Nov 24, 2009

Sibel Edmonds, SSP, CIA narco cover-up, and a State Dinner

Sibel Edmonds is writing on the State Secrets Privilege and the patootie-covering way it's being used in the Richard Horn case concerning the CIA and yet another narco scandal.

As you've noticed, this president is acting just like the one before did - and of course, a bi-partisan Congress is in on it, too. Oh look! There's AQ Khan peeking from behind his house-arrest curtain!

Read Sibel - she's got the goods on the varmints of Washington. Inauguration 2009 was a ritual baton-passing, as stated here before.

Then there's tonight's white-tie State Dinner being hosted for India's leader with an out-of-bounds Mercury @ '14Sag'..."The Pyramids and the Sphinx." Perhaps with Mercury debilitated in Sagittarius and OOBs, someone will say something unusually enlightening. Keep your ears open and let me know if you hear of anything.

Or maybe it's black-tie tonight. Either way I know satanists like to mix it up: black is white, up is down, evil is touted as good...and our Masonic White Lodge is glowing and aglitter tonight.


DD said...

patootie, ha, one of my favorite words.

I am so in tune with your posts.

It's a portal to sanity.

Anonymous said...

The problem of security versus personal freedom will increase and become greater in next years: See this link:

jude cowell said...

Thanks for reading and taking time to comment, DD.

Anonymous, your link is published (though i gave up MySpace long ago.) jc