Jan 5, 2010

Tell President Obama what's next for 2010

Under David Plouffe's name an email has been sent out asking us to fill out a form telling President Obama what we think the White House should focus on for 2010.

You may wish to add your two cents' worth to the form here.

Yes, everyone is back in the saddle now that the New Year has begun in earnest and today kind comments from readers of my last post have arrived: Clymela, Donna D, and libramoon have weighed in on a forward and backward look at America, and I thank them all!

To further my as-usual meager interpretation, Jonathan W wrote an excellent analysis of the Solar Return of the Inauguration 2009 chart which looks forward into 2010, the second year of Mr. Obama's presidency, by way of his presidency's 'birthday' chart, the Solar Return to Jan 20, 2009 @ 12:00 pm est, DC..

His presidency is toddling along, isn't it? So perhaps filling out the form linked above would be helpful to the little tyke whose chosen direction isn't quite what he was elected to take, so far.

Yes, I knew the wars would go on and would continue dive-bombing our economy at home.

Yes, I knew the Republican Party would do anything and everything to undermine a Democratic presidency and would play on race to do it. Tiresomely predictable, aren't they?

Still, I gotta love Republican Ron Paul criticizing Dick Cheney for criticizing our current President. Cheney! For 8 years Cheney hid himself away and could hardly mumble Boo to a flea...now he won't keep his duplicitous pie hole shut.

And no, I haven't changed my view that it's Pluto/Chiron's class warfare of the plutocracy - them against us - that's driving our government, both visible and invisible, and that this is a huge problem as long as we-the-people keep buying Washington's 'Ds vs Rs, libs vs cons, red vs blue' line of swill that divides us and keeps us weaker than we actually are. Old labels are so...passe in this 2nd decade of the New Millennium.

The upcoming Cardinal Cross that you've read so much about may be the stimulant that wakes up the sleeping giant and it's already happening in other nations. If you use America's 'Sibly' chart (July 4, 1776 @ 5:10 pm LMT, Philadelphia), then the first of the three Great Conjunctions of Jupiter and Uranus (see 'a forward and backward look at America' linked above for dates, degrees) will occur upon America's natal Ic which forms a midpoint picture due to house polarity (Ic = Mc)...

Jupiter/Uranus = Mc: fortunate powers of adaptability; optimism; a love of change and variety; attaining good knowledge and understanding; a fortunate turn in life; receiving recognition from improvements you've made. (Ebertin; Munkasey.)

Sounds good. Let's hope the fortunate turn raises all boats since the yachts of the power elite are doing just fine on their own as they bounce over our ruins.

Then there's the Uranus-to Ic-transit itself, which can be unsettling at best. Long term cycles of activity and endeavor can come to an abrupt end with this transit, or can change in an unexpected way. With Uranus it's always difficult to guess what The Awakener has in mind yet with Uranus linked so intimately with the founding of America - keywords: freedom, independence - perhaps we should fasten our seat belts and pull together as much as possible.

Jupiter-to-Ic marks the beginning of a 12-year cycle of gaining new experiences, learning, spiritual advances, and possibly taking one's home on-the-road. New business ventures would be a nice outcome of this transit (and new manufacturing ventures opening in long-shuttered plants are my idea of jobs creation and stimulating the economy.)

Perhaps the
'green jobs' revolution
is being described here: Jupiter and Uranus conjunct natal Ic = scientific breakthroughs affecting our domestic scene? Of course, space exploration may be indicated by Jupiter/Uranus as well.

Yet wouldn't you just know? Theft of installed solar panels is on the rise and some have been offered for sale on Craig's List!

Plus, Jupiter and Uranus, while in US 4th house, will oppose US n Saturn in 10th house (Sibly chart) which indicates periods of difficulty:

Transit Jupiter opposing natal Saturn is a time when progress is blocked or delayed; circumventing rules and regulations doesn't work and responsibilities must be upheld in spite of the temptation to bend the rules.

Tr Uranus oppo n Saturn indicates a time when whatever has been easily gained (not by hard work) may be unexpectedly threatened or disrupted by circumstances and people over which we have no control; attempts to impose one's authority or seniority are fruitless. Traditions and past methods are under fire by opposing forces intent on enforcing a new order of things.

There. Now that last sounds more like what we've seen since the New Millennium and before, doesn't it? And I expect them to use 'new science' to effect their controlling, strong-armed "improvements." I remain wary.

And of course, since America's natal chart has a Sun/Saturn square, Jupiter and Uranus in their courses will square our nation's n Sun (the leader), both transits indicating obstacles and blockages which may be triggered by ego, pride, and over-extension (Sun/Jupiter in Spring 2011) and from severe tests of willpower and determination (Sun/Uranus beginning in 2012) during which one's reactions to challenges are all that are under one's control.

In similar fashion to the attacks of 9/11/01, the oft-used Sibly chart will show its resonation or lack of it with transits of Jupiter and Uranus conjunct natal Ic (00Ari53.) Finding time to check their Great Conjunction @ AP in all the other US natal charts will be one of my own challenges as 2010 proceeds.

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