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Aug 16, 2009

Stars Over US Presidencies

At leisure I have now re-read the Visual Astrology Newsletter's issue concerning Fixed Star parans to US presidents' natal charts and the portents of US Inaugurations from the perspective of their dates and locations being changed at key times in US history.

First it was George Washington on Wall Street, then Philadelphia, then on to Washington...scenarios of crimes and crescendos of political power. And of the people's power, such as we, at any given time, realize it and its usefulness.

Why fuss about stars? Because our inaugural reschedulings and locational adjustments have brought new star parans into play for our nation while morphing the character of the Office of the Presidency and its idealisms into different kettles of fish being forced onto America's menu.

And We-the-People have been choking on hidden fishbones ever since!

So because the US presidency and its Oath of Office symbolize, on one level, our system of government (a republic masquerading as a democracy), the evidence of this transformation is clearly displayed in star lore of mythic proportions, so check out - or review - this issue of Brady's and Gunzberg's excellent Visual Astrology Newsletter as it lays out for you a broader picture of history's underpinnings.

Plus, with a mere 'click,' you'll discover that some US Inauguration charts are displayed including the one for Jan 20, 2009, noon est, Washington, DC, held for former Senator Barack Obama, whose Presidential Oath was so nice, he's taken it twice.

Hopefully, this mooted the opportunity for Horatio's Oath to be taken as well.

But I wouldn't bank on it.

And speaking of US Inaugurations, here's my most basic pet peeve about how we do them: the Bible says not to swear oaths on it. Personally, I'm inclined to take its advice on this matter very seriously. But then I'm not a politician swaggering around imagining myself to be above the laws of God. Or of men.

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