Sep 18, 2009

New Moon chart 25Vir59 on 9.18.09

Horoscope of the New Moon @ 25Vir59, Sept 18, 2009, 2:44 pm edt, White House; New Moon conjunct Saturn 25Vir07, in 9th house; Hour of Venus @ 27Leo50 in 8th house; chart-ruler is karmic Saturn, direct and in control of Sun and Moon with nearby Mercury's aid in its own sign of Virgo - and a new cycle begins.

ASC 1Cap16>> Pluto 00Cap40 rising (@ the god of the Underworld's Direct Station degree/minute 00:40 on Sept 11, 2009), opposing asteroid, Atlantis 1Can06, a significator for America, and reminder of those reputed and mysterious ancient teachings that every one's so crazy about. Are the melting polar ice caps uncovering an Atlantean trove of precious manuscripts? Are they too soggy to read?

Midpoint pictures (from Noel Tyl) include:

Sun/Moon = Saturn: weakened system; addressing problems; Sun/Saturn = Moon: feeling inferior, hurt; personal needs under wraps; separation; Moon/Saturn = Sun: sobering times; feelings of enforced controls; separation in relationship.

Neptune/Pluto = NN: sharing other worldliness and curiosity; group study projects; Neptune/ASC = NN: hurt through others; deception; rumor.

As always, the pictures may operate in an any~all~none fashion.

Sabian Symbol for the New Moon '26Virgo' = "A Boy with a Censer Serves Near the Priest," the negative/unconscious/shadow side of which Marc Edmund Jones gives as:

'A resort to empty motions in order to avoid any appreciable self-expenditure.'

Mercury has retrograded back into Virgo, as you see here @ a crisis-riddled 29th degree, Mars is conjunct Fixed Star SIRIUS in 7th house (also associated with ancient Egyptian rites and beliefs), and there's a rather nasty quindecile aspect between heavyweights Mars and Pluto indicating ruthlessness, being driven toward power, domination, and possessiveness. This 165 degr aspect of obsession and compulsion dominates the New Moon and its chart, and I'm not very happy about it.

Yet time is short recently and going into next week for my blogging duties due to several Art activities; that's why I wanted to upload an image of the New Moon chart of Sept 18, 2009 - please click to enlarge if you wish to read a few more of my notes concerning this cuss'ed propaganda-infused horoscope with the midpoint of the international banking pair, Jupiter/Pluto, in 1st house and opposing America's natal Mercury...

Jupiter/Pluto = Mercury: promotion of a cause; persuasion (Tyl); the desire to influence many people; the gift of oration; a propaganda campaign (Ebertin.)

Be alert to the underlying meanings of what you hear in the next two weeks - I think it may be the start of a new cycle of subject or theme introduced, and/or different perspectives to enthrall the masses over the cliff.

Not that being alert to double meanings isn't always a great idea considering Washington's high-handed, fraudulent, self-serving oligarchs of propaganda.

And lay low Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as much as you can, for it's the dark of the Moon when sneaky things happen by slimy culprits who appreciate the veiling cover of darkness.

Myself, I'll be necessarily laying low from my blogs a while for I must return to Art projects now...


Duse said...

Jude! I was hoping to read your thoughts on the New Moon and here they are! :^)

Wow, Pluto on the Ascendant. A more perfect symbol for the systematic destruction (Pluto) of our health care (Ascendant) by Corporate Groups and Authority Figures (Pluto) could not be found. And the New Moon in that 9th House feels like We, the People, will be "talked to" instead of having the conversation which could happen were the New Moon in the chattier, perhaps friendlier 3rd.

Guess we'll get more of Obama the Orator, but he -- and the They of Congress and the Senate -- will still be at odds with what We need as this New Moon is squaring this Pluto-Ascendant. Feels like one big, rushed, clumsy, desperate to get something done and crow about it stutter-step to me. But its Public, being near the MC, and the rulers of the MC/IC axis (the Them and Us, I like to call it) are either languishing in the 8th or kicking up dirt in the 7th.

Speaking of which, we still have those more personal finances (seen in Venus as opposed to the Big Money of Pluto) lingering in the 8th House of Taxes and Death ... and other stuff, too. But, with the inconjunct, she has no relationship to this New Moon. They may be reading the same book, but Venus might be a chapter or two behind and lost in the dark. And she's still at odds (via the opposition) to those dreams and ideals of a better life (Jupiter, et al in Aquarius).

And of course we have Aries stewing away down at the IC with his ruler Mars kicking up trouble in the 7th. Seems as if the aggressive energy meeting those proposals coming out of DC isn't going to simmer down anytime soon.

In any case, this is just what I saw when I first peeked at the chart.

One thing about the New Moon/Saturn combo I haven't seen mentioned -- okay, actually two things -- is #1 the Sun and Moon are separating from Saturn, so wouldn't that mitigate a bit of the more restrictive elements of the relationship?

And #2, might this New Moon with Saturn give one the opportunity to begin the building of something which might have a solid structure and last? The process might take awhile (thanks, Saturn) and may move better once Mercury turns direct, but the opportunity is there, I think.

Always love hearing your thoughts, Jude.

jude cowell said...

Great analysis, Duse, thanks so much! Yes, we're really in the soup now and this New Moon chart set for DC didn't make me feel any better when i looked at it - didn't add all my thoughts, but did a quick posting to get the chart out and am pleased you took the astro-ball and ran with it!

Mercury Rx back into Virgo shows the health re-form quarrels to a T, and i believe i posted previously something about BHO re-orating us on the issues. Perhaps it was in my post on his health care/insurance reform address to the Joint Session of Congress, or perhaps prior to that.

Anyway, your New Moon observations add a lot to my brief article, and yes, New Moon just passed Saturn IS good; Moon/people and Sun/ leader Obama are leaving old Saturn (Dems and other authoritians) behind. It's Saturn's being in the Same Degree as the New Moon and the karmic (past behavior) implications that I fret about. Will Saturn's restrictions and delays be a deja-vu all over again as in 1993?

We've seen this attitude and the resulting (lack of) actions already and hear it in the news as Clinton's experience and Obama's are compared too closely for comfort. Health CARE reform morphs into INSURANCE reform, an easier 'sell' they suppose.

And perhaps it's all they meant to do in the 1st place!

Personally i blame the Politics of Sorriness for causing my slide into complete cynicism about what Washington is really up to and what politicians actually intend to do - the proof, as i've groused before, will be in whether or not they actually pass a bill at all, and whether the rest of us can live with the unintended (or intended?) consequences of their fancy and veiled machinations.

(DNA collection is still one of their goals, i assert.)

Yes, Venus in the 8th is affecting Insurance and is more important in the New Moon chart than I let on due to time constraints - seems Saturn has a hold of my schedule if not my finances!

So Please add your insights whenever you can - they are very much appreciated by this reluctant and time-strapped astrologer!

And as Mr Spock once said, Be well and prosper...or was it Stay well?