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Feb 21, 2016

Horoscope: US Moon Return on Election Day 2016--We the People!

Have you seen the horoscope of our national Lunar (Moon) Return for November 8, 2016 which happens to be General Election Day 2016? Here's the chart, below. Please enlarge the image to read my messy-as-usual notes for it seems America will be hatching 'an exotic moth' that day since we already acccommodate the 'hovering hawk' of NSA total surveillance:

Venus @25Sag47 in 11th house is out of bounds (OOBs) of the earthly plane and acting according to her own unusual or possibly skewed perspectives yet is in Mutual Reception (on friendly terms) with Jupiter (Sag/Libra) which leads a planetary Locomotive of success (which could signify Mr. Trump with his Jupiter in Libra.) Meanwhile critical degrees grace the ASC/DESC axis of Self and Other and manipulative gold-hoarder and power-grabber Pluto has just risen into the 12th house of Karma, Secret Deals, and Politics while testy Mars at a critical-crisis 29th degree readies to rise and take control of the situation. Following activist Mars closely is asteroid Hidalgo who seeks higher status, an exotic social climber, we might say. But is Hidalgo the 'exotic moth' a majority of We the People will vote for?

Actually, Mars rising is Donald Trump's planetary signature but he expresses it with a dramatic Leonine flair! Plus, there's the 8th house 19 North Solar Eclipse @9Virgo to contend with and its realism vibes which will take precedence since late August-early September as expressed in large part by candidate Bernie Sanders. However, you see the Scorpio Sun and Mercury at the top (Mc) of the chart which suggests Scorpio Hillary Clinton (natal ASC, Mercury, Venus, Chiron, Sun) at the Aspiration/Goal Point of the Lunar Return chart and in her natal 12th house of Politics. Is the American public feeling futuristic (AQ) enough to toss out establishment candidates? Polls have said so but November 8th is what tells the conservative vs progressive tale one more time.

For more info, let's look a bit closer at the degree of a planet that often triggers action:

Warrior Mars at '30Cap': "A Secret Meeting of Men Responsible for Executive Decisions in World Affairs," a symbol which relates to an "occult hierarchy," or, the "White Lodge" (the White House.) Also "seeing through the facts" is involved with this degree referencing EXECUTIVE POWER (Rudhyar) which resonates well with US Politics, this year's major political election, and the oppressive, exploitative corporate structure behind the US government. Plus, the Illumination Point of '30Cap' uncovers what I believe also relates to Election 2016 rhetoric and proposals and to a basic American tradition:

'30Cancer': "A Daughter of the American Revolution"...GLORIFICATION OF THE PAST." Have we learned anything from war at all?

Sabian Symbols from An Astrological Mandala, Dane Rudhyar.

Nov 24, 2009

Sibel Edmonds, SSP, CIA narco cover-up, and a State Dinner

Sibel Edmonds is writing on the State Secrets Privilege and the patootie-covering way it's being used in the Richard Horn case concerning the CIA and yet another narco scandal.

As you've noticed, this president is acting just like the one before did - and of course, a bi-partisan Congress is in on it, too. Oh look! There's AQ Khan peeking from behind his house-arrest curtain!

Read Sibel - she's got the goods on the varmints of Washington. Inauguration 2009 was a ritual baton-passing, as stated here before.

Then there's tonight's white-tie State Dinner being hosted for India's leader with an out-of-bounds Mercury @ '14Sag'..."The Pyramids and the Sphinx." Perhaps with Mercury debilitated in Sagittarius and OOBs, someone will say something unusually enlightening. Keep your ears open and let me know if you hear of anything.

Or maybe it's black-tie tonight. Either way I know satanists like to mix it up: black is white, up is down, evil is touted as good...and our Masonic White Lodge is glowing and aglitter tonight.

Oct 4, 2009

Four DC landmarks spotlighted in 'The Lost Symbol'

Since the original focus of Stars Over Washington has been our Founding Fathers as Freemasons, the White Lodge we call the 'White House', and the Masonic Temple that is the Capitol Building, it seemed incumbent upon me as this blog's author to find a web site featuring the four Washington DC landmarks that form the setting of Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol, a book which isn't garnering the best of praise in many Amazon book reviews.

One review made a basic point about The Lost Symbol that I found particularly salient: that The DaVinci Code was an impossible act to follow. Now this was a novel that I appreciated quite well, but found the film more than a little disappointing - it seemed to 'peter out' near the end and amount to very little, imo. Aka, a let-down.

(A let-down similar to congressional sausage-making on Capitol Hill, but that's another plot line of more dire proportions for the American people.)

So are you up for intrigue set in DC from the pen of author Brown?

How about a real world tour of the four landmarks featured in the novel? Well, the above linked site has historical details, hours of operation, and addresses of the four which include The Library of Congress, the Washington Monument (a monument to phallic symbols everywhere), the US Capitol Building, and the Smithsonian, with its 19 museums, 9 research centers, and zoo.

There's even a link provided to DC's Metro for train schedules, the best way to visit DC landmarks...whether you've read the book, or seen the movie or not.

Jul 1, 2009

Creeping round the White House

Wednesday Aternoon Update: found this on Helen Thomas, the repected White House reporter, who voiced her opinion on the White House's set-up questions and 'call-aheads' to alert reporters they'll be asking a question at an Obama presser, or in today's case, at a 'townhall meeting.'

You'll remember Bush's fear of Ms. Thomas who was put in the back row during the Bush-Cheney administration's pressers which often seemed to me to be sneakily embedded with softball questions that were set-up, if not called-ahead.

Above link contains a video of Ms. Thomas' comments which made W-H press secretary Robert Gibbs squirm, along with Chip Reid's complaints. Good.

Original post begins here:

Today NPR is reporting that the Obama administration is making the same argument in court that the Bush-Cheney administration made to keep secret the logs on who visits the White House.

The argument didn't go over well for Bush & Co. so it's a head-scratcher that Team Obama can't come up with a new reason with which to frustrate the American people and their expectation of a much more open government including what's really going on at what's supposedly our White, House.

Putting it down to 'campaign promises are hard to keep' doesn't work for me, does it work for you?

Perhaps they could set up a VIP Back Door For Slick Operators (aka, advisers, consultants, and special interest lobbyists) who come and go freely on the sly with their missions unknown but which have results we-the-people so often end up suffering from and, because of such secrecy, have trouble finding out the true source of our problems (which makes them impossible to repair.)

But let's leave all US sovereignty and Constitution underminers to walk in the Front Door with cameras flashing in their treasonous snoots.

There. I've said it.

Well, I'm still disappointed in the way 'open government' has turned out to be only a campaign promise that sounded at the time too good to be true to my suspicious astrologer's nature - and it was. And it is.