proud of it!

Now the reason I mention this today is so that the Kennedy Assassination Day's Sun-Moon blend may be posted here because I think it's a telling bit of information on the power elite's criminal tendencies, the flavor of the day, and on its participants. But since Astrology is an 'AC-DC' kind of system, we may wish to consider the following as, in part, relating to JFK, and on another level representing the sniper/s and his/their bosses.

See what you think. Many of the details are credited to Charles and Suzi Harvey's excellent book, Sun Sign-Moon Sign, and to Dr. Noel Tyl in his, Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology. My own observations may creep in and are sometimes difficult to distinguish from others' so you're on your own there!

Assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Nov 22, 1963:

Sun Sco-Moon AQ is a Water-Air blend of energies that is ethereal and misty; tremendous effort is needed to deal with the real world. The shadow or unconscious side of Water-Air is a tendency toward confusing one's thinking with feelings; an apparently detached viewpoint is actually tinged with personal bias. Well-planned schemes can be carried out, and there can be an ability to separate thoughts from feelings which makes this a formidable combination for a politician or for an assassin and/or assassin-dispatcher.

Sco-AQ narrows down the picture and supports the ability to separate one's feelings from one's plans. There is intense determination, an unwillingness to accept easy answers, and a lack of faith in one's fellow human beings which doesn't allow them a fair chance (the words, 'sitting duck' come to mind. But there's more...)

This is the 'law unto oneself' combo with an ability to plunge into experience, then dispassionately observe the consequences; the visionary goal is "held with full strength,' says Dr. Tyl.

(Obviously, JFK as President was the trouble, along with his capacity to rally the public in directions the power elite didn't want America to go. So they acted. Jack Kennedy is said to have been planning changes to the international banking system, as had President Lincoln before him.)

The Harveys' 'Images for Integration' for this combo seem to apply; see if you agree that at least one of the two is uncannily accurate:

A hovering hawk surveys the world, at one with nature...An exotic moth emerges from its chrysalis in perfect form, a specimen of the sublimity of nature's intelligence.

Yes, I agree that the 'hovering hawk' applies and 'at one with nature' reminds me of 'the zone' one would have to lock into in order to perform such a feat.

But the second image could refer to several things as well: was JFK the 'exotic moth' who was giving his bosses trouble by way of his intelligent maneuverings? Or had he not followed the papacy's wishes as instructed? Was the 'moth' Oswald? Just a few thoughts, and please have some of your own and leave a comment, if you wish, because it gets echo-y and lonely in here with no discussion!

Next up is a brief list of those who share the Sun Sco-Moon AQ blend in their natal charts; then I'll leave you with quotes from three of them, and a few details on the Pre-Natal Eclipse Series of this sad, history-diverting event...

Albert Camus, Dylan Thomas, Charles Manson, Jean Monnet (economist and architect of the European Community), and Voltaire, whose philosophic notions have lurked within many a radical revolutionist's diary next to Rousseau's lofty theories.

(These Utopian ideals require the meltdown of society and the economic chaos we are now mired in. The killing of JFK - the re-directing of the White House - was a watershed moment for our nation on several levels (as was the bogus election of 2000.) Many Americans have expressed the view through the years that things 'haven't been the same since' in our nation. That's because it was yet another coup for control, part of an ongoing agenda now quite revealed to everyone. (See previous post with David Icke's astounding video presentation.)

Three Quotes from Sun Sco-Moon AQ personalities:

"Integrity is in no need of rules." Albert Camus

(The so-called "Utopia" where you're on your own, citizen. The 'elites' consider themselves above the rules...laws unto themselves.)

"Oh may my heart's truth still be sung on this high hill in a year's time." Dylan Thomas

('High hill' or grassy knoll? Is this the "heart's truth" about the perpetrator? Or perhaps a sharp-shooter lurked farther away than the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza; either way, we see the reference.)

"How much more cruel the pen is than the sword." Robert Burton

(Pen 'more cruel' only if you're not the victim of the assassin's 'sword'.)

The Pre-Natal Eclipse Series during which the assassination was carried out is the 1 North which manifested on July 20, 1963, at '27Can' - precisely opposite America's natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx. Our national Pluto is unaspected and thus works alone from its ivory tower, though the plutonic puppetmaster can be affected by transits and progressions.

This astrological circumstance of 1963 provides a midpoint picture for your consideration...

1963's Sun/Moon = US natal Pluto: critical time of development; separation to start anew; potential new perspectives in relationship; a biased attitude or changed conditions lead to important developments; a soul torn by inner conflict. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

(There's the word biased again.)

1N: an essence of tiredness or health problems; unexpected events concerning friends or groups place tremendous pressure on personal relationships; issues loom large and hasty decisions should be avoided since information is distorted and possibly false. (Brady's Predictive Astrology; my caps and paraphrasing.)

This is the PE of: the United Nations, and of Truman's atomic bombs on Japan (Horoshima: Aug 6, 1945 - personally I'd apologize profusely if I could. But one thing I've discovered during my studies on secret hand Pluto and invisible government Saturn/Neptune: these exalted Grand Masters and their minions don't work on behalf of the American people as they propagandize - they only pretend to. Duh.)

And illuminatingly, 1N the same Series as the Mother of All Eclipses, Nostradamus' King of Terror (or of Alarm) Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 (18Leo+), and it's all part of their 'higher agenda' of terror promotion with which the New Millennium has been poisoned and drenched. You see how America has changed.

Even the late 90s press on the August 1999 Eclipse promoted a certain 'reality' for the sheeple to appreciate, including the "Y2K" madness where mega-bucks disappeared into a hidden funnel somewhere, along with personal information as PROMIS software's progeny was enlisted to track people's private business and spy on other nations. Thieving a few cents from millions of bank accounts can really add up, too, not to mention 'disappearing' people who become inconvenient to the Big Picture.

(I believe Sandra Bullock's film, The Net, came out in the late 90s and you know what her character had to go through to get her identity back.)

So when is the next Solar manifestation in the 1N Series?

August 21, 2017 at a critical 29th degree: '29Leo' conjunct one of the Royal Stars of Persia: Regulus, keyphrase: success if revenge is avoided.

What are the chances?


Here's a previous post from 2007 on the JFK assassination with chart image and a link to details on the 12:32 pm chart.

Apr 29, 2009

Arlen Specter Feb 12, 1930

Senator Arlen Specter, who formally announced his switch to the Democratic Party yesterday, Apr 28, 2009, was born in Wichita, Kansas on Feb 12, 1930, birth time unknown.

Yesterday, as what some would say was a long overdue formal announcement of the moderate Republican's party re-affiliation (Specter was a Dem in his earlier days) transiting Jupiter 23AQ37 was conjunct his natal Sun 23AQ21 (using a Sun-conj-MC chart set for 12:43:42 pm CST) and his natal Venus 24AQ49.

This gives Sen. Specter a self-satisfied Sun-Venus conj natally which indicates one who loves to be loved and liked, and will adjust his personality to assure this. It's a self-dramatizing combination which can have a pompous air due to thinking that his mere presence is enough to merit everyone's attention.

Jupiter-to-Sun signifies a culmination of something begun 12 years before (Jupiter's orbit appr 12 years long) and those who know more of the senator's career and life than I do may know what this refers to - I do know from his Wiki bio that he ended his stint as Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence on Jan 3, 1997 (which may not qualify since it was an ending in itself.)

Jupiter's expansive tendencies to one's ego (Sun) indicates that whatever was begun 12 years ago must now move to a higher level (not NWO plans, I hope) or come to an end. Recognition and honor come along easily with this Jupiter transit but it's better not to get carried away with one's own self-importance now....perhaps an impossible task for a politician, especially one born with a Sun-Venus conjunction!

Jupiter to natal Venus shows an increased desire for luxury, and that there's been an establishment of an important alliance - with Pres. Obama is the obvious guess especially since the president is said to have promised Sen. Specter that he will campaign on his behalf in Pennsylvania in 2010.

Also yesterday, the transiting midpoint of the speculation pair, Jupiter/Neptune 24AQ55 is sitting upon the senator's natal Sun and Venus so we have two pictures...any, all, or none may apply...

Jupiter/Neptune = Venus: optimism in relationship.

Jup/Nep = Sun: trying to capture the essence of things; following a dream (not a NWO dream, I hope); feeling the spirit; potentially misguided states (not PA, I hope); speculation (better political chances as a Dem?); irresponsibility; deceiving or being deceived. (Tyl; Ebertin.)

More current transits include:

natal Mercury 27Cap18 (conj US natal Pluto - in fact, Specter was born in 1930, the year of Pluto's discovery, so his natal degree is the Discovery degree of Pluto - his 17Can52 Rx); tr Sun 8Tau30 at noon is snugged between his NN 5Tau44 and Chiron 9Tau54 indicating something fated and with a wounding quality about his party affiliation switch. Perhaps he dealt a long-coming (North Node) wound (Chiron) to the R Party and may have been feeling wounded (under appreciated) himself.

So here's a midpoint picture in effect for some months now...

Tr Nep/Pluto = n Mercury: communications are other than they appear; deception as a strategy; loss of centering; nervous weakness; many plans incapable of realisation; thinking and acting while under strange influences.

(I noticed that Elizabeth on The View this morning mentioned plaintively that Sen. Specter had said a month ago that he would remain Republican. So much for a politician's promises, eh? Maybe a diss to his pompousness occurred!)

US natal Pluto now has tr Pluto/Chiron midpoint conjunct it and tr Neptune/Pluto midpoint is there as well...Nep/Plu being the signature of the Robber Baron class, Plu/Chiron being plutocrats who oppress with disenfranchisement, fascism, totalitarianism, corporatism, racism, the ruthless list goes on.

Another of yesterday's links with Sen. Specter's natal chart is Mars 4AQ40 being triggered by tr NN...a time when meetings are held to get the job done.

Well, Sen. Specter is a fighter, we know that, so his switch of loyalties - assuming he's not operating as a Trojan horse against the D Party - should be interesting to watch and will perhaps help his prospects in his next re-election battle.

But I have yet to forget Specter's role on the Warren Commission and its whitewashing of the true culprits in the assassination of Pres. John F. Kennedy, when a major coup of our government was successfully enjoined.

And saboteur Pluto, with Neptune's obfuscating help, continues bedeviling and undermining America today.