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Sep 8, 2009

Astrology of Pres. Obama's Address to a Joint Session of Congress 9.9.09

Sep 9, 2009; 8:00 pm edt lower left, Sun Hour; 9:00 pm edt upper right, Venus Hour; Capitol Building, DC. Please click image to enlarge.

UPDATE 9.9.09 @ 9:30 pm edt: the president began his speech at 8:17 pm edt, ended at 9:03 pm. I was interested to see what he was saying when Mars crossed the Ic of the chart, the Foundation Point. I now believe that it is primarily Mr. Obama who is signified by Mars due to his strong performance and an undercurrent of anger beneath it.

When Mars 'jumped' the Ic at 8:33 pm the president had already begun detailing his plan and at 8:33 pm he mentioned setting up "a new insurance exchange, a marketplace" to increase competition, bring down costs, and which is envisioned to be operative "in four years."

This tallies with Mars' Sabian Symbol here, as discussed below: "A Large Diamond Not Completely Cut." If a marketplace is set up, it will be worth a lot of diamonds, won't it?

And since he actually began speaking at 8:17 pm, the ASC degree is most apt: "11Aries": "The President of the Country"...IDEALIZATION.

He ended at 9:03 pm with a critical ASC degree of 29Ari20, so '30Ari' = "A Duck Pond and Its Brood"...RELIABILITY.

Please be sure to check out reader ccpup's further analysis from earlier today which you'll find in the Comment section after this post.

Oh, and I found this: Why Women Stand to Gain the Most from Health Care Reform.

Original entry begins here:

On Wednesday evening, President Obama will address a Joint Session of Congress concerning the restructuring and transformation of our Health Care system (or of health insurance, if it turns that way.) The revolution will be televised, so you pop the corn, I'll peek at the horoscope for the both of us.

Here's an article containing the text of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's letter of invitation to the president to regale them on Health Care Reform as did Pres. Bill Clinton in 1993 - same subject, outcome negatory.

So, what may we expect the charts to tell us about Wednesday night's address and the president's performance?

I will be referring to '8 pm' and '9 pm' here (I know you can keep up!) This will, of course, be a symbolic reading in part, since the President may begin speaking a few minutes after 8 pm, and may end his remarks prior to 9 pm; four minutes = one degree.

And since TV productions usually take a moment or two to begin, I'm sassily using '5Aries' rather than '4Aries' to begin with because the symbol makes a lot more sense to the event with the slightly later degree whose "Two Lovers Strolling" Keyword is "ENJOYMENT." Do you blame me considering the subject matter of the address?

Also I should mention that notated on the chart is South Node conjunct the July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse (29Can27) with its 'systems fail; new methods are needed; any blocks may be tragically or violently removed' vibe, so we're 'in the throes' of this influence right now. Even with Washington's oft-relied-upon use of fear-mongering, it makes me wonder if things are even more critical within various systems than we've been told; South Node dependence upon past behaviors is indicated here and the Eclipse's flavor informs us of the background atmosphere.

For Sabian Symbols, the Marc Edmund Jones (MEJ) version will be used with one addition by Dane Rudhyar, as cited.

Just after 8 pm edt, the WHAT? of the chart is the address itself = ASC '5Aries': "A Triangle with Wings"...Keyword: ZEAL.

positive expression: the creative transformation of everything into an expression of an enduring idea and a reflection of the real vision ahead;

neg/unconscious/shadow side: blissful obliviousness to all normal or everyday considerations.

('Real vision ahead'? Uh-oh. Wonder what that could be? Not on the surface level, on the deeper level. jc)

Midheaven = WHY? '2Cap': "Three Stained-Glass Windows, One Damaged By Bombardment."

(Political damage control? It's bully pulpit time in America, folks! jc)


pos: effective self-dramatization in some vital service to human affairs;

neg/unconsc/shadow side: overconservatism and unwarranted fearfulness.

Rudhyar for '2Cap': "Three Rose Windows in a Gothic Church, One Damaged by War." WASTE is the opposite of group-integration. (So is this President on the Rosicrucian side of the quarrel? jc)

Desc = WHERE? or WHERE TO? '5Libra': "A Man Teaching the True Inner Knowledge."

Keyword: AFFINITY.

pos: a genius for understanding and calling out the underlying realizations by which human character comes to know itself at its best;

neg/unconsc/shadow side: fatuous pride in the self's acumen and subtle or underhanded attempts to dominate everyone.

(See controlling manipulator and transformer Pluto at the WHY? Point with US natal Pluto being conjoined by the transiting NN 28Cap59 which will move from 11th house at 8 pm into 10th house before speech's end. Is Pluto's secret hand afoot? Then my misgivings about DNA collection and manipulation are not soothed here if these are part of the ultimate agenda. Pluto is apex of a midpoint picture, too - see below. jc)

Ic = HOW? '2Can' (conjunct US natal Venus '3 - 4 Can'): "A Man Suspended Over a Vast Level Place."

(Sounds like Tarot's #12 card: The Hanged Man...'new perspectives are required.' jc)


pos: an exceptional spread of comprehension and a continual self-orientation of understanding;

neg/unconsc/shadow side: a flighty transcendence or an impatience with all immediate or down-to-earth considerations.

At 9 pm, the WHAT? of the chart is most elucidating for the President...

'28Aries': "A Large Disappointed Audience."


pos: complete spiritual independence;

neg/unconsc/shadow side: a destructive assimilation of the self to every defeat or frustration of human kind.


Now there are several midpoint pictures to consider and some you'll find notated on the chart. Grand Trines and T-Squares are there as well with their own midpoint pictures, but please enlarge the chart for some of them. I can't type every bit, you know, or I'd keel over!

Mercury/Uranus = Pluto: tremendous power for work, action, leadership; getting the biggest job done in a commanding way.

Mercury/Uranus = Mc: success with all-around resourcefulness; the inventor.

Sounds very presidential whether we like his plans or not.

As you see, there is a Fist of God pattern (highlighted in orange, and with its name changed in honor of the President to "Fist Bump of God")...thing is, Mercury, planet of speeches, addresses, announcements, and negotiations, is Rx, setting, and at the apex of the "Fist Bump" from the Moon/Jupiter square. And a Moon/Jupiter square indicates to me that money and expansion (Jupiter) are obstacles in this matter for the people (Moon) - which the populace already knows and frets about, of course. The People are blocked from the happiness they seek.

But it also indicates that Republican Party (Jupiter) is an obstacle to the President's Health Care Reform initiatives and to The People (Moon; imo), and we know of the blockages the GOP has been so hot to put up because they're not in the White House boo hoo. Corporatism rules in this plutocracy, as you know, and there's Cupido (The Family; Corporations; cupidity) @ 25Lib26 in 7th house at 8 pm - and setting in opposition to the ASC/presidential address just before 9 pm.

Chart-ruler Mars, the feisty planet of quarrels and hatreds, is unhappily traversing Cancer, sign of its Fall, and in 4th house of the End of the Matter; Mars crosses the Ic while the President speaks, assuming he speaks long enough...tiresomely political applause interruptions notwithstanding.

How the President's address turns out for the Health Care cause is shown by the applying aspects of Mars, still out-of-bounds but on his way back into the earthly plane, and perhaps, more cooperative then.

Well, whoop-de-doo and what do ya know - Mars makes no applying aspects at all, so the outcome will have to depend solely on Mars' condition here which, as noted just above, is not so good. Being the planet of fevers and infections, maybe he has a cold in his dose, ya think? He definitely has been in a fighting mood of late, and on one level may refer to the President as well as to his opponents and that heckling, argumentative influence.

And we know while OOBs, Mars' arsonist side has been setting fires in California, too.

Anyway, Mars is at the base of everything in the outcome of President Obama's efforts with this address, so one thing we can look at is Mars' Sabian Symbol for more insight into his condition...what condition his condition is in...

'10Can': "A Large Diamond Not Completely Cut."

Keyword: LATENCY.

pos: an effective gift for dramatizing the potentialities of everything at hand;

neg/unconsc/shadow side: a futile lean on purely static merit.

Is the 'large diamond' the 'New Atlantis' of a New World Order that America is supposedly meant to be since her founding? Then I must protest.

And 'static merit'? Apparently there isn't much, for as the President has asserted, the status quo in this matter is "not an option."

Well, we knew we were getting George Bush's messy left-overs when President Obama took office just 8 short months ago with US coffers all but cleared out. And we knew the 2009 Inaugural chart contained a crisis-ridden 29th degree Moon - in Scorpio, no less, sign of surgeries, and crisis-producing Pluto's favorite 30 degrees of the zodiac.

Yes, the void-of-course Inaugural Moon is making itself felt early in Mr. Obama's term, for the Moon was Angular in the Inaugural chart which indicates early manifestation; plus, its VOC 'things won't go as planned; outcomes will be different than expected if they work out at all' vibe is diverting what is a signature issue for this Democratic president and threatens his entire presidency.

My own opinions have remained the same about the Health Care Reform issue: the proof of our Washington politicians' good faith will be shown in the actual outcome of their actions, both pro and con - diversions and legislations alike. Bailing out Wall Street (and heeding warnings from China) were all the rage on Capitol Hill, but voting to aid the people who paid the taxes? Stall and duck.

But don't over-fret, m'peops, when you observe the machinations of Washington on this matter or on any other - with politicians they're only dramatic productions not meant to accomplish what we want or need, only to attain what's on their agenda. Isn't that how things have gone in US politics for decades now?

In fact, I'd say they create only rhetoric, photo ops, and ego-massaging that never seem to amount to much of anything on behalf of We-The-People. And they seldom repair legislations that lead to 'unintended consequences' so perhaps they're not so unintended after all. Well, Wednesday night's Mars will be attempting to make certain things remain that way or are made better for the corporations who pay their Hill shills with much larger bribes than the salaries we pay them.

Even so, will a charming President Obama be able to pull this one out of his magical top hat of tricks?

Perhaps we should look at the midpoint pictures which the Sun and Saturn in Virgo form on Wednesday evening as they snug around Mr. Obama's natal Mars (his initiative, energy, and action principle), and with US natal Neptune 22Vir25 which conjuncts the President's Mars...a pile-up of difficult energies, we could say.

As usual, midpoint pictures may operate in an any~all-or-none manner:

Sun/Saturn = BHO's n Mars: Running hot and cold; energies feel confined; a sense of futility; soul-crises caused by one's own inhibitions or by others; mourning; seclusion.

Sun/Saturn = US n Neptune: psychic or inner peculiarities; a lack of vitality; a mental, emotional, or physical crisis; delusions within relationship; sadness; loss of hope.

And yes, this definitely comes under my 'sometimes you just want to be wrong' category, and you know I don't like typing such things for you, but there it is. Especially since I, too, was elated when Barack Obama 'won' the presidency, if we can call it that.

The President should gain new determination and vitality when Mars conjuncts US natal Sun (the leader) in mid-September, so I hope it helps matters. Unless he comes down with a cold in his dose from overdoing it.

Plus, there is another small ray of hope in the chart/s because the Fist Bump of God forms a midpoint picture, too, which may or may not be a good thing - but let's say it's dandy fine and close with it, okay?

Moon/Jupiter = Mercury: making expansive, far-reaching plans; learning; traveling; a large sphere of thinking; success through speaking or writing.

Fist Bump!


Midpoint pics: Tyl; Ebertin.


Unknown said...

I only have a second to add my thoughts -- and they're very basic --, but a couple of things about Obama and the American People and this Health Care fiasco/sham/whateveryouwanttocallit have been on my mind.

On Election Day, we had the first direct opp of Saturn and Uranus. And the Uranus of "Change" prevailed against the "Old Thinking, Status Quo" of Saturn.

But what no one's discussing anymore is how Obama is now Saturn! Having taking the head of Government, he's no longer embodies those principles of change that Uranus/the people are demanding.

And I suspect, in his new role as Saturn, Obama isn't going to appreciate the People demanding and expecting and shouting for (via these infamous Town Halls) something other than talk. In fact, he may resent it!

Secondly, this speech and anything done on health care throughout September is done on a Mercury Retrograde. Now, yes, Obama as a candidate did well during Mercury Retrogrades. Some people do. But will the PROCESS fare as well? All those words and figures and facts and back-door handshake agreements? How will they shake out when October comes?

As for the charts offered, there is a basic disagreement (an inconjunct) between the finances and values of the deal as well as what We value -- Venus -- and the public knowledge (Sun) bare-bone, structural fact of the health care deal we have in front of us (Saturn). Add to that a distinct battle (opposition) between what the ideal will be (Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron in that 11th House of Hopes and Dreams) and what we can afford (Venus) and I doubt inspirational sweet talking is going to be the answer.

I know Obama can make a good speech. But he's going to have to be Houdini to work himself around this energy. The American People know where the US is financially, know what their priorities and values are (Venus) and know, despite how the Government tries to spin this (Jupiter/Neptune/Chiron), the numbers don't match up and, in fact, fall far, far short of what We need (opposition and inconjunct).

I suspect most Americans want this done slowly and carefully (Sun conj Saturn). We don't want this rushed through (that debilitated Mars in Cancer) in time for the 2010 midterms.

When it comes down to it, Uranus is gearing up to force change and, surprisingly, Obama is on the wrong end of it this time.

Jude Cowell said...

ccpup, you make excellent points!

Actually i have described Obama as more Saturn than Uranus with his n Saturn in Cap and his demeanor since taking the helm, but i have too many blogs to always remember where or when i write something anymore (here and possibly on Jude's Threshold too) - and of course Saturn brings change as well, doesn't he?

Your point that BHO is the government so is now signified by Saturn is well-taken.

And thanks for adding in Mercury Rx - the post took so long to type i flaked out a bit and didn't get to every factor i wanted to mention (but i seldom do) - i agree that some people do well with Mercury Rx periods ('they say' it's usually those with Merc Rx natally) - guess tonight's address is something of a re-hash and a re-view of his points so the Rx is appropriate. He'll probably be repeating what he says tonight for the duration, but that's politics.

Rushing this legislation in time for 2010 midterms is a bad deal for us and i agree with you that most people are feeling that way - or just are not certain any of it is a good idea. The ongoing GOP drumbeat is having its effect, too, of course, with Rush dancing around the campfire in his skivvies, cigar hanging from his mouth.

The brittleness of the Sat/Uran opposition will force change as you say, and Pluto's measured but steady pace indicates a fated transformation - and Saturn is no slouch in the fated department either, is he?

Well, thanks very much for your comments, I appreciate your thoughtful participation, Jude