Jan 6, 2010

Horoscope of Lincoln's Inauguration 1861 w/ link to his 1861 Address

A previous SO'W post displays the horoscope with details of the March 4, 1861 Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln. Included are the planetary positions of his March 4, 1865 Inauguration ceremony around the outer rim of the 1861 chart image.

Yale's Avalon Project has the text of President Lincoln's Inaugural Address of 1861 if you wish to refresh your memory. (Not that you were there or anything.)

And there's a post on my WordPress blog with a click-to-enlarge image of Lincoln's natal chart with his Assassination chart around it - there was a Mystic Rectangle pattern overhead!

When Lincoln drew his last breath, transiting Chiron was at tr Midheaven and he, his family, and our nation were deeply wounded...just as we've been with other assassinations, haven't we? Such murders shouldn't happen here, of all places. Yet they do.

The Goal (Mc) was the wounding (his death) of the American people resulting in the federal banking system being kept safe from Mr. Lincoln's reputed plan to tinker with and restrain rich bankers and their overseas cousins. So far, our current President Obama seems wary of too much tinkering with the rulers of the roost as evidenced by Washington's watered down 'financial reform' bill for Wall Street, a bill made toothlessly gummy where it should be ravenous for our protection from greedy wolves and cheats.

Yes, someone has distinct ideas about the path or destiny of America and they don't care what they have to do to dictate it. Our nation's natal Pluto out-of-bounds in Capricorn could be the culprit, saboteur and 'secret hand' that he is, yet our natal Venus and Mars are OOBs, too.

OOBs planets tend to operate without joining in with the rest of the chart's actors (planets) so OOBs energies tend to be 'pure' in the sense of a lack of synergistic influences which would be more stable if they were in bounds of the earthly plane and playing together nicely. (That's how I read it - you may disagree. I'm making 'OOBs' sound a lot like 'unaspected' I know.) Yet an OOBs condition can also indicate isolation and bring unusual success, too, and perhaps Venus, Mars, and Pluto have helped the US with that.

One never quite knows how an OOBs planet will act even when in aspectual relationship with another planet...it's kind of a wild card signature - and America is known for acting unilaterally.

Well, perhaps Mr. Obama is simply having to watch his back as he deals with the obscenely wealthy string-pullers of the global banking system. Assuming he isn't actually one of them, we can't really blame him, I suppose.

But he had to know the kind of people he was shilling for when he signed on for Oval Office duty!


clymela said...

Well what a chart. Look at transiting Pluto-right there on the IC and Saturn right there on Mars-definitely no where to run and nowhere to hide.
I don't think too much about Lincoln or the Civil War that bit of history just doesn't resonate with me. I am much more caught up in WW11 and the slaughter which reminds me still of the story in Revelations.
By the way I have started thinking on the mind-control I suspect was part of the recently passed Evangelical hysteria(at least i hope that it is in the passing phase). I find it very interesting that planet warming should come outas a crucial conversation at "just" the decade when folks are reading novels about the "end times", and once again flocking to "get saved". More later but this is part of the inspiration for musing on Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn.
One astrologer to found on My Space,Carl Boudreau predicts a move toward individual freedoms with the Capricorn to Cancer Pluto transit while explaining that we have lived under the boot of the "Masters of the Uninverse" during the arc of Pluto in Cancer to Capricorn. I have really resonated to his thinking and use it in my musings even though I fear a populist uprising with many folk like Sarah Palin during the cardinal square period.

Jude Cowell said...

Hi Clymela, just found your comment here for some reason. (Blogger comment moderation has been acting oddly of late - Recent Comment feed is MIA.)

Will check out Carl Boudreau's work although i do stay away from MySpace...jc