Oct 23, 2009

George W. Bush smirks his regrets...

Eight years of a George Bush presidency saw hundreds of thousands of Americans repeatedly protesting in the streets, but funny how it made no difference in his decisions. Apparently the fix was in with the ones who select presidents, profit from war, build and export armaments, and plot to dominate the world 'on the ground' and from space...Bush stayed in office, and the majority of us cringed several times per day.

During the Bush administration, the attacks of 9/11/01 were used, at the least, to paper over the Bush-Cheney-SCOTUS affair which shoved the two oil men through the back door of the White House, and personally I see no reason to pardon SCOTUS for the travesty - EVER.

But in Canada these days, where Bush is on a rather extensive speaking tour, it's a different story and Bush is including a 'self-reflective' schtick meant to deflect inconvenient questions posed by audience members. And yet grumpy protesters keep showing up outside each venue, burning effigies and making it clear where they stand on George Bush's heinous ways and his sorry, sociopathic self.

Now I don't know what version of the Bible Bush clings to for his justifications, but as I groused before he invaded Iraq: the God in my Bible couldn't possibly rubberstamp his and his backers' decision to bomb the Holy Land back to the Stone Age and kill millions - millions of people who also happen to be God's children, oil or no oil.

And that is the best I can say for George W. Bush who now 'regrets' not sending troops into New Orleans earlier for Hurricane Katrina.

Troops? He thinks they only needed troops? What a jacka*s.

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