Sep 25, 2009

G-20 Pittsburgh: Sun Lib-Moon Sag 9.25.09

Here are a few details on today's astrological weather by way of the Sun-Moon blends.

Moon is out-of-bounds which tallies with G-8 or G-20 Summits' tendency to cordon off the people so world 'leaders' don't have to see or experience protesters' rage, and for the participants' safety. These summits are where Pluto and Chiron meet with their combined energies signifying class warfare, oppression, corporatism, and the other nasty, often violent, -isms of Pluto/Chiron.

And the Pluto/Chiron midpoint, now @ 26Cap17, is on the Nodal axis on the end called the Head of the Dragon (North Node), along with America's natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx and out-of-bounds.

At 9 am edt, NYC, Sun 2Lib36 was on the verge of leaving the behind-the-scenes 12th house and entering 11th house of Groups and Associations. I don't know the exact minute that President Obama began speaking this morning, but it may well have been just after 9 am. If so, the ASC 23Lib24 brought Fixed Stars Arcturus (a different approach ) and Spica (potential for brilliance) with it.

At Mc 27Can25 was SN, with Mars 18Can39 in 9th house.

Now here are the 'Images for Integration' for today's Sun Lib-Moon Sag combo which morphs into Sun Lib-Moon Cap at 7:44 pm edt this evening.

Sun Lib-Moon Sag: Bob Geldof spins Band Aid out of the air to help famine-stricken Africa...An educationalist creates a Palace of Discovery to feed and stimulate young minds.

The workaholic Sun Lib-Moon Sag blend can tend to over-stretch and over-estimate its capacities, and may appear proud and aloof from others. Yet it does have a flair for persuasion and publicity, and for seeing the larger vision with new ways of doing things. (Well, it's their 'larger vision' and 'new ways' that always concern me for it's responsible for shoving the world onto the sorry NWO path we're now on, imho. jc.)

This blend is shared natally by Art Buchwald who wrote, "I explained to him that I had simple tastes and didn't want anything ostentatious, no matter what it cost me."

Sun Lib-Moon Cap: At the annual Christmas party, the chairman dresses up as Father Christmas and hands out new gold-engraved stationary for everybody...The Statue of Liberty. This is a blend of blatant self-interest vs cooperative spirit, and has a subtle talent for manipulation and an overly sensitive ego that takes offence very easily.

It is shared natally by Bobby Seale who asserted that, "We must start coming forth with our energies...our intellects, and our abilities to see what is right and what must be done, so the suffering will stop, and the phrase 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' begins to make some human sense."

At this tipping point I'd be quite prepared for the people's suffering to stop the world over. Wonder what the G-20 Summiters will be doing about that?

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