Nov 26, 2009

Jupiter/Neptune, inflationary spending, and Larry Summers

Have you run across Mike Whitney's article Soaring Unemployment and Double-Dip Recession? Blame NWO Larry yet? It refers to President Obama's chief economic advisor, Lawrence Summers, a smart fellow who is opposed to extension of unemployment benefits because he thinks increasing hardship will drive wages down even more than they already are, and will bust unions more completely in the process - a win-win for the power elite.

Mr. Whitney asserts that Summers is "an industry rep whose primary task is the smooth transfer of public wealth to corporate plutocrats" and if you've ever read this blog before, you know that infuriates blogging gnats such as myself, a common-gooder.

Actually, the article contains several references to the inflationary spending of Jupiter/Neptune whose third and final 2009 Great Conjunction takes place on Dec 21, 2009 - just in time for Christmas shopping, and conjunct US natal Moon, the people.

Look for "liquidity trap," rising asset prices" and other high-in-the-sky, illusory, pretend (Neptune) money (Jupiter) terms sprinkled throughout the text of Mr. Whitney's article, especially if you speak astrologese.

And who can forget that Golden Oldie, the leaked Summers Memo of Dec 12, 1991, as good an example of cold-hearted ruthlessness as you'd ever care to read. Want to export prostate cancer to less developed nations such as Africa by way of health impairing pollution? Then World Bank Larry has your back.

This offspring of two economists, Summers' reptilian ways apparently endeared him to President Bill NAFTA Clinton who hired Larry to play the role of Secretary of the Treasury, a post Summers took up on July 2, 1999, in time for the New Millennium.

Since nearly a year has passed since Inauguration 2009, expansive, money guru Jupiter's 3AQ32 position in the chart may relate as much to Lawrence Summers as to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, to whom I have previously given the role. Of course, Astrology is all about describing levels in life which are active simultaneously, so Jan 20, 2009's Inaugural Jupiter can signify both 'financial wizzards' as they serve in Mr. Obama's cabinet on his 'econo-team' and take star turns acting and speaking their bits and parts.

To me they're kind of the Bobbsey Twins of Bankrupting America to make clear the way for world government. And President Obama is a close associate.

Turns out that using a natal chart set for noon on Nov 30, 1954, New Haven, CT and progressing it, gives Mr. Summers a Secondary New Moon (fresh beginnings in a new 30-year life cycle) on April 2, 2009 at...wait for it...3AQ16. And any birth time you use will give the ruthless economist precisely the same Sec New Moon degree.

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Diane L said...

Summers' reptilian ways

Yeah, never liked this one ever and reptilian is an excellent descriptive term for him. Another common-gooder here. :-)