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Mar 10, 2023

June-July 2023 Lunations with a Message

June-July 2023: Are We Facing a Debt Default Summer?

by Jude Cowell

The June 18, 2023 Gemini New Moon chart and the culminating Capricorn Full Moon of July 3, 2023 contain a variety of messages including those in relation to America's National Treasury and budgetary concerns which affect the US economy going forward. This time frame concerns debt limit debates, the government running out of money, and potential crises when Republicans think it's a jolly idea to institute such things as another ill-advised government shutdown finagled through refusing to pay our country's already-incurred debts and refusing to raise the debt ceiling.

As you know, the GOP's anti-societal mission includes cutting our social safety net programs (Make Americans Grieve Again?) which would sadistically increase suffering and loss among We the People, and their further machinations could possibly crash the global economy.

Therefore, if a global economic crash is one of the ultimate goals of the GOP, then the long-term plan to remove the US from global leadership will become obvious for even the most apathetic American who for years couldn't be bothered to pay attention to what evil men were up to. And as you know, a period of crisis is the best time to force new forms of government upon the unwilling such as fascist totalitarian regimes which a majority of Americans are completely against.

See ABC News: US debt default could cause "longstanding harm", says Fed Chair Powell. Exactly.

Meanwhile, it's March and congressional Republicans are balking about bringing forth their budget. Well, perhaps they aren't bothering to create one since they have other ideas that don't support a successful nation under the leadership of Democratic President Joe Biden because they prefer chaos instead. Why work on a budget if you have other plans in mind?

Now I'm not saying that all of these difficult economic challenges and consequences are found in the following Lunation Horoscopes for June and July 2023 but if you check out the chart factors highlighted in green (such as MIDAS conjunct Mercury, planet of messages and negotiations, in the New Moon chart), you'll find indications of financial issues and concerns, including banking and corporate planet Jupiter in the money sign of Taurus - but he'll also be playing his roles of politician, preacher, and broadcaster:

Additionally, you'll note that the upcoming Great American Eclipse of April 8, 2024 in the 8 North Saros Series ('visions and hunches') makes a cameo appearance by way of wounded healer Chiron @19Aries, and that the Sabian Symbol of the Sun in the Full Moon chart reveals a cryptic message meant for America's seat of power, Washington DC.

So to close this post of annoyance with our so-far-gridlocked Congress, here's my illustration of the solar symbol: "A Chinese Woman Nursing a Baby with a Message":

Recommended Reading includes: Will the US Ever Default on Its Debt? Plus, here's a previous post on a related topic via a video segment from Thom Hartmann How China Can and Will Use NAFTA Against America, and here's a previous post showing a view of the 1792 NYSE 'Buttonwood' Horoscope with transit Uranus in Taurus aligning with Wall Street's Sun-Mercury duo in Taurus.

Mar 15, 2022

How China Can & Will Use NAFTA Against America - Thom Hartmann

March 15, 2022

Here is a brief Thom Hartmann segment from about two weeks ago in which Thom discusses with a caller America's "biggest foreign blunder," NAFTA, and the harm that China can do to our country and the world, especially now that China is said to be in favor of Putin's aggressive invasion of Ukraine:

And for astrologers who can use the information, here's an excerpt from a previous post:

"Chart data from Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes (#ad) which gives its own sources: NAFTA took effect January 1, 1994 at 12:00 am est Washington DC." Set up the horoscope (ASC 6Lib57; MC 7Can54, 6 planets in Saturn-ruled Capricorn) and you'll find an Earth-Fire blend of Sun Capricorn-Moon Leo which happens to be shared natally by China's revolutionary leader Chairman Mao Zedong.

This combination of conscious (Sun) and unconscious (Moon) energies denotes the dictatorial leanings of a volcanic temperament, plus, visionary ability, and the utilization of dogmatism (Sun Sign-Moon Sign, The Harveys #ad).

Aug 28, 2018

DC Horoscope: NAFTA takes effect, Trump tinkers

DC Horoscope: NAFTA takes effect January 1, 1994 12:01 am est Washington DC; Hour of Saturn; ASC 7Lib09 with Donald Trump's natal Neptune rising and natal Mercury at MC (Trump natals are marked around the chart in green); NAFTA Mercury @8Cap59 conjunct IC opposing Trump's natal Mercury (diverse opinions, changing minds).

Chart-ruler Venu$ @6Cap45 conjunct IC makes two applying Ptolemaic aspects: 1. conjunct Mars (2A28) = desire for luxury and possessions; 2. sextile Jupiter (3A02) = creation of fortunate opportunities; success with advertising, broadcasting; beneficial political activities. Venus also rules the corporate 8th house of Big Money and Banking.

Asteroid MIDA$ conjuncts the Saturnian South Node in 8th house of Corporations, Credit, Debt, and Shared Resources which suggests that king Midas has done such mischief before.

Syzygy Moon (last lunation) @7Can14 conjunct MC; Prenatal Solar Eclipse ('PE') @21Sco31 in 2nd house of the National Treasury and Values in the 14 North Saros Series; eclipse themes: a peculiar turn of events; despair; confusion; a draining of energy; too much delusion to make clear judgments (Brady); last manifestation of a 14 North Eclipse: November 25, 2011 @2Sag37 (conjunct NAFTA's North Node 2Sag24!) as what I termed at the time the sinister 'Sequestration Eclipse' (during the 'Super Congress' charade when all those across-the-board budget cuts were supposed to rescue the US economy; as you know, the 2011 military cuts didn't last).

Around the Foundation of the NAFTA agreement (IC) are a stellium of planets in business-and-government-oriented Capricorn, ruled by Saturn which squares Pluto (harshness, cruelty; destruction of the established order--Oken) in the corporate sign of betrayal, Scorpio, both planets at 27 degrees (karmic). The New World Order (global government) pair, Uranus and Neptune are just parting from their three conjunctions of 1993 @18Capricorn ("POLITICAL POWER") where transit Pluto has hit off and on of late (on at the moment) with its 'Big Picture must be followed' command issued by manipulator Pluto, the saboteur and wealth-hoarder. Plus, NAFTA Pluto conjunct North Node is the 'tiger by the tail' pairing of power.

Two fixed stars are prominent: Alhena at MC, the Goal Point; the star's theme: to have a mission. At IC and conjunct Mercury is Facies (ruthlessness or the victim). Ruthless is how the trade agreement was handled by its promoters and enablers, victimized is how most of We The People felt at its passing and implementation. And who can forget presidential candidate Ross Perot's much ridiculed remark at the time that passing NAFTA would result in the "giant sucking sound" of US jobs leaving the country and the economy. Ridiculed because it was true.

Then (bottom right) is NAFTA Saturn conjunct US natal Moon denoting feelings of deprivation and anxiety, and the T-Square between the Moon-Saturn opposition pointing toward Pluto = the threat of loss; needs repressed (Tyl); elimination of support for families (Munkasey) which, if memory serves, describes the mood of the times when NAFTA was passed by Congress against most Americans' better judgments and our sense of betrayal. But Congress didn't listen to the American people then any more than it listens now and our feeling of betrayal continues.

So now Mr. Trump (who may remember 1993/1994 himself) knows that NAFTA wasn't popular with the American people back in the day nor with him apparently (Mercury-Mercury opposition) but unfortunately for our nation and the other nations involved, his particular style of tinkering under hoods promises chaos, superficiality, and fluff more than actual improvement. Awkward!

Related from 2016, here's a Thom Hartmann segment asking How Do We End the So-Called "Free" Trade Deals?

Feb 22, 2017

What Trump Voters Know That the Democrat Elite Don't! - Mark Blyth Interview

You know what the elephant graph is and you've experienced Neo-liberalism's negative effects on economies, both here and abroad. In the following interview economist Mark Blyth discusses such topics with Jimmy Dore along with how President Bill Clinton "finished the house that Ronnie built":

Check out the Jimmy Dore Comedy website.


For Corporate Democrats Why Not Blame Mr. Carter? He Builds Houses, Too

In February 2016 I posted the Carter Inauguration 1977 horoscope and mused that Rule by Corporate Democrats (can be) timed by Carter Inauguration 1977, an event which occurred, of course, earlier than the Clinton presidency, the implementation of NAFTA, Clinton's near gutting of New Deal social safety net programs meant to aid the vulnerable in our society, and other reforms that "finished the house that Ronnie built."

In the Carter Inauguration horoscope you'll see a Fixed Grand Cross--well, actually, a rigid T-Square between a Moon-Saturn opposition and an angular, exalted-in-Scorpio Uranus, the radical zealot. For a Grand Cross pattern to be made the Ascendant (13Tau44) must be factored into the T-Square with the ASC being the presidential Oath of Office, and thus, the president.

Why, 1977's depressive Moon-Saturn opposition across the self-willed Leo-Aquarius polarity (in the 4/10 security/parental axis) is quite enough to foreshadow difficulties to come (hindsight being what it tends to be). An urge for financial security is identified by the deep-pockets planet of corporatism, Jupiter, in materialistic Taurus in 1st house, plus, Jupiter's codified religion is suggested. Yes, protective Jupiter rises yet a disturbing transit was underway at the time in the chart's 6th house: Pluto to US natal Saturn (14Lib48) which suggests an unstable period when structures, traditions, and lifestyles were altered and shifted and could be totally transformed by circumstances. For the people: a depressed economy and a much-mocked president; for the ruling elite: major financing via corporate donors' payrolls and slush finds, and globalism on the rise.

It didn't help that the 1977 inauguration Prenatal Eclipse occurred in the 29th degree of Libra (a critical-crisis degree) and in the 15 North Saros Series which is all about commitment. Curiously, 15 North is also the Prenatal Eclipse (PE) of Mr. Obama's second inauguration in 2013 and also manifested in 1994, one of the Clinton years and the one in which NAFTA came into effect.

Now each presidency is a continuation of basically the same globalism policies of the last president so if 'new boss same as old boss' comes easily to mind, it's because in America the saying perfectly applies every four or eight years (that's Washington on the Venus Cycle). Is 'new boss' Mr. Trump any different? In some ways, on some levels, perhaps so. And no, I don't mind how he inconveniently says out loud what the powers behind the throne apparently don't want said in public. My fret is that his odd Uranian way of doing things and causing chaos is just what power elite globalists ordered for finalizing their world war agenda and global domination plan because to them, Mr. Trump is little more than a mouthpiece blabbing from the White House. North or South.


To set up a natal horoscope for NAFTA, try this data provided in Nicholas Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes: "NAFTA took effect January 1, 1994 at 12:00 am est Washington DC." And it still sucks.

Nov 1, 2016

Karmic Transits Hit Comey's Mars, Saturn, and the FBI's natal Horoscope

The FBI, Director James Comey, the DOJ Building's Arcane Symbolism, and Karma

Recently, a major transit has taken place for FBI Director *James Comey and that is powerful Pluto in mid-Capricorn opposing Comey's natal Mars (14Cancer--now conjunct the Dog Star, Sirius, The Scorcher and the 'goddess star' of Egypt (aka, Isis). This is a marker for power struggles and for taking revenge. His natal Jupiter @10Capricorn has already been transformed by transit Pluto the Underworld planet approaches his natal Saturn @17Cap36 and 'hits' the planet of authority, seniority, and accountability precisely on January 20, 2017--Inauguration Day. Mr. Comey may want to expect a change of lifestyle under the vibes of Pluto to Saturn along with feelings of regret over past actions which may include any abuse or misuse of power he may have perpetrated himself or may have allowed to occur. In fact, an attitude adjustment could be in order although I suspect he may have already been subjected to pressure on that score.

Now here is a view of the F.B.I.'s natal horoscope which is set for Washington DC on July 26, 1908 but unfortunately we have no hour so the chart is set for noon. Here's a brief history concerning the founding of the organization of a "force of special agents" showing the Order signed by Attorney General Charles J. Bonaparte who served under President Theodore Roosevelt and held multiple posts.

Founded under a generational aspect between Uranus and Neptune, transit Pluto has most recently activated the FBI's natal Uranus-Neptune opposition which falls across the axis of 15 degrees Cancer/Capricorn. This suggests at least some of the 'inner turmoil' over Hillary Clinton's emails that is said to be occurring within the Department of Justice. This planetary trio suggests potentials for: suddenly available illegal drugs; subversive methods of acquiring information; the power and authority of a nation's leadership and/or police system is diminished; ideas that can change the world; disagreements or rebelliousness cause extreme destruction, and support of such methods (paraphrasing M. Munkasey). Also note that the FBI's natal Mercury (decisions, information, etc) @13 Cancer conjoins the US natal Sun (leadership; the president) and Dog Star Sirius and is involved in the planetary picture with transit Pluto opposing little Mercury, a time when manipulation and obsession are prominent.

1934 vs 2016

With the Election 2016 turmoil underway there is actually a cosmic 'update' occurring now with transit Pluto activating off and on the Uranus-Neptune conjunction degree of 1993, 18 Capricorn, so that 1934's planetary trio (Uranus-Neptune-Pluto) is reactivated in a sense and with similar vibrations. This we have discussed here before as being one of the imperatives that our in-breach-of-public-trust politicians are yoked to by vows or oaths to their transnational bosses behind the scenes: Uranus-Neptune = Pluto: The big picture commands a certain course of action which must be followed, very little option to do otherwise (Tyl).

You know--like President Obama and his promotion of the corporate-heavy TPP "trade" deal which is more about handing over American sovereignty and corporate rule than it is about "trade." In the same category is Bill Clinton's NAFTA sell-out of the American worker. The oddness of these men going for something like these "trade deals" can be understood on one level by the planetary trio's transnational imperative, as noted. Bribery, intimidation, or worse can keep many a reluctant operative in place and on message.

But let's get back to the Department of Justice building which was dedicated by Masonic President Franklin D. Roosevelt at 3:00 pm on October 25, 1934 (a date and hour purposefully selected, no doubt) which places Washington DC's favorite sign Virgo on the Descendant with Mars and Neptune snugged around. These two planets at best hint at inspired actions though America's natal Mars-Neptune square reveals a different story that includes misguided actions, an inability to face reality, and the 'fog of war'. Arcane symbolism decorates the DOJ building inside and out and is described in David Ovason's book The Secret Architecture of Our Nation's Capital.

Basically, the building's lapidary panels show Masonic themes of light vs dark, redemption, the serpent of humanity's lower nature (which must be vanquished), and, on its aluminum doors, Virgo the Virgin with her sheaves of wheat and corn. How unfortunate for our nation and the American people that "redemption" seldom resounds from the ashes of all the lives marred and ruined through the decades by a Justice Department and Legal System that admit to no flaws or mistakes when convicting, sentencing, or shooting what too often turns out to be an innocent citizen.


*James Comey born December 14, 1960 Yonkers, NY; again, no birth hour is known apparently so noon is used at which time his Moon is strong and subjective in its own sign of (tribal) Cancer and conjoins Neptune. If true, a Moon-Neptune conjunction suggests tendencies toward a career in public service, a creative if daydreaming nature, mixing emotions with spiritual values, hidden, confused, or misguided feelings, deceptive (Neptune) publicity (Moon), surveillance (Neptune) of the masses (Moon), and/or...scandals.

Jun 2, 2016

Why Do Many Brits Want To Vote For #Brexit? - Thom Hartmann (EU Nov 1, 1993)

Thom Hartmann gives some background concerning the EU and 'Brexit' (the potential exit of Britain from the European Union) and I add a few foundation details, below, if you wish to set up horoscopes for the EU, the United Kingdom, and NAFTA:


UK: January 1, 1801 NS 00:00:28 LMT Westminster, England; Sun 10Cap11, Moon 19Can26; ASC 7Lib10 with Uranus rising @1Lib54; MC 9Can20;

EU: November 1, 1993 00:01 CET Bruxelles, Belgium; Sun 8Sco32; Moon 24Tau20; ASC 17Leo27; MC 2Tau02; 1993 saw three Great Conjunctions of Uranus and Neptune on or about 18Cap (POLITICAL POWER; New World Order)--this EU foundation made official after the third conjunction on October 24, 1993 @18Cap33;

NAFTA (North American Free Trade Association linking the US, Canada, and Mexico): passed the US Congress "shortly before 11:00 pm" on November 17, 1993; came into effect at 00:00 hours on January 1, 1994; Sun 10Cap32; Moon 21Leo09; ASC 6Lib57; MC 7Can54; restrictive planet of control and austerity, Saturn @27AQ01, conjoins US natal Moon; by this time Neptune is at critical degree 20Cap28, and Uranus @21Cap35; the Leo Moon inconjunct Uranus and Neptune denotes enslavement of workers to low wages and debt both here and abroad.

Source: The Book of World Horoscopes, Nicholas Campion (from historical records).

Feb 10, 2016

Rule by Corporate Democrats timed by Carter Inauguration 1977 (horoscope)

Thoughts on Corporate Democrats and Three US Presidencies

by Jude Cowell

Don't be fooled! The following post concerns the ideological competition between 2016 candidates Hillary Clinton (funded by banks and other corporate interests) and Bernie Sanders (funded by We the People), who represent two wings of the Democratic Party. The Establishment/corporate wing focuses our resources upon global conquest and occupation that leads to Global Government while the Democratic Socialist/Progressive wing of Senator Sanders focuses on the needs and desires of the American people. Charity, as they say, begins at home yet Washington and the Pentagon have already caused a massive and dire need for charity here and across the nations via the racket of perpetual war and mayhem. And it's ugly to say, but depopulation is a corporate goal as well.

Year 1977: a New President Is Inaugurated, the Capitol's East Portico Is Abandoned, and Chiron the Centaur Is Discovered: Christ Consciousness of a Christian Commander-in-Chief

Now if you wish, check out a video of 39th President Jimmy Carter's Inauguration Address on YouTube where he emphasizes taking the Oath of Office on the family Bible his mother gave him and with the same Bible used by Freemason George Washington at his swearing in of 1789 (see chart, below; the Masonic Bible was in the care of St. John Lodge No. 1 in 1977). And of course, General Washington was of the Hamilton Central Bank persuasion which invited the corporate fox into the hen house, ginned up since December 1913 when Congress surreptitiously passed the Federal Reserve Act and gifted our legislative branch of government to a bunch of international bankers.

For your convenience, Washington's April 30, 1789 Inauguration Horoscope is shown, below, with my original scribbles and a link to more details. Note 1789's YOD pattern (special purpose; turning point which is notated on the image, upper right: Saturn-MC = Neptune: 'formal roles imposed on the executive branch' (Munkasey) peculiar circumstances (Ebertin); feeling fearful (Tyl). The Saturn-MC combo denotes important people--those we might call VIPs.

(VIP George Washington was a Star Family fellow of the Enochian (priestly) persuasion which accounts somewhat for his promotion to godlike status.)

You may wish to read more information on Jimmy Carter's 1977 Inauguration Wiki page where you'll find details such as the Bible verse that he featured, Micah 6:8: "He hath shown thee, O man, what is good and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God." The presidency and life of Jimmy Carter may evoke this verse yet tragically America is overly and expansively Jupiterian and our government seldom if ever admits mistake, falsehood, injustice, or defeat. As you know, Jupiter (Zeus) was a god king in Mythology and there was a huge statue created of George Washington as 'Zeus' plus, the US Capitol Dome depicts The Apotheosis of George Washington--into divinity on high with the other 'gods' and symbols. Hopefully, Jupiter-Zeus isn't the 'god' Jimmy Carter refers to in spite of his inaugural links to Freemason George Washington. And here is the full text of Carter's "faith in the old dream" Inaugural Address of 1977, America's cult of personality notwithstanding. My fret is that the 'old dream' he lauds is a reference to Plato's Ideal, the Utopian Atlantis.

Now you know that the corporate Democratic Party of President Bill Clinton gave America such job-killers as NAFTA but Democrats began their drive toward Corporate Globalism and the Party's financial issues it solved under Jimmy Carter which is why I'm posting his Inauguration 1977 Horoscope. Will hints of the change to Corporatism show in the Inauguration horoscope of this Democratic president? Let's take a look:

Image: Carter Inauguration January 20, 1977 12:00 pm est Capitol Building East Portico Washington DC

The planet of bankers, investors, and Corporatism rises in first house denoting Jupiter in money sign Taurus as an early issue he deal with and there's Mars @14Cap50 (in the 9th house of Foreigners) aiding financial issues by trining Jupiter. Simultaneously, Jupiter rules the 8th house of Corporatism and Shared Resources while the 8th cusp shows fraudulent yet divienly inspired Neptune (ruled by Jupiter!) on the cusp but inside the 8th house. Asteroid Tisiphone is traveling with veiling Neptune and indicates retaliation of some kind. How much did you say we paid Tehran to release our hostages?

In addition, US natal Pluto @27Cap33 is at the MC (the Goal Point) as usual since 1937 when January 20th became our Inauguration date, and 1977 Pluto in the 6th house of Work, Health, and Service (Military, Police, and Civil) conjoins US natal Saturn (14Lib48), a time when structures and traditions are seriously altered by current circumstances and the past returns to haunt especially in the realms of power and control. Seems that Pluto's secret cave of hidden treasure was brought to Capitol Hill on the Democratic side of the aisle if this 'corporate turning point' theory is correct and can be timed by Inauguration 1977. Another chart factor about Pluto is that he is at the apex of a midpoint picture with the Socialism-Capitalism-Marxism/invisible-government pair, Saturn-Neptune denoting potentials such as: denial of guilt by the guilty, fear of loss (Tyl), and new ideas about historical theories (Munkasey.) I can think of one: why should the Republicans be the only politicians benefiting from corporate largess?

Now of course there is so much more to say about the 1977 Horoscope but I count on your eagle eye to spot pertinent factors for yourself. Does a corporate take-over of the Democratic Party show in this chart? For me it does and at the least, the timing and the event cannot be ruled out. So let's close this segment with Inauguration 1977's humanitarian Sun AQ-Moon AQ blend, a double Air combination of conscious mind + the unconscious energies. It is shared natally by President William McKinley and if you look upper right you can read one of the blend's 'Images for Integration': "The living, breathing entity we call society (the Harveys).

Also notated there on the chart is a famous quote about politics by President McKinley which I shall add here:

"Our differences are politics. Our agreements, principles."

How tiresome are Washington DC's political antics and charades? The American public must be totally exhausted for Campaign 2016 is now topped with Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump and both can fulfill Venus' someone different requirement on November 8th!

A Long-Held Tradition: President Carter's Diplomatic Triumph

As you know, the Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel are together generally touted as a major achievement of President Jimmy Carter's administration. Although the Accords (plural) were signed in two phases it's the September 18, 1978 announcement to a Joint Session of Congress that resonates with a significant event in US history: the ceremonial laying of the Capitol Building cornerstone (the building in which Carter's announcement was made) on September 18, 1793. Synchronized Freemason stuff meant to 'time link' them together? Possibly, or to suggest that the 1787 and 1978 signings were of the same ilk and historical importance? Well, through the years both events and their results have been undermined by opponents, haven't they?


As Lenin asserted, "Fascism Is Capitalism in Decay", and, "One cannot be a revolutionary Social–Democrat without participating, according to one’s powers, in developing this theory [Marxism], and adapting it to changed conditions." So an adapted Marxism is the goal of America's Saturn-Neptune snugged around our Midheaven (Goal Point) of 1776?


US Inauguration Number One: the American Presidential Pattern Is Invented

My original astro-notes concerning this horoscope and event are found at Jude's Threshold (sans edits!)

Nov 9, 2015

Caller: Why do Democratic Presidents Push Awful Trade Deals? - video

My thought is that a certain global agenda must be followed or 'presidents' wouldn't be selected for the Oval Office to begin with, no matter the political party. But let's hear Thom's answer to this very good question:


Mar 10, 2015

TPP Sale Echoes Broken NAFTA Promises

#TPP #NAFTA #globalism

TPP, another not-so-well disguised tactic to undermine America's soveignty on "the march" toward global government.

Jan 12, 2014

Jan 15 and Jan 30, 2014 Full and New Moons

A second New Moon occasionally occurs in a calendar month and January 2014 has one on January 30 @4:38:30 pm EST @10AQ55. This leaves February 2014 with only one lunation, the Valentine's Day Full Moon in romantic Leo on February 14th. More about that later.

As you know, the first New Moon of 2014 was on January 1st @10Cap57--conjunct transformative Pluto (hidden wealth, the Pope, the saboteur, etc.) Next comes the Full Moon @25Can58 (conjunct US natal Mercury Rx) on January 15th at 11:52:09 pm EST. The horoscope I'm looking at is set for Washington DC with 17Lib23 rising along with transiting Mars @17Lib54, a double emphasis on this degree.

'18Lib' = "Two Men Placed Under Arrest"...CONSEQUENCE with all that the word picture implies along with warrior Mars (or, simply males between 25--35, give or take a year or two), and of course, Mars represents US military and police forces. This degree also conjoins US SP Mars Rx which describes our nation's progressed condition in any and all the realms of Mars.

Note: US SP Mars '19Lib' = "A Gang of Robbers in Hiding" and we're infested with them, aren't we? And their tiresome 'denials of responsibility from guilty parties' (tr Saturn-Neptune = Pluto).

In The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Marc Edmund Jones gives the negative expression of '18Lib' as: "total inappropriateness of impulse and act", with impulse and act both relating to functions of the astrological Mars. No matter how we think of it, the January 15th Full Moon, the culmination/awareness phase, describes conditions that are immediately on the menu for Washington DC actors (politicians, lobbyists, and the rest) because they are on the horizon for the nation's capital.

Also rising is the Moon-Pluto midpoint which provides a sense of anger and frustration in the environment yet at Midheaven (MC, the Goal Point) is the happy, opportunity-instilled Moon-Jupiter midpoint which for some portends confidence, popularity, and good fortune in Career and Public Status realms.

The Full Moon chart also includes a pattern called a Thor's Hammer (or, Fist of God) which is aimed at nebulous, often deceptive Neptune @3Pis39 in the 5th house of Risk-Taking and Gambling. The base of the Hammer is the square between Mars and MC (also ASC and MC) which denotes that something is off-the-mark and needs focus to counter the diffusion that exists within the environment. This Hammer or Fist may not be as difficult as it could be, however, since chart Angles are involved in both instances rather than a third planet (actor.) Yet with tr Mars and ASC conjoining US SP Mars, we may expect some action concerning military and/or police forces especially with Neptune (the masses; the media) so near Fixed Star Fomalhaut (crisis at the end of the river.)

And there are also dynamic T-Square patterns formed that point to catalyst Uranus @8Ari57--Uranus denotes 'anarchists' and 'blind zealots' when in Mars-ruled Aries, according to Reinhold Ebertin. The Full Moon Uranus is posited in the 6th house of Work, Health, and Service--military, police, and otherwise.

With the Full Moon manifesting in 10th house in Washington DC--and thus with the Sun @25Cap58 near US natal Pluto Rx in 4th house--we have a focus on relationships and awareness (Full Moon) across the Home-Security axis. Perhaps the NSA's secret spying on Americans (4th h = Domestic Scene) is described here on one level with President Obama scheduled to speak at the end of the week about making changes to their draconian surveillance programs. Plus, there is an 'overturning the tables' vibe to the Full Moon chart (Jupiter-Pluto = Uranus.) Yet given this astrologer's lamentable inability to fully trust the US government, perhaps our Orwellian spies will only find a better way to snoop on us while portraying themselves as sensitive to the US Constitution and protective of our (former) right to privacy.

Now the Full Moon horoscope's Libra Ascendant makes Venus the chart-ruler, and Venus is retrograde @18Cap23 (IC = 19Cap56) in 3rd house of Communications, having just left 4th house. That the chart-ruler is Rx denotes delays of some kind, or glitches--perhaps in the implementation of the so-called new world order since '18Cap' (POLITICAL POWER) is the degree of the Uranus-Neptune conjunction/s of 1993 which form a modern natal horoscope for the NWO. This gives a fantasy element to the Full Moon and a lack of realism concerning Venusian things such as relationships, diplomacy, and evaluations. Even Real Estate may be affected by this picture for the 'Real' may not be so real after all.

As for the New Moon chart of January 30, 2014 @10AQ55, it is conjoined by the transiting midpoint of Pluto-Chiron, the oppressive Plutocracy pair and some sort of new cycle of activity begins. With the New Moon in the 7th house of Partnerships, I must unfortunately (for US workers) think of the three secretive trade pacts being forced upon our nation as I type. Annoying how Washington politicians give lip service to job creation while their behind-the-curtain wheeler-dealing leads to signing our jobs away to other nations whose workers are cheap hires. So if you're like me, you are not amused by Washington's and Obama's perfidy in this matter and wish the TPP and the other trade 'deals' could be stuffed inside their own paychecks for a change. (I'm being a nice southerner using the word 'paychecks', aren't I?)

Besides, my grump so far doesn't begin to address the new trade 'deals' and their coming ruination of nation-state sovereignty, environmental standards, and decent working conditions to which we can say buh-bye any day now. Why, even Bill NAFTA Clinton knows a lot about it because he was one of the major tools for implementing the supranational purpose of undermining America!

Guess Bill read Atlas Shrugged, too, where corporatists take their money and flee.

Well, there are many more chart factors worth discussing in both horoscopes but I doubt you have time to read them if I type them! So maybe you can set up the Full and New Moon charts of January 2014 for yourself and see what you see for I highly recommend the practice if you have a chance and the inclination!


Dec 9, 2013

Selling Out: WTO, NAFTA, Citizens United, now TPP and Singapore

America! Going for Bargain Basement Prices

by Jude Cowell

In the 1990s there was the draconian World Trade Organization (WTO) and its first push back from the people, what the media termed the 'Battle in Seattle'. Then it was jobs-destroying NAFTA (effective January 1, 1994) and Citizens United in 2010 (the anti-democracy 'corporations are people' ruling of SCOTUS). Now it's the secret anti-sovereign trade deal they call the Trans-Pacific Partnership--what many are calling 'NAFTA on steroids', and rightly so.

It's taking a lot of effort by these corporate pirates to totally sell out America and US workers, yet Global Government types must be highly excited this week after the past weekend's Bali Summit and the talks that immediately followed on Saturday, December 7, 2013 as Bali officials flew to Singapore to further the devilish TPP.

Meanwhile, the press helps the White House with articles and videos that imply that there's hope for US workers and US sovereignty after all, but this Capricorn frets that such expressions are only smoke and mirrors to keep the populace quiet about our nation being sold out to the Corporate Global Syndicate of bankers and other criminals. Oh look! Here's a panacea now from Huffington Post: Obama Faces Backlash Over New Corporate Powers in Secret Trade Deal. Did you read it or watch the video and feel better? How much force and push back from We The People and from other populations would it take to counter these jokers' Great Plan of global domination via backroom 'trade deals'?

"He that injures one, threatens many," said Sir Francis Bacon, an early adopter of the Great Plan with America in the New World--the 'New Atlantis'--leading the way...E Pluribus Unum, indeed.

And how curious that the president has been so determined to implement his Affordable Care Act yet the TPP will make lower priced prescription drugs impossible to obtain...because there won't be any. As with NAFTA, it won't be America that benefits most from this 'trade deal' which will financially unite 160 nations!

(Makes me wonder if my initial ACA misgivings are justified--that it's about controlling the people who sign up, nosing into our medical histories, further weakening our health with toxins, vaccines, etc (depopulation), guinea-pigging us which they've done for decades already, and 'owning' every person's DNA.)

Many horoscopes have been studied by yours truly concerning these topics but it would take days of typing to publish the astro-notes in my files. Therefore, I shall mention here a few notable chart factors and provide some data in case either of you wish to set up charts (if you haven't yet.)

One of the most stunning factors that jumps out at us is the current position of destructuring, secretive, stealthy wealth-hoarder, Pluto (the saboteur), of Invisible Helmet fame. Pluto now conjoins Mercury, Mars, and Sun in the NAFTA horoscope and stomps upon Singapore's natal Moon (10Cap56)--horoscope data below.) Plus, Pluto @11Cap16 will be fertilized on January 1, 2014 by a New Moon @10Cap57, representing the seeding of a new cycle of activity.

Now Pluto transits are always intensely life-changing and permanent, as you know, and Pluto to Singapore's ambitious, business-oriented natal Moon in Capricorn (which is out-of-bounds denoting the people's feelings of emotional insecurity and lack of connection to those in power who ran and run the place) shows that manipulation and control can bring devastating consequences with powerful motivations leading to great achievement; yet if reckless determination is followed there can be a loss of everything--including national sovereignty and jobs, in the case of the TPP.

Another interesting transit is from Saturn @17Sco52 (on Dec 7, 2013) to Singapore's natal Neptune @17Sco15 in the 2nd house of Earning Ability and Values. This is the 'grim face of reality' transit that can bring misinterpretation of responsibilities and below-board financial dealings although a 'dream come true' can also apply--but probably only for the Global Government movers'n'shakers who are secretly brokering this draconian deal they've have long dreamed of.

By the New Moon on January 1, 2014, a T-Square forms between the Mars-Uranus opposition which points to banking planet Jupiter @14Can04 Rx which denotes those who are planning a course of action for the future and this, of course, supports my Global Government fretting (aka, a 'new world order' or 'new world financial order'.)

In the New Moon chart of 1.1.14, Jupiter is the handle of a Bucket pattern which shows banker Jupiter to be the important actor and determinator of these issues since it is Jupiter Rx in Cancer that links the two sides of the horoscope with the rest of the Capricorn planets in the chart.


Chart data from Campion's The Book of World Horoscopes which gives its own sources: NAFTA took effect January 1, 1994 at 12:00 am est Washington DC; there are at least three natal charts for Singapore, two of which are on the same day--here I use August 9, 1965 at 10:00 am JT--ASC 9Lib24, MC 8Can01 conjunct Mirzam, the announcer with a message; Moon @10Cap56 conjunct IC; Sun @16Leo17 in 11th house; Jupiter @23Gem58 in 9th house conjunct US natal Mars.

The New Years Day 2014 New Moon @10Cap57 perfects at 6:14:08 am est Washington DC--ASC 22Sag52, MC 13Lib36 conjunct Mars @11Lib51 which approaches US natal Saturn (14Lib48). See my previous post on the New Moon New Moon, a Grand Cross, and a Bucket.

Nov 18, 2012

The Power Principle: Empire (video) plus, Clinton Inauguration 1997

It may be difficult to fully agree with all the concepts presented in The Power Principle Part One: Empire but if you were around during the Clinton administration and remember the February 1, 1999 release of the Clinton budget which was particularly heavy on military spending and light on domestic (social) spending--you may wish to view the following video (Part One) for a hindsight view of what America was being used for and set up for at that time.

Mr. Clinton had promised us a "peace dividend" but you see on which 'garden path' that has misled our nation. It isn't for nothing that the US performs its much-touted "peaceful passing of the baton" every four years on Inauguration Day and few can fail to see that our old bosses and new bosses share more than they differ upon.

Now 1999 was during Bill Clinton's second term, of course, and if you have the software to set it up and have never viewed his Inauguration 1997 horoscope (January 20 noon Capitol Building DC) please do so in tandem with this video presentation for you may wish to consider that transiting Neptune, with its tendency to undermine, seduce, cheat, merge with, and/or dissolve what it touches, conjoined America's natal Pluto 27Cap33 in the Inaugural chart at Midheaven (The Goal.)

Plus, We-the-People's Inaugural Moon 1997 @28Gem13 is in 2nd house of Earning Ability and Values (Moon = fluctuations; changes) and of course it was President Clinton who signed the US-job-killing NAFTA--not that it was his idea alone for he had global plutocrats to inspire him. As you know, '28Gem' = BANKRUPTCY in the Sabian Symbols, an apt description of what often occurs to people (Moon) when their jobs are outsourced to cheaper labor markets. Yes, a great hollowing out has occurred and we see the shreds of it now.

Guess the difficult energies of the Grand Cross between the Moon, Mars (4Lib23 in 6th house of the Military), Mercury (6Cap32 in 9th H of Foreign Lands), and Saturn (2Ari37 in 12th H of Politics, Self-Undoing, and Back Room Deals) in the Inauguration 1997 chart have had their way with us, y'might say.

Okay, I'll hush for now about the Astrology of it all and hope that you, dear reader, may find an hour and a half (!) to view Part One of The Power Principle: Empire. I'll add a few notes on the Sun Aquarius-Moon Gemini blend in effect for Clinton's Inauguration 1997 to denote his second term, in case you're curious.

Sun AQ-Moon Gem is a double-Air combo of clear-headedness and reason. Culture and elegance are notable, and 'never at a loss for words' describes its mental, intellectual energies; idealistic visions and political, philosophical, and/or ideological schemes are on the Airy menu.

Sun AQ-Moon Gem is the blend of New Age thinking (exs: New World Order; global governance; "free trade") and contains witty, cerebral, friendly, and progressive vibes though 'detached' is a word often used for it. Tackling the world's most demanding problems and changing the world are its aims with radical ideas easily and persuasively communicated. This blend is good at advertising, journalism, speech writing and delivering, and related endeavors such as Politics and it can be flippant at times.

This double-Air combo is shared natally by social activist and community organizer Saul Alinsky, golfer Jack Nicklaus, lawyer, statesman, and politician Elihu Root, and by none other than Founding Enlightener and Propagandist, Thomas Paine, who informed us of a paradox that still rings true:

"The sublime and the ridiculous are often so nearly related, that it is difficult to class them separately."

One of Sun AQ-Moon Gem's Images for Integration in the Harveys' book, Sun Sign-Moon Sign may be quite appropriate for our current "fiscal cliff" (or, slope, curve, whatever) made dramatic by last year's 'sequestration' cuts that the Pentagon (and private military contractors) are sweating if things aren't resolved by Congress no later than January 1, 2013 at 12:00 am est:

"A white blackbird charms the garden with its song."

Well, some folk always liked to say that Bill Clinton was our first black president. And during Campaign 2012, he's been charming all over again, NAFTA notwithstanding.

Nov 26, 2009

Jupiter/Neptune, inflationary spending, and Larry Summers

Have you run across Mike Whitney's article Soaring Unemployment and Double-Dip Recession? Blame NWO Larry yet? It refers to President Obama's chief economic advisor, Lawrence Summers, a smart fellow who is opposed to extension of unemployment benefits because he thinks increasing hardship will drive wages down even more than they already are, and will bust unions more completely in the process - a win-win for the power elite.

Mr. Whitney asserts that Summers is "an industry rep whose primary task is the smooth transfer of public wealth to corporate plutocrats" and if you've ever read this blog before, you know that infuriates blogging gnats such as myself, a common-gooder.

Actually, the article contains several references to the inflationary spending of Jupiter/Neptune whose third and final 2009 Great Conjunction takes place on Dec 21, 2009 - just in time for Christmas shopping, and conjunct US natal Moon, the people.

Look for "liquidity trap," rising asset prices" and other high-in-the-sky, illusory, pretend (Neptune) money (Jupiter) terms sprinkled throughout the text of Mr. Whitney's article, especially if you speak astrologese.

And who can forget that Golden Oldie, the leaked Summers Memo of Dec 12, 1991, as good an example of cold-hearted ruthlessness as you'd ever care to read. Want to export prostate cancer to less developed nations such as Africa by way of health impairing pollution? Then World Bank Larry has your back.

This offspring of two economists, Summers' reptilian ways apparently endeared him to President Bill NAFTA Clinton who hired Larry to play the role of Secretary of the Treasury, a post Summers took up on July 2, 1999, in time for the New Millennium.

Since nearly a year has passed since Inauguration 2009, expansive, money guru Jupiter's 3AQ32 position in the chart may relate as much to Lawrence Summers as to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, to whom I have previously given the role. Of course, Astrology is all about describing levels in life which are active simultaneously, so Jan 20, 2009's Inaugural Jupiter can signify both 'financial wizzards' as they serve in Mr. Obama's cabinet on his 'econo-team' and take star turns acting and speaking their bits and parts.

To me they're kind of the Bobbsey Twins of Bankrupting America to make clear the way for world government. And President Obama is a close associate.

Turns out that using a natal chart set for noon on Nov 30, 1954, New Haven, CT and progressing it, gives Mr. Summers a Secondary New Moon (fresh beginnings in a new 30-year life cycle) on April 2, 2009 at...wait for it...3AQ16. And any birth time you use will give the ruthless economist precisely the same Sec New Moon degree.

Oct 6, 2009

Bill 'NAFTA' Clinton speaks on Jobs! video 10.5.09

Is this a joke? No, it's only Bill Clinton, the president who ushered in NAFTA and US jobs out the door, speaking Oct 5 on...wait for!

To be fair, Bill Clinton isn't solely to blame for outsourcing US jobs, closing manufacturing plants, and so forth. Corporate America's 'go cheap and sell out America' agenda had been underway for some time prior to Clinton's first term in the White House. But not only did President Clinton not stop the hemorrhaging, he sped up the flow with NAFTA - and, following Washington politics' usual 'call things the opposite of that they are and fool the fools' ploy - they called it and continue to call it - 'free' trade!

And I still say the US government has our armed forces waiting in the wings for chronically out-of- work Americans to sign up for perpetual war service. Now wouldn't that be a version of a 'jobless recovery' to die for?

Feb 28, 2008

Obama's campaign rhetoric on NAFTA

Not to fret, Canada, Barack Obama's ramped-up criticisms of NAFTA are not to be taken at face value because they're only campaign rhetoric.

Is this a case of a political thespian having his cake and eating it 2? Natch!

Our current 'Unmasking Eclipse' season is proving a real workhorse with the unveiling, isn't it?

Methinks the thespian's mask slippeth mightily...