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Oct 5, 2009

NWO, Spirit, and Jupiter's Direct Station 10.13.09

A blog that is new to me and has distinct possibilities as a resource on Spirit and the NWO is authored by Jim - no surname, just Jim.

Check out his 2 or 3 articles, particularly the one on Ken Wilbur and the NWO where it is stated that Bill Clinton and All Gore are frontmen for the New World Order. Now that's the sort of thing stated on this blog for years so it's nice to see it written elsewhere in an essay that adds to the debate. In fact, I prefer to point at all US presidents of the last several decades as NWO frontmen, or shills...each operates as a "propaganda catapulter" as George Bush called himself, in a moment of glaring presidential truth before cameras and microphones.

Plus, we have Jupiter's Direct Station coming on Oct 13, 2009 @ 17AQ10 = '18AQ': "A Man Unmasked." You will note that the 10N 'Unmasking Eclipse' manifested on that degree Feb 7, 2008; paraphrasing Brady's Predictive Astrology the flavor of the 10 North Series is: 'frustrating events come along having to do with paperwork (missing White House emails, leaked memos?), news, or young people; emphasis on communications; one feels tired and drained.' The actual degree of the Solar Eclipse of 2.7.08 was 17AQ45.

Perhaps Bush-Cheney-Rove administration issues may resurface for further consideration (if indeed they ever leave us at all) but will it be 'Jupiter the Judge' or Jupiter's protection for the culprits? Plus, financial pursuits can be forwarded once Jupiter moves ahead in the zodiac - yet on the other hand, 17AQ is said to be the 'end of progress' degree, isn't it?

Jupiter's Direct Station occurs at 12:34:18 am edt in Washington, DC, with Jupiter just into 7th house (from the 8th house of Debt, Insurance, Credit, Shared Resources, Legacies, Transformation, etc - 8th cusp 19AQ20); Mars 28Can15 is rising, ASC 28Can45 with South Node, a separative point and Saturnian Tail of the Dragon (SN 26Can26.)

Mars conj SN indicates a loner who makes his own decisions without listening to others (which would surprise me if this Mars/SN signifies a US president who isn't as powerful as they pretend to be due to other forces pulling strings - but he is a loner outstanding in his field, and Mr. Obama may not listen to his generals - moneybags Jupiter is also 'the general' or 'the guru.')

Mars/SN may also indicate one who questions the militaristic values and actions of his society (isn't there a March on Washington scheduled for Oct 12?), and can describe one whose actions and desires are out of harmony with societal standards. He (Mars) may act at the wrong time and place (SN) in an angry, frustrated manner. (Sakoian and Acker's The Astrologer's Handbook.)

SN conjunc ASC = strong individualism, lack of popularity, inhibited actions. Well, this does sound like the president concerning sending more troops to Afghanistan - as if America can afford it! Mars/SN has a 'violence and war' component, too.

The ASC 28Can45 brings up the July 21, 2009 Solar Eclipse (11S) @ 29Can27 as well, and the 11S Ecl is being triggered by transiting Mars. Look for some systems to fail, with new ideas and methods needed to deal with events (Brady, as cited above.) Mars may operate on a physical level as instigator of the Eclipse's influence (so do be cautious, m'peops.)

In the chart, Mars rules 10th house of Career and Public Status (Mc 14Ari34) and 5th h of Risk-Taking and Creative Projects (5th cusp 20Sco54.)

So from the looks of the Jupiter Direct Station chart set for Washington, the 11S Eclipse's influence will be of immediate (ASC) consideration on the president's desk (and already is, but now with Jupiter direct. Will war monies be appropriated?)

Sun 19Lib59 (4th house) and Moon 13Leo54 (1st h and conjunct President Obama's natal Sun) make for a theatrical, high-minded, diplomatic Sun Lib/Moon Leo blend whose Images for Integration are:

'A performance of The Importance of Being Earnest...The managing director throws a birthday party...A political idealist is crowned leader by his adoring followers.' (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, Charles and Suzi Harvey.)

The only birthday I can think of just now is of the White House itself (Oct 13, 1792; natal Moon 24/25Vir, a degree area where the transiting Venus, Saturn, Mercury trio has been visiting of late; Virgo, sign of Health, Work, and Service.)

You can tell from the first image that the Sun Lib/Moon Leo combo of energies is shared natally by the play's author, Oscar Wilde, who instructively said, "It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious."

Yet in Washington, DC, dividing people - Ds vs Rs, liberals vs conservatives, lower vs upper classes - is the only way politicians can conquer and stay at the top of the pyramid of power, for if we-the-people fully realized the power in numbers that we hold, the NWO train could be stopped in its tracks and Congress could return to serving the needs of the American people.


Update 10.5.09 - this just in - as if we didn't know: the Treasury and the Fed lied (under Bush) to the American people last Fall about the health of banks! Call Myrtle in from the barn, she'll want to hear about this...

For more reading see this on the 13-step pyramid of power, Lehman Brothers, the IMF, and related subjects.

And if you haven't, please answer the 'Obama/NWO shill' poll at the bottom of this page. Thanks! Jude


DD said...

Bravo! Great Post on NWO Spirit and Jupiter's Direct Station 10.13.09.

In addition, we try to have at least one "Hey, Mabel" story on the front every day - a story where the husband says to his wife, "Hey Mabel, get a load of this!" that being a quirky story.

You must be breaking some personal bests on blogs, I can hardly keep up with you.

And I agree, If we all just took off the blinders and demanded what we want we could get it - not what is it that we want?

Light to you and yours.

Jude Cowell said...

Why thank you, Donna, mcuh appreciated! Is SO'W loading any faster?

After my recent tiff w/ AdSense i removed all the ads which i then realized might speed up its load time, i suspect.

A blogger's work is never completely posted but i'm trying for as long as my regular work schedule is light, i can at least try!

Take off the blinders - YES! That's it! the whole point of dissentfully blogging to spread info and hope that enough people will care enough to demand improvement from our sorry, self-interested, sold-to-the-highest-bidder - and in some cases as mentioned in Sibel Edmonds' deposition - treason-committing Congress.

According to out founders, we have the right (last time i checked) to demand a redress of our grievances...why doesn't anyone ever do this? jude