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Oct 22, 2009

The Declaration of Independence as Corporate Document

Today I am pleased as can be to present a summation by my astro-friend Alex D'Atria on what the Declaration of Independence actually is and the relationship between America and Britain long before we Americans (and perhaps a few Brits, too) had been propagandized for decades on this noble experiment, we-the-people's America.

Experiment, yes. Noble? You decide.

The Declaration of Independence was the commemorative document making America a provisional government; it announced, declared that the Continental Congress had the authority and control to conduct trade and commerce for its own interests; the British Crown shareholders could no longer have a 'cut' in American business ventures without agreeing to new terms of business with the American principles.

The British Empire-Crown operated their business ventures with three types of agreements; the charter colony, the proprietary colony, and the royal colony.

British charters are partially analogous to corporations who have shareholders - owners who get dividends on their investment; in a way you could say the Declaration of Independence document was the first prospectus of The American Enterprise, a financial document defining the rights of individuals - owners severing their former 'contracts' consisting of the Proprietary Colony financial deals with the 'Crown.'

The pivotal event (pre-American revolution for the individuals who held Proprietary colonial agreements) happened when the British Crown converted the Proprietary colonial terms of business to the Royal Colony terms of business; the British Empire reversed itself and reclaimed the resources and assets formerly granted under Proprietary colony terms.

The British empire granted land and the resources therein to the party-principles holding the proprietary agreements similar to venture capitalists giving seed money and development phase money to a new enterprise. Then later when the enterprise had developed into a thriving business, the venture capitalists-British Empire took the developed business back pulling the rug out from under the business owners, so to speak.

The Treaty of Paris 1783 was the official formal closing of the American Revolutionary War. The Treaty was the official recognition by the British empire that the American colonies were a sovereign nation.

The Jamestown Virginia settlement 1607 was a charter colony; the charter, analogous to corporation, put up the capital for the new world settlers for transportation, supplies, seed money, living expenses, etc; the British and global capitalists were collective shareholders in the start-up Jamestown settlement venture.

Alex D'Atria

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Checking the date (without knowing the precise hour) for the signing of the Treaty of Paris we see that the Moon reached 00Sag00 at 10:58 am LMT (Paris, FR, Sep 3, 1783) which gives "The Halloween Jester" as the Moon's Sabian Symbol; at 11:00 am Moon 00Sag01 gives "1Sag": "A Grand Army of the Republic Campfire."

Sun at 11:00 am is @ 10Vir45, with ASC 11Sco36, Mc 25Leo10; Hour of the Sun; Crescent phase 79degr16; Chiron 20Tau10 Rx; NN 18Pis42; Venus 24Lib27; Uranus 11Can02; Neptune 8Lib54.

There are a few interesting midpoint pictures which do not depend on an exact time, so here they are, and as usual with midpoint pictures it's an any~all-or none-may-apply affair, yet they may give us some flavorings of the day:

First, two T-Squares form these pictures - you'll notice the Saturn/Uranus opposition and the Mars/Neptune opposition:

Mars/Neptune = Uranus: changing energy levels; crisis.

Saturn/Uranus = Neptune: falsehood or malice caused by weakness; resolving oneself to the inevitable; abandonment of resistance; weakening strength; separation.

Saturn/Pluto = Jupiter: religious and social fanaticism; trouble with authority; adoption of the austere; trying to save what's left; self-sacrifice.

Venus/NN = Saturn: a renewed awakening to reality.

The following mdpt pictures depend on the hour because the fast-moving Moon and the transiting Midheaven are involved, but see what you think (and if you can find the precise time of the Treaty's signing, please let me know - with Freemasonry's Sacred Geometry available to them, you know they elected a particular and auspicious moment for the signing of such a document):

Moon/Mars = Pluto: one-sidedness; fanaticism; powerful opinionation; a demanding nature (that's string-puller Pluto @ 8AQ07 Rx...'9AQ' = "A Flag Turned into an Eagle.")

Dane Rudhyar gives the Keynote for '9AQ' as: 'The dynamic incorporation of new social values in individuals who exemplify the spiritual potential and greatest significance of these values.' He continues: 'The image has become a Power' (America - jc); 'the seer must become the doer; the impersonal is dynamized and brought into focus. We have here the ACTING OUT of the vision.' (An Astrological Mandala.)

And Sir Francis Bacon's 'vision' was (a globe-dominating, new-world-ordering) America.

Another lunar midpoint picture from 1783: in complete synchronicity with 2009's three conjunctions of the speculative, grandly designing pair, Jupiter and Neptune, meeting all through 2009 with the US natal Moon of we-the-people...

Jupiter/Neptune = Moon: becoming involved in speculation; wastefulness; instability; little sense of reality; losing oneself in plans; going with the wind; an emotional swoon.

At 11 am LMT, Mercury, planet of negotiations, contracts, signing documents and those who sign them, was @ 23Vir33 which sextiles US natal Mercury "25Can"...1783 Mercury @ "24Vir" = "Mary and Her White Lamb." Mercury made no applying aspects that day and thus is strenthened by its sign and degree, but had separated from SN 18Vir42 and was beyond a trine with Jupiter 22Cap59 Rx.

Transiting Jupiter approaches US natal Pluto 27Cap33 Rx, a time when success and resources increase. Jupiter-to-Pluto actually occurred 3x in 1783: Mar 23, July 20, and Nov 14...1783 was an important year for American expansionism with natal Pluto in n 2nd house of Money and Values (US Sibly chart.)

Plus, on June 1, 1783, tr Uranus conjoined US n Jupiter, a 'breakthrough' transit of independence and a period when we headed down a new path as our horizons expanded; lifestyle choices and political, religious, and economic affiliations were prime interests...keyword: growth.

There was a generational transit in effect, too: tr Neptune trine US n Uranus, planet of revolution: another 'breakthrough' transit when our blend of idealism and inspiration created fortunate circumstances for our fledgling nation.

Mars, planet of war, @ 14Ari34, was a participant in the T-Square as previously mentioned. Mars opposes US natal Saturn, a period when the authority of others is resented (!), and caution is needed to keep from provoking resentment in others; rules and regulations must be followed.

Jupiter opposed US natal Mercury 3x in 1783: March 4, Aug 17, and Oct 20, so the Treaty is in the midst of this drawn-out transit, a time when the true value of ideas or information may be misjudged and the sheer volume of info is confusing; impractical ideas, grandiose schemes, and a lack of attention to detail are probable.

Another factor that I personally find of much interest is that the signing of the Treaty of Paris occurred during a Mercury-to-US-natal-Neptune transit which indicates that the true meaning or accuracy of information is difficult to grasp and 'getting to the bottom of things' only results in more questions.

Ideas and information are understood in a mystical or spiritual sense.

Authoritative Saturn 5Cap59 Rx has an intriguing Sabian Symbol..."6Cap": "A Dark Archway with Ten Logs at the Bottom"...'archway' can relate to Freemason lodges of the Grand Arch, etc, and '10 logs' refers on some level to the 10 articles of the Treaty!

Now I have no idea if MP David Hartley, who signed on behalf of King George III, was a Freemason, Rosicrucian, or Illuminatist, but the US signers, Ben Franklin, John Adams, and John Jay were Freemasons and perhaps more...John Jay was SCOTUS' Chief Justice from 1789 - 1795.

To close, here is a list of SCOTUSers who were Freemasons. Enjoy!

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