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Sep 7, 2009

Signposts on the NWO Highway

Have you spied any Signposts on the the NWO Highway?

The Vatican and secret societies became legally enmeshed on November 27, 1987, when Pope John Paul II issued a 'papal bull' which legalized secret society membership for Roman Catholics.

Now most of what you'll find revealed in the above-linked article was authored by writers of the Catholic persuasion, not by blogging Protestant gnats like myself. Yet Vatican historical records are easy to trace so it isn't as if the occurrence isn't on the historical record - anyone can read it.

But as always with secret societies and those promoting them while hiding their true natures and purposes, the 'devil is in the details' (literally) and motive is everything. The pyramid of power retains its intrinsic uses, among which is the leadership's imperative to keep top dogs on top.

The Vatican has always said it doesn't 'use' Astrology, but come on now - why are there so many natal charts of popes with correct birth times available if the charts weren't sanctioned by higher-ups? They suppressed the study and use of Astrology among the populace through the centuries to keep its power within their own claws.

Control but obfuscate your control!

Even Alice Bailey wised up after establishing a press to publish her Astrology and Theosophist books and those of Madame Blavatsky - the press was named 'Lucifer Trust' when founded in 1922, yet she then thought better of it and renamed it 'Lucis Trust.' Hello? Hades calling. "Age of Aquarius," my patootie, and America's Masonic roots are showing.

1987? You know I'm thinking, Reagan. Mr. Evangelical Right. Church doctrines becoming mushed together as if all spiritual teachings mean nothing or are all the same anyway which is part of Lucifer's plan. Reagan's famous "Morning in America" may be code words for Lucifer as the Morning Star. Coming out of Washington, we see from our 2008/09 perspective that 'Mourning' is more like it - direct from Capitol Hill to Main Street America, with trillions of taxpayer dollars surreptitiously deposited in the banks on Wall Street. ~:~

Today is Nov 15, 2009 and I'm refurbishing this Draft for publishing today. Washington's Health Insurance Reform debate is raging with 'funds for abortion' at the top of every demagogue's list of writing and talking points.

Now I don't intend to say that every politician who opposes public funds being provided for abortion isn't expressing a deeply held conviction from his heart...perhaps a few of them fall into this category on behalf of their own consciences rather than as party-promo tools determined to undermine the opposition.

(I write from the viewpoint that both 'parties' in the US are merely factions of the same plutocratic, draconian monster's NWO team of cheerleaders.)

What I'm saying is that the Roman Catholic Church's long-term insistence on allowing a populace to fruitfully multiply and increase Catholic attendance rolls has been known for ages; that Capitol Hill-ers are under the sway of the Vatican on the abortion issue is one seldom-discussed facet of the ever-scandalizing political circus we call the US oligarchy which masquerades as a (pseudo-) democracy and condescends to tell other nations how to root out corruption and fraud from their governments!

Such a herd of cheeky monkeys are we.

Well, if 'it takes one to know one' then Washington politicians, diplomats, and other operatives certainly should know fraud when they export it. Shouldn't they?

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