Sep 15, 2009

Saturn-Uranus opposition perfects Sept 15, 2009

As you know, the Saturn-Uranus opposition perfected this very day, Sept 15, 2009 in Virgo-Pisces.

Or I should say, the opposition perfected 'once again'...follow the link for a few notes from yours truly, but mainly the post contains a link to an excellent article on the Sabian Symbols involved in the opposition by Lynda Hill, as published by expert astrologer and author, Donna Cunningham.

You'll find info on their next tangos, too, into 2010.

So you consider yourself a dancer? We're not talkin' foxtrots here!


DD said...

On the way to work, kids, birds, cars, joggers all blissfully ignored me and my car, so I had to slow down and be watchful. So that is the way I approached the rest of the day. I found a project that was useful, time consuming and fun. I settled in and enjoyed being mostly invisible.

Whenever I looked up folks were sorting, fighting, resisting, expressing confusion.

So, I can appreciate the opposition you talked about today.
Have a great Wednesday!
Donna D

jude cowell said...

What a great attitude And strategy, Donna!