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Oct 6, 2009

It's official: ditching of the US dolllar - buy gold

Update 7:53 pm edt: did I type the post below too soon? Public Radio's MarketPlace is poo-pooing the dollar's demise - or providing counterbalancing propaganda to keep us from freaking out!

Original post begins here:

China, France, the Arab States and others are ditching the US dollar as reserve currency and one would think that the US and UK must be very worried.

Cries of denial from the White House which once rang hollow will now sound nutty to me so I went searching for a news article on the situation as it stands so far. The only one I've found is from BBC News in the UK, which will be forced to join in with the euro after all if the dollar fails.

BBC News reports that today's top price of gold in London and New York - over $1,039 per oz at 7:22 pm edt - is due to concerns over the falling dollar.

Wonder if Afghanistan is all that President Obama has held secret meetings about of late? If it is, what in the world is he thinking?

Astrologically, the recent 'grim reality' transit of clearheaded, restrictive Saturn to US natal Neptune (idealistic planet of dreams) in hard-working Virgo (in 9th house of Foreign Lands) keeps on giving - health care reform morphs into health insurance reform - and it's not been feelin' so well.

Now more cold water is tossed in the faces of working people's dreams for America, their families and futures.

But not to fret - our plutocratic oligarchs are feelin' fine.

Please see my previous post for Ron Paul's views on such subjects as gold and the provided.

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Anonymous said...

I rolled over my (puny)IRA from a former employer into a gold-based IRA a couple years ago.

Unfortunately that means it is in the IRA trustees vault across the country and not in my control. So the gov't could do whatever they wanted with it.

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