Nov 23, 2009

Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse: more details

The Jan 15, 2010 Solar Eclipse @ 25Cap01 in the 12 North Series is now on the radar and will occur quicker than a puppy can chew your left shoe.

Click the link to read my previous notes on this Eclipse which Celeste Teal, in her book Eclipses, gives as focusing on national affairs bwo Capricorn, sign of business, politics, and law.

Will there be a royal wedding under the influence of this Eclipse? Perhaps. Ms. Teal predicts a ceremony of some sort in the US and says that people will be 'well-disposed toward the government' - now that would be a refreshing change!

With Jan 2010's manifestaion of 12N falling in 3rd house of the chart set for Washington, DC (2:11:12 am est), communications, neighborhoods, and siblings are somehow affected. Excitable opinions and increasing publications (more?!) will be featured on the front burner.

The word 'siblings' for me brings to mind secret socieites because of entities such as The Brethren and other Family-related enterprises.

Speaking of The Family, Terry Gross will have Jeff Sharlet return as a guest tomorrow on her NPR radio show Fresh Air (11.24.09) to update us on this secretive quasi-religious, strongly political group based in DC. His book The Family is linked in the sidebar of this blog under 'On America' if you've been under a rock and are curious about it.

The Jan 15, 2009 Solar Elipse triggers America's natal Mercury/Pluto opposition, and with its 3rd house emphasis, we may expect a ramping up of propaganda (Merc/Plu) using the usual manipulative tactics and directly affecting the 2010 elections. Joy of joys: more lies and dirty trickeries that pass for 'campaigning' are being prepared as I type.

With 12N, Mercury's rulership of trade, commerce, and travel are also highlighted for the US; Pluto's secret hand, spying activities, mind control, and criminal pursuits may have a spotlight from the Eclipse shone upon them more than is comfortable for the god of the underworld. Peep eye! Will a secret meme be 'leaked' from out of the bowels of the Bilderberg Club, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the US Chamber of Commerce, or the Fed?

We may expect that Pluto's extreme wealth - including mined substances like gold - will continue to be in the news as the economic gap engineered by the power elite continues to widen into an abyss deep and wide enough to swallow the entire nation and its tattered 'Treasury' which surely must be one of Pluto's favorite words. Now I know the Dragon must guard his treasure but this one could definitely benefit mankind more by being vanquished.

Well, before I repeat myself more than either of us like, check out a previous post on the 12N Eclipse chart's image with details such as Sabian Symbols, midpoint pictures, and a triple YOD (Finger of God) pattern indicating crisis, cosmic imperative, and/or special tasks.

Plus, YOD patterns may also indicate a health emphasis (or crisis) so perhaps we-the-people will approve of the health insurance reforms now being yowlingly birthed in Congress.

Stranger things have happened. At some point and place, they must have.

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DD said...

Well, it's not royal, but I just found out tonight that my niece is getting married in D.C. Jan. 23, so I'll be traveling for the festivities.

Fun, even if not connected.