Oct 6, 2009

Ron Paul speaks on returning to a Gold Standard

Here are some of Ron Paul's ideas about returning the US to a gold standard and repealing legal tender laws which force us to use worthless paper money.

In his conversation with Fox News, Dr. Paul mentions a bit of siver-gold history, a debate still raging after all these years, for as you may remember, presidential candidate William Jennings Bryan framed the gold-silver issues well and famously in his Cross of Gold speech at the 1896 DNC convention. (Some Astrology involved, but post also contains a link to Bryan's Cross of Gold text which you can read with your own eyes. Plus, he made a recording of his speech later on because it was so popular with the American people.)

So for a little history on the gold standard vs worthless money debate (and Congress' delegating the creation and issuance of our money to privateers like the Federal Reserve Bank against the US Constitution, as Paul notes), Bryan's speech is a great place to start.


And I just thought of two more players who should be noted. Here's what President Woodrow Wilson said after he created the Fed with a flourish of his pen; plus, the post contains a link to Andrew Jackson info, the president who fought against central banks and their throttle hold on the US government.

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