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Aug 2, 2011

Colbert Report on being "Poor" in America (video); Jupiter trine Pluto

Without right-wing think tank The Heritage Foundation and journalist Stephen Colbert to define what being "poor" in America really means, what would our refrigerator-rich, microwave-oven-infused nation do?


Here's the latest rant from the Heritage Foundation website against "liberals" who cause all of America's problems, didn't you know?! Good thing Bush-Cheney ignored them those 8 years and shoved their neocon-warhawk agenda upon the nation.

You know the Heritage Foundation was incorporated on February 16, 1973 as a reaction against Richard Nixon's 'liberal consensus' tendencies and it's been a neo-conservative thorn in our national side ever since. One of its founders, Paul Weyrich, is the one who said that large voter turn-outs don't help Republicans win elections.

Perhaps that's because a majority of the American people would never vote GOP--against their own best interests--if the truth were told during political campaigns rather than facts being spun and hidden. (Glaringly against our best interests is the 'trigger' mechanism inserted into the 'debt deal' on the Senate's table today. All the GOP has to do is not agree to the 'cuts' list and Americans crash.)

Now few of us would vote Republican if everyone made it to US voting booths and were allowed to cast a ballot. The Weyrich ploy is behind the ongoing and current movement to disenfranchise certain groups of voters with photo ID requirements and other hoops now placed between American citizens and their right to vote for the political brigand of their choice (for even most of the 'good' politicians turn bad when mixed into the corrupt system such as we have.) Votes can, of course, be skewed by miscounts, funky voting machines, and other tiresome, previously un-American tactics employed by both parties but mainly by the success-at-all-costs Republlican Party.

Astro-note on the Senate's session today which began at 9:30 am edt: the trine between Jupiter and Pluto blesses the proceedings and the US natal Pluto/Chiron midpoint was rising and signifying the global banking cartel, powerful religious leaders, US and global plutocrats now collapsing our nation, and an extreme depletion of resources.

But not to fret! Jupiter in Taurus and Pluto in Capricorn are moving in and out of a privileged, futuristic trine these days so we can chillax--for plutocrats aren't the ones who will suffer 'extreme depletion of resources' because that's reserved for those pesky refrigerator-buying, microwave-using "poor" folks of America that we hear so much against and whom Democrats and Republicans are in process of legislating in order to further wound. Population control!

And Pentagon cuts? The Pentagon budget will still be able to grow with inflation so it's part of the ruse, people!

Personally I prefer the ideas of Van Jones and his Rebuild the Dream movement because I do not want neocons back in total control of Washington DC, much less running America off a cliff as they continue the Bush-Cheney trajectory along the path of a New World Order meant to dominate the entire globe.

(See sidebar video of Bush Sr's chilling threat of an enforced NWO. Check out those beady reptilian eyes.)

Well, the Senate's action at noon will occur with Senator Bernie Sanders voting 'no' because the bill is, as he says, "grossly unfair". Agreed.

And what else was rising at 9:30 am edt on Capitol Hill today when the Senate went into their drama-riddled session? America's natal Ceres @ '9 Pisces' (security needs and issues; food/grain supplies and supply chains, etc) which has, since July 4, 1776, had the plutocrats' Pluto/Chiron midpoint conjoining it with its tinges of 'primal violence (which Washington expects when the American people realize the full gist of what's been done against us and hit the streets--peacefully, please!), corporatism, fascism, racism, and other -isms of oppression...basically the "Haves" in the Haves v Have-Nots equation.

Imho, the only planetary pair that describes the elitist US Senate better than Pluto/Chiron would have to be Jupiter/Pluto!

Yet throughout the debt-deal drama in DC, the words--or threat--of Senator Barry Goldwater (Jan 1, 1909; Sun Cap-Moon Tau) keep running through my common-good noggin:

"A government that is big enough to give you all you want is big enough to take it all away."

Even refrigerators and microwaves, it seems--and the food that should go in them.


On these and other topics, you may wish to try Thom Hartmann and Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! for videos, articles, and interviews.

May 27, 2011

Patriot Act extended as US Pluto rises 5.26.11

It's quite a horoscope that describes President Obama's extension by auto-pen signing of the main provisions of the US 'Patriot' Act just minutes before expiration at midnight. I'm looking at a chart set for the Capitol Building, Washington DC, at 11:59 pm edt, May 26, 2011. The president was awakened from his slumbers while in France in order to sign the extension of the draconian spying act against innocent US citizens which is now in place for four more years.

Kentucky's Rand Paul spoke out against extension of the Act's provisions that allow the government to 'troll through your FaceBook account," set up roving wire taps for no particular reason, etc....though with no planets out of bounds, all the actors (planets) are cooperating so I'm having difficulty locating Mr. Paul in the horoscope unless his objections were part of a staged 'protest' which all of Captiol Hill knew would go nowhere on our's only political theater, dahlink, suitable for heading off serious complaints and dissension, and thus keeping the natives quieter than they might otherwise be.

Besides, the deed is now done.

At 11:59 pm edt, 27Cap18 was rising in DC as was US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx; Sabian Symbol: "A Large Aviary" and we and our communications and library records are the ensnared birds within the military industrial complex's Big Trap.

President Obama's May 26, 2011 Secondary Progressed (SP) Jupiter arose as well for it has turned Direct by progression and now sits @ 27Cap19. (However, his SP Saturn @ 23Cap15 remains retrograde as both planets are natally, with n Jupiter 00AQ52, a degree which conjoins US Inaugural Sun - the leader - every Inauguration Day at noon est...and on Jan 20, 2009, his Jupiter conjoined Mercury Rx, too. BHO took the Oath of Office twice due to Justice Roberts' flub, as you'll remember. And yes, it's possible that the 'flub' was no accident but an attempt to counter the effects of Mercury's oath-taking function being retrograde on Inauguration Day 2009....or, perhaps the Universe was in cahoots!)

Also rising just before midnight are two midpoints which create the following word pictures, one with secretive Neptune, the other with techo-expert Uranus - the two together are the Illuminati Planets with America's symbol of the capstone Eye Over the Pyramid of power (or, Sun Over the Mountain) of surveillance coming to mind; any, all, or none may apply:

Neptune/NN = ASC: experiencing deceit from others; disappointments; ignoring the reactions of other people.

Neptune/NN = n Pluto: exercising of a bad influence upon associations between people; increased need for isolation from the influences of society; willingness to use destructive forces to protect privacy and isolation if necessary. (Robo-signing draconian legislation from another continent can do that for ya.)

Neptune/NN = BHO's SP Jupiter: the desire to exploit others or being exploited (probably both - jc); placing great hopes upon associations and being let down; aspirations to expand one's goals.

('Neptune/NN' = a leadership unwilling to consider the demands of its people.)

Uranus/MC = ASC: hasty action; sudden adjustment to new circumstances(NWO: wake up, Barack, and sign this before it's too late!?)

Uranus/MC = BHO's SP Jupiter: ability to use electronic means (auto-pen!) to publish ideas; success with innovative work; the joyful realization of plans.

('Uranus/MC' = reform as a national goal; radical changes in methods of enforcing policies; social changes force leadership to new ways of looking at old practices.)

The combination of America's rising Pluto with Mr. Obama's rising SP Jupiter creates an interesting midpoint picture as well...

Jupiter/Pluto = ASC: the ability to read other people and their intentions, especially if they also seek power (!); the desire for power; far-sightedness; organizing talent; prudence; personal advancement.

Naturally, the US natal Mercury/Pluto opposition (surveillance; spying; control and manipulation of thoughts, reports, communications; propaganda) affects the ASC/DESC axis, and Venus 13Tau39 (in 3rd house of Communications) sits upon what every four years is our Inaugural Ascendant (= the Presidential Oath of Office to protect and defend the US Constitution - oops! Venus rules Taurus and the presidential office.)

Venus is interesting, too, because she now conjoins Fixed Star Menkar (victim of the Unconscious) in the constellation of Cetus the Whale. This indicates the obscene amounts of info that is swept into the NSA's large surveillance net (the trolling effect) along with we-the-people as symbolic Jonahs. Jonah was commanded by God to tell the news but he refused until he'd spent three days inside the whale's belly. With the 'Patriot' Act, our efforts aren't necessary - the NSA simply takes our information surreptitiously - and with no accountability for their abuse of power against our right to privacy.

At Midheaven (The Goal; the WHY? Point) 19Sco33 is another descriptive star: Zuben Eschemali (to go against society) which describes what has been done against the American people and to anyone wishing to communicate with any of us. Another keyphrase for Z. Eschemali (Beta Libra) is: social reform for personal gain. (Brady's Book of Fixed Stars.)

These New World Order types are playing for keeps as you may have noticed.

And of course, there's the ancient tradition for the 19th degree of Scorpio (ruled by warring Mars and co-ruled by powerful, manipulative Pluto hiding beneath his sneaky Cape of Invisibility) as the "accursed sign of the accursed degree" but that's an outdated portent in our modern day, right?

Now, as you know, asteroid Cupido stands for several things on various levels but here I usually cite it for its meanings such as: The Family, The Syndicate, Corporatism, and in this horoscope it does not disappoint for it is spotlighted by the Sun 5Gem33 in the 4th house of Homeland and What We Need to Feel Secure. (Not free or private, but allegedly secure. Corporations gain mega-millions through our spying agencies, tech companies, and the Pentagon.)

Jupiter/Pluto Turns Up Again

The Sun has just moved past President Obama's natal Moon 3Gem21 during the current G-8 Summit in Deauville, the reason he used an auto-pen to re-shaft us from France on our right to privacy. His natal Jupiter/Pluto midpoint 18Sco55 sits upon the extension's MC = ambition; advantages in one's occupation; promotion and advancement; great luck.

The 'Jupiter/Pluto' combo itself = plutocrats; the desire for power - Ebertin; Munkasey adds these potentials; self-destructive forces that stem from official corruption; criminal elements with great influence; destruction of legal documents.)

That last would be the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.


Readying for Election 2012? Don't miss this: Tweeters warned against Election Day tweets.

Plus, today Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! will tell us about the Internet 'filter bubble' - what they're not telling us about the Internet - so you may wish to check it out. I'd always figured there was one but didn't know what to call it. Amy Goodman is also reporting right now on the extension of the Patriot Act. John Nichols of The Nation magazine is being interviewed about the Wisconsin court decision that went against Governor Walker's union-busting...checks and balances!

And I wonder what Thom Hartmann will have to say about the president's robo-extension of draconian surveillance power?

May 7, 2011

A fake bin Laden story? (video); the Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981

Update 5:15 pm edt: the Pentagon has released 5 video snippets of what is supposedly
Osama bin Laden rehearsing with a blackened beard (which looks fake to me!) Audio has not been included.

Original post begins here:

Now I'm definitely not the only one entertaining doubts about the US government's shifting story of the Osama bin Laden raid and assassination in Pakistan.

Did a raid take place? I believe so with purloining of computers and documents the possible target and goal (either to garner intell - or to destroy it.) But was Osama bin Laden himself on-site? Maybe, maybe not. This could explain how the White House situation room crew, including the President, could have watched the raid on a live feed, yet are said not to have witnessed the actual killing of bin Laden.

Well, economist and journalist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Treasury official in the Reagan administration and 'father of Reaganomics' (see Reaganomics Eclipse's horoscope link, below), has his own doubts which he shares here.

And as I've mentioned before, my opinion is that when the mainstream media gets its fat self piled onto a huge bandwagon to promote a particular story or event 24/7 (9/11, Financial Collapse 2008, etc), be wary of their coordinated corporate propaganda for we are most probably being scammed or, at the least, the whole truth is not being revealed in order to protect the guilty while promoting the US imperialist agenda.

My latest thought is that rather than using bin Laden's demise as justification for ending America's war on the Middle East, it will be used to further the one-world-government cabal's Endless War agenda. Whether this is correct, we'll soon know, won't we? For war expansions and extensions will turn up in the MSM as the so-called War on Terror marches on and our freedoms in the US continue to be deleted as elsewhere across the globe.

Part 1 of 2:

Part 2 of 2:


As Dr. Roberts notes, such tactics continue to be used by the US government because they work. "Remember the USS Maine", "Remember Pearl Harbor", and so on, as we're lead in a wrong direction by a frothed-up, emotion-based patriotism into conflict - and diplomacy be da*ned. A more recent example is the Bush-Cheney administration's well-timed release of a bin Laden video threatening America just before the 2004 presidential election.

And with the US public ever mindful of its safety and security, it worked and war hawk neocons were elected. (They couldn't be 're-elected' in 2004 since it was a corrupt SCOTUS who installed them in 2000.)

Blogging in America

So just after the bin Laden raid in Pakistan on May 1, 2011, I posted here about my misgivings over the story's truthiness and was informed by an Anonymous commenter that I was being waaay too cynical. Now it's 6 days later during which the White House's version of the raid has morphed and re-morphed - and I don't think I've been cynical enough. Thus, this posting of Dr. Roberts' own misgivings today. If you have about 20 minutes to spare, listen to his opinion and see what you believe for yourself!

Personally I don't completely agree with all of what he says, but it's worth a listen if you're concerned about who will be the next US president and the possible propagandistic tactics meant to assure it.

Actually, this situation reminds me of some of the chart factors in the May 17, 2011 Full Moon Horoscope (a New Moon chart for May 3, 2011 is shown, too, both set for Washington DC) particularly a midpoint picture with fraudulent, deceptive Neptune in its own murky sign of Pisces (which is also a sign of the military and Neptune's 'fog of war'.) The revealing picture contains the energies of the World Banker/Pentagon/Wheeler-Dealer duo of expansive Jupiter, (aka, the General) and powerful, subversive, super-wealthy Pluto, planet of assassination and secret control...

Jupiter/Pluto = Neptune: the inclination to deceive others; cheating and seducing; suffering damage from others without being aware of it; a general disappointment; confused plans or goals; adjusting the data; omitting key facts; working a situation into one's own agenda. (Ebertin; Munkasey; Tyl.)

In addition, Michael Munkasey's details on the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint's potentials within Politics and Business seem applicable to the US raid carried out in Pakistan whose government was either involved or not involved and either knew or didn't know that bin Laden was hunkered down in their neighborhood for years - or, was already dead:

Thesis: Pacts or relations with foreigners on the use of force or weapons; the growth of security or spy agencies (doesn't the world have enough? jc); greater power for religious leaders; a society that wields much influence; extreme depletion of resources.

Antithesis: Self-destructive forces which stem from official corruption or moral laxity within a society; extremely potent natural disasters (those we're experiencing - such as along the banks of the mighty Mississippi River as I type - jc); criminal elements with great social influence (yep! and many of them are on Wall Street, in DC, and in world capitals - jc); destruction of legal documents.

Now I don't enjoy fussing about President Obama's intentions or motivations but I should add here two midpoint pictures now formed in his Secondary Progressions, one of which sits upon US natal MC (Midheaven, The Goal, @ 00Lib53, a World Point of Manifestation - Sibly chart)...any, all, or none may apply as usual...

Sec Mars/Pluto = Sun: a strong, unyielding will; achievements attained by superior technique or endurance; violent measures; a shock caused by a Higher Power.

Sec Mars/Pluto = US natal MC: unusual capabilities for advancement in life; facing overwhelming force without power; danger; an operation; learning to gain control and use powerful or extreme measures for increasing your status or standing (in the polls? jc); fulfillment of certain ambitions by attaining influence.

And the picture in Mr. Obama's Progressed chart that has concerned me since Inauguration 2009:

Sec Saturn/NN = Neptune: deceit within friendship given; having to pay a price for help which is higher than expected (sounds like a secret society call-in of favors, doesn't it?); feeling misunderstood; falsehood, fraud, and deception.

Well, there you have my grousings for today. Blogger ate part of this post so I had to reconstruct/recompose it since I tend to type my posts spontaneously. Also, Blogger's spell-check feature is on the blink so you're sure to find typos...please pardon.

And yes, I dissent because I care: about America, her future, and the American people...aka, my fellow Americans.

For if I wish to sleep at night, how can I do any less?


Further reading: The Twin Towers of Debt argument. An interesting reminder: on the morning of 9/11/01 when NYC's Twin Towers were destroyed, the Moon (we-the-people; the public) was at '28 Gemini' = "BANKRUPTCY".

Midpoints: Unleashing the Power of the Planets, Michael Munkasey.

The Reaganomics Eclipse of 1981 (click horoscope to enlarge); text contains a few chart factors and has natal placements of George Bush and Dick Cheney, outer.

Summer Solstice 2011: Sun Cancer-Moon Pisces.

Sep 18, 2009

New Moon chart 25Vir59 on 9.18.09

Horoscope of the New Moon @ 25Vir59, Sept 18, 2009, 2:44 pm edt, White House; New Moon conjunct Saturn 25Vir07, in 9th house; Hour of Venus @ 27Leo50 in 8th house; chart-ruler is karmic Saturn, direct and in control of Sun and Moon with nearby Mercury's aid in its own sign of Virgo - and a new cycle begins.

ASC 1Cap16>> Pluto 00Cap40 rising (@ the god of the Underworld's Direct Station degree/minute 00:40 on Sept 11, 2009), opposing asteroid, Atlantis 1Can06, a significator for America, and reminder of those reputed and mysterious ancient teachings that every one's so crazy about. Are the melting polar ice caps uncovering an Atlantean trove of precious manuscripts? Are they too soggy to read?

Midpoint pictures (from Noel Tyl) include:

Sun/Moon = Saturn: weakened system; addressing problems; Sun/Saturn = Moon: feeling inferior, hurt; personal needs under wraps; separation; Moon/Saturn = Sun: sobering times; feelings of enforced controls; separation in relationship.

Neptune/Pluto = NN: sharing other worldliness and curiosity; group study projects; Neptune/ASC = NN: hurt through others; deception; rumor.

As always, the pictures may operate in an any~all~none fashion.

Sabian Symbol for the New Moon '26Virgo' = "A Boy with a Censer Serves Near the Priest," the negative/unconscious/shadow side of which Marc Edmund Jones gives as:

'A resort to empty motions in order to avoid any appreciable self-expenditure.'

Mercury has retrograded back into Virgo, as you see here @ a crisis-riddled 29th degree, Mars is conjunct Fixed Star SIRIUS in 7th house (also associated with ancient Egyptian rites and beliefs), and there's a rather nasty quindecile aspect between heavyweights Mars and Pluto indicating ruthlessness, being driven toward power, domination, and possessiveness. This 165 degr aspect of obsession and compulsion dominates the New Moon and its chart, and I'm not very happy about it.

Yet time is short recently and going into next week for my blogging duties due to several Art activities; that's why I wanted to upload an image of the New Moon chart of Sept 18, 2009 - please click to enlarge if you wish to read a few more of my notes concerning this cuss'ed propaganda-infused horoscope with the midpoint of the international banking pair, Jupiter/Pluto, in 1st house and opposing America's natal Mercury...

Jupiter/Pluto = Mercury: promotion of a cause; persuasion (Tyl); the desire to influence many people; the gift of oration; a propaganda campaign (Ebertin.)

Be alert to the underlying meanings of what you hear in the next two weeks - I think it may be the start of a new cycle of subject or theme introduced, and/or different perspectives to enthrall the masses over the cliff.

Not that being alert to double meanings isn't always a great idea considering Washington's high-handed, fraudulent, self-serving oligarchs of propaganda.

And lay low Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, as much as you can, for it's the dark of the Moon when sneaky things happen by slimy culprits who appreciate the veiling cover of darkness.

Myself, I'll be necessarily laying low from my blogs a while for I must return to Art projects now...

Jul 22, 2009

Missing trillions of the Fed and the last quarter of 2007

Testifying on Capitol Hill yesterday, Fed head Ben Bernanke says he doesn't know which foreign banks received trillions of dollars from the US, but says the funds were dispersed beginning in the last quarter of 2007.

Let's see now, perhaps Astrology can jar Ben's memory...ah yes, what happened on Dec 11, 2007 at 2:34 pm est in Washington, a mere 19 minutes after the Fed announced an interest rate cut?

It was something BIG to do with plutocrats and very wealthy people and well-heeled bankers and those who manage large projects...oh yeah - the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Pluto with critical degree '20 Capricorn' at Midheaven (The WHY? Point) and the midpoint of plutocratic Pluto/Chiron ruling over all from the top vantage point.

('20 Cancer' is also a critical degree, of course, and is at Ic. If you follow the link, click chart to enlarge for better viewing.)

Funny story though - along with Pluto/Chiron and Jupiter/Chiron at Mc that day was a signature of hidden identity and/or confused purpose: Sun/Neptune.

Sun/Neptune = Mc: emotional stress in the profession; weakness; impressionability; susceptibility.

And the Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction itself? Snugged upon the 9th house of Foreign Lands, the names of which Mr. Bernanke cannot now recall.

As I and others have been saying for some time: audit the Fed!