Feb 3, 2010

Matt Frei's portrait of Barack Obama and the asteroid BAM

Matt Frei paints a masterly picture of President Barack Obama which you don't want to miss.

Mr. Frei's article leaves out the possibility of secret society memberships and other inconvenient associations and considerations but it does touch on the snake pit that is Chicago politics.

Now I wonder what it takes for a newcomer to break in there?

So how about some totally inconclusive yet mildly interesting Astrology?

Wonder where the personal name asteroids that 'sound like' the name of our current POTUS sojourn upon this very day? The Heliocentric North Node of BAM conjuncts President Obama's natal Mars in Virgo (22Vir35), yet today BAM (2031) traverses 00Tau27 which some have observed to be a degree of violence, aka Hitler's 'trigger degree' 00 - 1 Tau (Adolf's natal Sun position.)

Asteroid Barry (1703) has a Heliocentric NN of approximately 21Can50, where the transiting Dragon's Tail (SN of the Moon) now flops and smacks asteroid Hopi (keywords: ambush; prejudice) in the kisser with a not-so-velvet glove. Today Barry parties away at the ripe old zodiacal degree of 6Ari44 which seems to have little resonance with the President's natal chart, imo. (See his Progressions, if you wish. I'm only here taking a break from artwork for a few moments; not all personal name asteroids link to a particular planet in a chart - we use the ones that do link to a planet or point by zodiacal degree or name.)

Amusingly, there's also Bartok (4132) with its NN (about 22Vir40) lying curiously closer to Mr. Obama'a natal Mars than the previously mentioned NN of BAM. Today Bartok composes himself at 26Gem58 which only opposes Galactic Center 26Sag59 as near as I can tell. Yet having two personal name asteroids whose names loosely relate to yours makes a point that is somehow intrinsic to his identity: Bartok/Barack = BAM/Obama = Mars 22Vir25 which includes his natal Mars' rulerships, aspects, and house position.

This may show that bi-yearly Mars Returns are informative indicators of the President's success with or blockages encountered against his drive and determination (Mars) toward achieving his aims in life though Mars is not his natal chart-ruler (Saturn and co-ruler Uranus with Aquarius rising.) Of course, Mars Returns yeild great info for everyone, but identity, the desire nature, and the veiling of them (US natal Neptune 22Vir25 diffuses his motivations with the masses) are the issue here in the chart of what most people agree is a 'special achiever.'

If an astrologer had the sort of time it would take, she could set up a lifetime of Mr. Obama's Mars Returns (preferably set for his location on the date of each Return) and marvel at the unfolding patterns of activity as he works toward his goals.

Of course, you can do this for your own Mars Returns with similar effect and a resulting wealth of info. Except that you'll be privy to precise dates and locations assuming that your memory serves you accurately.

Well as you see, there's a bit of a pile-up of celestial bodies, mythologies intact, in the 22 - 24 degr range of Tropical Virgo in Mr. Obama's natal chart (Aug 4, 1961.) Besides the ones already mentioned, there is Lion whose name pretty much explains its roaring quality and whose legends include famous lions such as the Nemean, the lion with a thorn in its paw, the Cowardly Lion, the hungry ones in the Lion's Den with Daniel, and any other lionesque legend you wish to name. Royal associations may be implied as well, along with Leo the Lion's 'natural leader' label attached.

Speaking of royal bloodlines, here's a grand idea: President Obama could participate in DNA testing - like Oprah did - to see if he has European ancestry. Mmm-hmm. We're all much more mixed than we like to let on, even to ourselves, and of course, he must have European ancestry on at least one side of his family, and perhaps on both sides - ya never know, for we are each the unique flowering of our generations. Plus, if DNA testing has taken place, share the results with the rest of us becaue inquiring minds want the scoop.

Now for something completely desert

In a dusty desert somewhere in Iran is a beautiful yet mysteriously deserted citadel of red clay by the name of Bam. Why not have yourself a virtual visit?

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