Oct 28, 2009

On Lieberman and his public option threat

My Gather friend, Prima Donna, has posted an excellent article on Joe Lieberman and the public option which is replete with links for those who wish to read more on the issues of health reform legislation and on Joe's turncoat ways.

Joe says he'll filibuster with the GOP to force a retraction of the public option - and, I suppose, to collapse the entire reform bill!

ThinkProgress gave permission for use for her article which includes a graph you may be interested in seeing so I thought I'd pass along Prima Donna's work to you.

Lierberman's stance on the public option reminds me of Jon Stewart's funny a few years ago (perhaps when Lieberman was taped in Congress whispering into George Bush's ear): "I knew it was You, Lieberman." Well, I hope it isn't 'him' this time because Americans need a public option which, if fraud isn't baked right in to the bill, will save money not spend more of it.

Last evening I was watching C-SPAN's House of Representatives live coverage and was amazed at Republicans on the floor complaining about Dems' recent closed door meetings and how proud they are of what comes out of them concerning health insurance reform. Since both parties tend to do this when in power, the Republicans on display last evening certainly have very very short memories - and think we do.

Or are they just posturing and pretending in order to drive us all mad?

Update 10.28.09 8:30 pm edt: Robert Scheer has written an article on Leiberman twisting the knife.

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