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Dec 28, 2015

How Is This Not National News? Methane Leak - David Pakman reports (and Neptune)

Natural gas mining can be deadly to the environment and to people due to methane leaks. Hey national media! ere's one now:


You know, we've discussed gas and oil leaks here before under the 'Neptune now floating through its own sign of Pisces' label with all the dangerous Neptunian leaks, fumes, toxins, poisons, mysteries, contamination, and scandals that cosmic circumstance entails. Sadly, Neptune is only reaching past 8 Pisces now with 22 degrees to go and will be in and out of Pisces for years. This involves remaining upon a critical 29th degree (of Pisces--conjunct George Washington's natal Venus and the prominent Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse of 2015), then crossing the Aries Point of World Events (more than once due to retrogradation) and finally remaining in Mars-ruled Aries once the Gaseous One turns direct in December 2026 @1Ari36. That's a mighty meandering swim, isn't it?

From May 2015, a related video report from Thom Hartmann: US Taxpayers Are Subsidizing the Fossil Fuel Industry.


For lighter fare, may I suggest my brand new blog born this Christmas Day just past? You're cordially invited to attend Neptune's Silver Screen which is a more jolly use of watery elusive Neptunian energies than gas leaks or Politics for it's populated with natal horoscopes, film clips, and bios of Famous Film Stars such as Cary Grant and John Barrymore. While there be sure to check out two rare silent films clips from 1914--Neptune's Daughter and Venus of the South Seas!

Jul 26, 2015

A New World Order reading list -- James Corbett video

Here are a few of the books recommended by James Corbett:

+JamesCorbett #NWO #GlobalGovernment #Oil #exploitation #speculation #gambling

Private Wealth, Public Risk

There's a Sabian Symbol for '6 Gemini' (a degree fairly close to America's natal Uranus @8Gem55) with the Keyword: SPECULATION, and a word picture: "Drilling for Oil." Of course, Uranus is the planet of shock, disruption, and breaking apart as fracking chemicals do to bedrock, Saturn's domain. Earthquakes result with Saturn ruling tectonic plates, soil, and Mother Earth herself.

The symbolism for '6 Gemini' relates to the fracking industry now stripping our country of its resources and leaving environmental damage and catastrophe in its wake: "man's indomitable efforts to discover every last resource of the world..." ..."with his capacity for penetrating to the uttermost depths of whatever potentiality may be of immediate concern to him, and for opening new dimensions of being by his willingness to undergo every possible risk in pursuing even the most uncertain of objectives."

Positive expression: achievement through an exceptional concentration or specializing of effort;

Negative expression: long-range or foolish gambling and ill-considered self-exploitation.

Yeah. That happened.

(The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones.)

Corporatism + Statism = Fascism.

May 12, 2015

US Tax Payers Subsidizing Fossil Fuel Companies!

#Oil #Gas #FuelIndustry #subsidies #UStaxpayers are #chumps #BobbyJindal #payola #ThomHartmann #TheGuardian

Shhhh! Neptune at Work

The financial exploitation of US taxpayers by the power elite that Thom spotlights from The Guardian reminds me that oily, gaseous Neptune is having a sneaky, slippery old time wafting its way through its own sign of Pisces and I suppose the current Spring Equinox Solar Eclipse from March 20, 2015 @29Pisces is stirring up the silt at the bottom of the pond with news reports of weasely fraud and graft (more words from Neptune's realm of deception.)

Plus, as you know, eclipses have a wild card of the Universe reputation for Uranian disruption and unpredictable surprises including the uncovering or leaking of dirty secrets or other details that certain fraudsters, crooks, and bad actors would prefer to keep concealed. Yes, this includes enabling politicians such as Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. Now this is where I type, peep-eye!

Oct 16, 2009

Of oil pipelines and Jupiter/Neptune conjunctions

Bill Sardi is asking if a long-hoped-for oil pipeline in Afghanistan is what's really going on with US war escalation there.

On Feb 12, 1998, UNOCAL's vp of international relations, John J. Marcesa, testified to Congress on a proposed pipeline through Central Asia, on the lack of human and women's rights under the Taliban regime, and how the oil and gas reserves in the region might shape US foreign policy.

Even the elusive Osama bin Laden was mentioned by inference, not by name, so the question begs: was the 1998 testimony a ploy to put this information into the congressional record to support future warmongering?

1998 was the year that corruption charges were brought against Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan, and oddly enough, Pakistan's The Crescent Group was (is?) in a multi-national consortium with UNOCAL along with Russia's Gazprom, plus, Japan, Korea, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and the government of Turkmenistan.

Also in 1998: President Bill Clinton presented a balanced budget - first one since 1969; impeachment attempts against Clinton began; US gov vs Bill Gates/MS for monopolizing; the central bank in Japan was raided and financial scandals mounted; President Boris Yeltsin dismissed all 29 of his ministers in a major power play; India and Pakistan both detonated nuclear weapons.

Oh, something else for 1998 that I almost forgot: US and UK naval forces threatened to bomb Iraq if Saddam Hussein didn't comply with weapons inspectors.

Astrologically in 1998, Neptune finally left staid Capricorn and entered boundary-breaking Aquarius where progressive, quirky Uranus already played with computers and such - and the information revolution was on.

I know of no Great Conjunctions of outer planets (plus Jupiter or Saturn, the societal planets) for 1998, but on Jan 9, 1997 at 27Cap09, a Great Conjunction between the inflationary, speculative pairing of Jupiter/Neptune took place upon US natal Pluto, and we're still suffering under its effects as global wheeler-dealers continue their plans for imperialist expansion and resource-plundering as mentioned in the above-linked article with 1998's congressional testimony part of the set-up and the attacks of 9/11 the major triggering event, as it turned out. (Americans won't go to war without a 'noble cause' as our politicians figured out several decades ago. Remember Pearl Harbor.)

The January 1997 conj was the last meeting of Jupiter and Neptune until 2009's three conjunctions, the final one being on Dec 21, 2009 @ 24AQ18 - again atop US natal Moon (the people): losing oneself in speculations; little sense of reality; the desire to dream; instability; wastefulness.

But then there's the one from 1997 - still influencing globalists' plans, imo:

Jupiter/Neptune = n Pluto: plans unreasonable beyond measure; far-reaching speculations; self-projection out of hand; major adjustment of life circumstances; a great loss.

America. She is a great loss, isn't she?


(No midpoint pictures were harmed in the typing of this post and were taken from Ebertin and Tyl.)

Feb 28, 2009

Return the Superfund! + Lobbyists Up in Arms

This week should begin the fight against the Obama administration's new budget proposals which repeal tax breaks for the super-wealthy oil and gas industry, place caps on carbon and other green house gas emissions, and give the Environmental Protection Agency a 30% budget increase, among other things.

Yes, lobbyists for monied special interests are ready to storm Capitol Hill (which they think belongs only to them) and bring it on while Pres. Obama says he's spoilin' for the fight on our behalf.

Sounds great, Mr. President - I hope things can be evened up more fairly to benefit the common good.

Personally, I'd like to see the reinstatement of the Superfund for chemical clean-up costs (a tax that was rescinded under Pres. Clinton in 1995) because America's lungs have gotten grimier ever since while polluting evil-doers get off the hook every day by sticking the taxpayer with the costs of industry crimes against nature and the health conditions that result.

Then we have the pharmaceutical, medical, and insurance industries on the other side of us denying us care.

Amazing that we still call this America! Or how about: Land of Opportunity - the chance to shaft your fellow man all you want especially if you have the moola to pay the exorbitant fees of the most weasley lobbyists in the bunch.