Feb 10, 2010

Paul Krugman says Obama "clueless"

This article by economist Paul Krugman will have to be re-read for I'm not certain the grain of salt I'm taking it with is large enough. Perhaps I'll mosey over to my neighbor's pasture - a serious salt lick may be needed.

So Mr. Krugman says that President Obama is "clueless" but I'll let him explain himself on that point.

My question: were the outrageous bonuses now being paid based on earlier contracts (during Bush's term) or where they not? If so, this too may have been part of a long-range plan - but the practice should now be shoved off the corporate table for those companies the American people have kept afloat with our tax dollars, at the least.

One thing that would explain all of the financial heisting, thefts, and deceptions under George Bush and continuing under Pres. Obama is just what FDR said: that nothing in politics is an accident - if it happens, you can be sure it was planned that way. Therefore, all is going reasonably close to how it was planned - the crashing of the world economy so that a new economic order can be set up.

If Paul Krugman or Joseph Stiglitz opened up on what they know about the power elite's world-domination agenda I could put away the salt shaker that goes into service each time I read something they've written. It isn't that what they write seems incorrect, it's that it doesn't go deeply enough into what's really going on, therefore conclusions are lamer than they should be. They punt rather than kick.

And it's difficult to believe that both of these world class economists are totally unaware of more than what they write about - or that Mr. Obama isn't part of the NWO agenda.

Well, that's my 2 cents' worth on a 'clueless' Obama who came into office and immediately studded his cabinet with many of the financial culprits who now pretend to care whether you lose your job or not! With that kind of behavior, how "clueless" could he really be? (Appointments as payback for getting him elected? That's no better, and still doesn't mean the President is "clueless"...more the opposite.)

So if Mr. Krugman's article is an attempt to plant propaganda that the President isn't part of the Really Big Picture, it isn't working here.

Is it working for you? Got salt?

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