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Sep 25, 2009

Naomi Klein interviews Michael Moore - text link

On Sept 25, 2009 Naomi Klein interviewed by phone Michael Moore whose new film Capitalism: A Love Story is garnering excellent reviews.

Click the link to read the text of their interview.

Plus, you'll find a video of the film's trailer embedded a few posts below this on Sept 21. It's worth your effort, if you haven't seen it. Actually, don't scroll - here's the link for you.

For as Mr. Moore says so ably on our behalf: we want our money back.

And I must pass on what David Letterman just said on TV about Dick Cheney's back surgery...he needed it from carrying Bush for 8 years.

Then, today as I waited in line, whose frowning snoot do I spy on the cover of a supermarket tabloid but that of ex-prez George Bush along with the news that Bush is depressed and suicidal. Hmm. With his ego?

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