Oct 27, 2009

US Lunar Return tonight Oct 26, 2009

An article has been posted concerning tonight's US Moon Return which occurs in Washington, DC at 10:05:47 pm edt, if you're interested.

Saturn at critical or crisis degree (29Vir49) and Mercury at critical degree (29Lib26) both form applying aspects with US natal Moon (Sibly) so you may wish to check out the coming month of our daily rounds which is what a Moon or Lunar Return describes.

Thing is, the lunar contact with Saturn - an inconjunct - is sobering for the next month yet conducive to mature attitudes, so perhaps we should all put on our grown-up beanies for a while and smile on through! This aspect is actually a Saturn transit to US Moon and has been within orb for days now - check it out by clicking the above link.

Tonight's *Sun Scorpio/Moon AQ blend has two 'Images for Integration' which refer to the conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) when they're working well together:

A hovering hawk surveys the world, at one with nature...An exotic moth emerges from its chrysalis, in perfect form, a specimen of the sublimity of nature's intelligence.

'Hovering hawks' remind me of US drones killing people - sorry, but they do.

So even if we-the-people get meaningful, cost-effective health insurance reform out of Washington, we still won't be 'at one with nature' imho, because we're so completely in the wrong on certain issues such as the sociopathic propaganda that war = peace.

Yet this is only a wee Moon Return of a month's duration so let's take it for what it is - fluctuating - and be as content as we can be, even if we've only a faint notion of happiness.


*'Images for Integration' from 'Sun Sign-Moon Sign' by Chas & Suzi Harvey.

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